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A kitty this way cometh

Tabatha Ann Stevens is special not only being a half breed but she also has visions. Soon after seeing the Cullen family in one she finds herself part of the family. Then she has another vision that ties her not only to the the Cullen family but to Jacob's pack forever. Seth Clearwater was her future and she now knew it. Going to make this rated adult just in case


4. Hustler

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I got to school on Monday a little ashamed of how I had acted towards Leah but I would never tell her I was sorry.

Sam was waiting for me by the cafeteria guarded from the rain under it’s protective roof.

“Greetings and salutations” I greeted her happily

“Sup Tab!” she had come out of her shell a lot since that night at the club. “How’s Embry?”

I chuckled at her “He asked about you on Saturday.”

“You’ve been holdng out on a homie.”

“I just walked up”

“Tell me what he said. Man he’s fine. Not like you would notice the way you look at Seth. Then again Seth is kinda hot too.”

“If you promise to stop babbling I’ll tell you.”


“He’s going to be calling you sometime this week. I kind of slipped him your number. Tabby’s my name match making is my game. You both seemed to shy the last time you were together. I guess I had to make the first move for you since neither of you seemed capable.” I shrugged and started walking to my English class.

We said goodbye at the door and I walked into the class taking my seat in the back. It didn’t take long for me to get bored and so I pulled out my cell phone under my desk and started to text.

I think I’m gonna ditch I typed quickly and sent it to Sam


I’m bored

We just got here


Ur gonna flunk out if you do

Shooot that won’t ever happen

If u miss enough

Do u want to go or not

That depends


What r we doing?

I thought about finding Embry and Seth after they get out of school

That doesn’t tell me what we’re doing b4 they get out

I don’t know anything but this

Still no help


What about Chief Swan?

Ha I didn’t say a park around here

I’m game after class k


I flipped my phone closed and smirked to myself. She made it far to easy to corrupt her. But it had been so long since I had played ball and I felt like making some money off the street ballers in Seattle.

After class I was standing by Sam’s algebra 1 class door. She smiled at me wickedly like she was about to steal something. I nodded at her and we walked quickly to the parking lot and got into my car. It was far to easy to ditch no security guard not even a teacher there to stop us.

I got out of the car when we pulled into the space.

“I’m going to show you how things are done where I come from.” I smirked at Sam and walked to the Basketball court. Guys never thought that a girl could play so they tended to take my bets quickly.

I found a group of guys playing a game and I picked out one that was mildly good. He didn’t have much game that would challenge me but I had all day to take these guys money.

“Which one of you would be willing to play a game against me for some cash?” I said loudly. The one I had picked out walked over to me a little out of breath from the game he had been just playing.

“Now why would such a pretty girl want go and loose all her clothes money. You might get sweaty sweetheart.” He was looking at me like water to a thirsty man. That didn’t bother me I was used to it.

I snatched the ball out of his hand and tossed it in the air. “Let me worry about that do you want to make some money or not man?”

He shrugged and took the ball back “Five bucks a basket to twenty by ones.”

“Fine shoot to see who goes first.”

He walked in front of the basket and looked me dead in the eyes and made his shot with out looking. What an amateur I thought to myself. I got the ball on the rebound and shot from farther back of course it was nothing but net. He handed the ball to me and I checked it to him. And then it started.

I slowly dribbled the ball between my legs taunting this guy as I walked slowly towards him.

“We can see that you can handle the ball sweetheart but can you get past me.”

“Why would I bother with that” I said letting the ball fly swiftly from my hands toward the basket again nothing but net.

He got the ball and was trying to act like he had game or something. I took the ball from him easy enough and made another basket. Of course I wanted to take all their money so I was going to play down my skill a lot on this first game so I let this dork get in quite a few baskets. I would save the shut out for the one that played the best just to give a blow to his ego. Then again they were all going to be beat by a girl. Perhaps all of their ego’s would be bruised all the better.

I beat the first guy only by one. The others lined up then desperate to prove that they could beat me.

By the end of the day I had won all their money totaling to about seven hundred bucks. I smirked and grabbed my jacket as I walked passed Sam towards my car. She followed me laughing.

“Dang girl you can play. I’m not as surprised as they were but still. That last game was a shut out and that guy was the best of them all.”

“I so hustled them.”

“Do you do that a lot?”

“I like to bring them down a peg or two. Guys like that have big heads.”

“You could play in the WNBA”

“Please like I would ever make as much money as I do hustling.”

My phone vibrated in my pocket and I answered it quickly. “You got me you lucky devil so speak.”

“Hey sweet” Seth’s voice came out of the ear piece.

“What’s up…Seth?”

“Nothing you just weren’t home when I stopped by.”

“Oh is it that late? I played hooky today with Sam. We’re in Seattle. I’m just taking money from some guys at the park you know the life of a hustler is such hard work.”

“You hustle? What do you hustle?”

“Basketball.” I said trying to sound as sweet as possible “Nothing big just got to make some funds pull my weight you know how it goes.”

“mmmm…” Was all he responded

“You want to hang out tonight with me and Sam?”

“Sure” his constant perkiness coming out which made me smile

“Be sure to bring Embry with you. Sam really wants to see his hot bod again”

“Tabby!” Sam shrieked

Seth’s responded with a big bunch of laughter “I’ll be sure to bring his hottness with me. It’s going to be fun to tease him about this until the end of time.”

“See you in about two hours. I have to get all cute for you. So no coming sooner.”

“Your always cute.”

“Don’t kiss butt it’s not becoming. Bye Seth.”

“Bye” He said laughing and then the phone was dead.

The drive home was filled with meaningless girl talk. When we pulled up to the house the two hulking Indian boys where standing by the front porch.

I rolled down my window and yelled “didn’t I tell you not for another hour?”

“Couldn’t wait that long” He shrugged with an impish grin coming across his face.

“Fine you get me as is.” I said as I got out the car.

“Let’s walk” Seth said grabbing my hand “Take care of Sam your hottness” He said to Embry behind him as we walked away.

“We haven’t had the get to know each other conversation.” He said as we walked through the trees.

“What you want to know?”

“How old are you?” He asked looking into my eyes

“Technically forty four. You?”

“Sixteen. What’s your favorite color”


“how many places did you live before here?”

“Several most recent London.”

“What was it like there.”

“A lot of uppity English lords and ladies.”

“No did you like it?”

“Not really. But you know I go were the sun hides. I rather like being around vampires I have met some very interesting ones. I met this one Elijah he was a colonial before he was changed. He cracked me up he still dresses all funny he does not blend well but it worked well on Halloween.”

“Did you date this Elijah?” I could tell he was a little jealous.

“Oh ummm not really. Not that he didn’t try to make me his. I just didn’t think about him like that he just entertained me. He had a charismatic personality.”

“I see. Tell me more about him.”

“Oh he used to pull me to all these poetry readings and would make me listen to his horrible poems. Of course they weren’t really all that bad just to sappy for me. We lived together for like ten years. I was a nomad at the time. Hunting was fun he always made a game out of it. But I’ll just move on from that you don’t need to know about my old eating habits.”

“You killed humans didn’t you?”

“I was young I didn’t really have a problem with it until I started getting visions of me killing these people. I would see their whole life their families and everything it unsettled me so I stopped and that is when I left Elijah. He was sad to see me go of course but I told him that I just couldn’t live like that anymore. He was there when I woke everyday screaming.”

“Oh that would bother me. Not to be able to help you would drive me insane.”

“Well I’ll make sure not ever to sleep in the same bed with you then.” I said with a smirk “I doubt I would sleep much with you next to me” I mumbled under my breath.

“What was that last part?”

“Non yo”

“Huh?” He asked looking confused

“Non yo business.” I laughed

“Fine then I see how you are.” He laughed with me pulling me closer to his side by the hand. “What’s the first song that comes to mind when you think of me?”

“Now that depends on my mood when you creep into my thoughts. Freak on a leash by Korn or Plush by Stone Temple Pilots and if I’m feeling sappy Our song by Taylor Swift. I know I’m odd you don’t have to look at me like that.” I said when I saw the look he was giving me.

“Taylor Swift?” He said raising his eyebrow “Didn’t peg you as a country girl.”

“I like all kinds of music. But I’m glad I surprised you. You should see all the cd’s I have in my room. I had to re buy everything I had in London I kind of abandoned them there I didn’t have room in my messenger bag for the seven hundred plus that I had. I carry the ipod only cause all those cd’s won’t fit in my car.” I said shrugging

“Did you just invite me into your room?” he asked his expression showed me that he was teasing.

“You can come up anytime if you can get passed the family of vampires I live with. I don’t think they want us alone where a bed is. You do have the hormones of a sixteen year old boy remember.” I said my face blushing again. I so hated when that happened.

“Is it just me their worried about? Would you refuse me so quickly if we were alone?” A smirk came across his face and he leaned down and pressed his lips against mine.

I didn’t even try to fight I liked kissing him to much. I just put my fingers in his hair and pulled him closer. My lips parted in a sigh and I could feel his hot sweet breath as his breathing became heavy. My head lost focus it was swimming. I couldn’t catch my breath and I didn’t care. I pulled him closer if that was possible pushing him towards a tree that was near us. His hands were running up and down my back. Sooner than I would have liked he pulled away from me putting me arms length away from him.

“That’s what I thought but your not helping my hormones responding to me that way. I’m a man I only have so much control. Perhaps we should head back to the house before we get in trouble.”

“I like trouble.”

“I see that. But I don’t go around deflowering girl in the woods on a daily basis and I don’t want to start with you.” He said as he moved away from the tree.

“So you deflower a lot of girls then?” I chuckled at my joke.

“You know what I mean Tabatha. Be fair I have animal instincts and I would like to do plenty to you right now. But I wouldn’t do that I’m a gentleman.” He turned his back on me and started walking to the house. So I followed and what we came on in the front yard caused Seth’s back to stiffen. Embry had Sam on the trunk of my car and he was standing between her legs and they were making out and it wasn’t innocent. His hand was in her shirt.

“Apparently you’re the only gentleman around here.” I said as I took in the scene.

“I see that” Seth said a little grim.

“Oh let them be Seth. Sam seems not to mind. I wouldn’t mind either if I was in her place with you doing that.” I said with a forced chuckle.

I walked passed them and patted Embry on the back. He jerked up spinning around to face me. Sam slipped off the trunk of my car eyes on the ground.

“You work fast Sam it took me a while to kiss Seth and it was nothing like that I’m jealous.” I pushed her shoulder

“He kissed me I just didn’t object at all.” She said smiling up at me.

“Yeah well Seth is to much of a gentleman to grope me.” I put an emphasis on the word that he had used. Seth glared at me and then at Embry. Then a huge smile broke out over his face.

“Oh this is to good I finally have more control then you in something.” His mood was chipper again as it usually was he was always so optimistic.

“I have self control there’s nothing wrong with kissing.” Embry said a little defensive.

“Dude you had your hand up her shirt.” Seth pointed out smiling even bigger.

“You haven’t tried anything like that with Tabby before? The way you look at her…”

“Didn’t I said he wasn’t like that with me.” I said a little disgruntled. I turned and stomped into the house and up the stair slamming my door shut when I go to my room. I had made sure to call the house before I brought Sam over so I didn’t mind leaving her to come in the house and find me.

Find me she did she probably knocked but I wouldn’t have heard it my radio was up so loud. I was laying on my bed still fuming. Why was I so upset that my boyfriend wouldn’t grope me? Was he my boyfriend? What was he to me? I knew that he had that wolfy claim or whatever. I was laying on my bed my arm draped over my eyes. I felt the bed sink as someone sat down. I didn’t bother looking up I figured who it was and I was to ashamed of the way I acted to look up. I was still wondering myself why I did it.

“Are you mad at me?” Sam didn’t say it in more than a whisper but I still heard her. I grabbed the remote next to me and turned down the volume on the radio and sat up looking at her a little bewildered.

“I’m so sorry Sam I don’t know why I acted like that.” the frown on my face increased when I saw that she was hurt.

“It’s okay I acted a fool. I wasn’t thinking. It’s kind of hard to think with him around.” She said a weak smile coming across her features.

“Did they leave?”

“No their talking to Edward. Well more watching him play chess with Alice.” She smiled wider “she is really concentrating she always has this blank look in her eyes like she’s thinking real hard.”

“Well I better go back down there. Don’t want people to think I have gone crazy or anything. I’m sure those two had some strange looks on their faces when I stomped off like a spoiled child.” I so wished I could figure out my feelings.

“They want to take us to a movie. Do you feel up to sitting in the dark for two hours alone with us?” She smiled and I wondered what she was thinking probably about kissing Embry.

“Why not it’s been a while since I’ve seen a good movie.” Not like I’ll be distracted from it I thought bitterly.

I decided to change out of the clothes that I had on all day. I went to the closet. I was going to make things hard for Seth’s hormone raged body. I wasn’t going to play fair. I found a really tight black mini and a really sexy shirt that would make any man look twice it was green. Green always looked really good on me. I took a look at myself in the mirror and was satisfied with the out come. I walked over to the bed and pulled a pair of high heeled boots out from under my bed and slipping them on my feet the went all the way up my calf and they made my leg look lithe and sexy.

“You look hot Seth better watch out for you tonight your going to have guys drooling.” Sam said as she took in my outfit

“I’m only concerned about one guy if I can turn his head I will have succeeded.” I smoothed my skirt out and walked towards the door smiling to myself. His self control was in jeopardy tonight.

I walked passed Seth who was gaping openly at me and took a seat on the white couch. “So I hear we’re going to a movie. What are we seeing?”

“Ummm… I’m sorry what did you say?” Seth answered shaking his head a bit to get his thoughts together.

“Movie what movie are we seeing?” I smiled my diabolical plot was working.

“Oh some chick flick that Sam picked out. We can go see whatever you want…I don’t think I’ll care much about the movie now.” the last part came out in a mumble to himself I was sure. I could see Edward and he was laughing but scowling at the same time. I wondered what Seth was thinking about. Just to have Edwards power for one night I would love that.

“Well what are we waiting for let’s go.” I got up and walked to the door putting a little more swish in my hips for Seth’s benefit.

“This girl is gonna be the death of my self control I swear.” I heard Seth whisper to Embry.

“Dude I think that’s what she wants. Look at her she doesn’t dress like that normally. Do you really think she’s comfortable in that?” Embry said gesturing towards me.

I sat in the passenger seat of my car I really did hate wear skirts. “You drive Seth I don’t feel like it. I already drove so much today. The movie is my treat everyone.” I reached down and pulled a bunch of folded twenties out of my boot waving it around.

“Whoa where did you get all of that?” Embry asked from the back seat. His eyes where bugged out.

“I hustled a bunch of guys at the park today twenty dollars a basket adds up.” I crossed my legs and stuffed the money back in my boot.

“You hustle basket ball why doesn’t that surprise me?” Embry shook his head and leaned back in the seat as we pulled out on the highway.

“I’m a shady character I guess I don’t surprise most people.”

“You surprise me often.” Seth and looked me up and down. “Like that outfit.”

“Oh this old thing?” I tried to look as innocently as possible and failed miserably.

“Yeah right. You know I’m thinking of dropping Embry and Sam off somewhere not really caring where right now and taking you somewhere private.” Seth’s eyes smoldered as he held mine.

“You might want to watch the road.” I pointed out the windshield. “Plus I think they might not like being abandoned on the side of the road.”

Seth turned his eyes back to the road “I really don’t care what they like right now. Tell me why I care again.”

“Because I’m your friend Seth and I don’t want to walk Sam all the way home and back to La Push.” Embry put in

“No that aint it.” Seth smiled and looked into the mirror. “Do you really want to go to this movie Embry?”

“As long as I’m not being left on the side of the road I’m game for anything.” Embry said with a smile.

“Well if I take her place private it wouldn’t be private anymore with you there now would it?” Seth asked he was pulling off the road.

“Seth your not leaving them in the middle of no where turn around I have a place we can go about ten miles back.” I said putting my hand on his forearm. A bolt of electricity went up my arm.

“Fine where are we going?” Seth asked in the middle of his u turn.

“Pull over and switch seats with me I’ll get us there.” Seth listed to me and I ran around the car in the rain. By the time I got back in the care I was completely soaked from head to toe. “Here we go.”

I pulled into the drive of the dark empty house that I had rented. Turning off the car I turned to Seth. “This place is furnished and has plenty of rooms it’s empty and all ours.”

I got out the car and was followed to the front door by the other three people in the car. I put the key in the lock and opened the door flipping on the lights as I walked through the house.

“We can watch one of the dvd’s instead and no pesky family to bother us.” I said and pulled Seth onto the couch with me. He growled and pulled me into his lap.

“You won’t be watching anything anytime soon.” He smashed his lips to mine and I knew I succeeded in evaporating his self control. I kissed him back and allowed my hands to roam over his chest.

“I’m so not watching them do this. Come on Sam lets go find somewhere else to be.” I heard Embry say before he and Sam walked out of the room leaving Seth and I completely alone.

I got Seth’s shirt off and straddled his hips before his self control came back. He grabbed my hips and put me on the couch next to him. I looked at him the waves of rejection crashing over me. I pushed myself to the other side of the couch and pulled my legs up to my chest resting my face on my knees. I could feel the tears coming. It hurt me bad that he didn’t want me. I could have my pick of any of the boys or men around here and they would take me quick. The one I wanted to want me didn’t he pushed me away. There was something wrong with me.

Seth had his eyes closed and he was breathing hard while he opened and closed his hands into fists.

“Do you understand what your doing to me?” his voice came out husky and strained.

I looked up at him the tears falling freely now and shook my head back and forth. He opened his eyes to look at me and his face fell.

“Why are you crying?” He moved closer to me and I jumped off the couch.

“You don’t want me yet you want to comfort me?” My voice was shaking with pain and anger.

“You think I don’t want you? Are you completely nuts? My body isn’t shaking because I’m angry Tabatha. Do you know how much I want to take you up stair?” he stood then and put his arms around me pulling me to his bare chest. “Oh god you really don’t know how good that sounds right now. We can’t do that it’s not fair to either of us to move that fast.”

“I want you.” my voice came out soft and weak

“That is so unfair.” He swept me up into his arms and sat back on the couch pulling me to lay directly on top of him. His kissing was more desperate now and I responded to it. This time he didn’t stop. The only thing that stopped him was Embry clearing his throat.

“So much for self control.” Embry laughed

I was in my bra. So I could see what he was saying I grabbed my shirt off the floor and pulled it over my head.

“Now your even you both felt a boob today.” I said blushing deeply.

“Still a virgin right Seth?” Embry asked looking from me to him

“Not that it’s any of your business but yes.” Seth said as he pulled his own shirt on. “Thanks for the eye opening I don’t think I wanted to stop.”

“I was there too you know if I wanted you to stop you would have.” I said a little upset that he thought I was so weak that he would have been able to force me to do something that I didn’t want to. “I took my own shirt off if you remember.”

“It’s not going to happen this way sweet. I’m not ready and I don’t think you are either. If I truly thought that I would have taken you up stairs to a bed.” Seth gave me a heart breaking smile and I melted

“maybe your right” I sighed he was right I wasn’t ready and he was going to wait till I was.

“Well if we’re not planning to stay here tonight we better go.” Embry said

“Take my car I’m going to stay here tonight” I sat back on the couch and pulled my boots off.

Seth looked at me confusion evident on his face. “Why would you want to do that?”

“I want to be free to think what I want.” I left my comment at that and Seth knew what I meant. “You can stay with me if you want Sam or the boys can take you home.”

“I think I’ll stay here I just have to call my mom.” Sam offered

“I have to check in with Jake.” Seth whispered in my ear “I have to tell him I’m staying with you. I won’t leave you alone tonight I promise.” he nodded to Embry and walked out the door alone.

“Where is he going.” Sam asked her eyes still on the closed door.

“He’s going to call and check in with Jake. He’s letting him know that he’s not leaving me tonight. Embry you have to go you know Jake will never let you stay here and your mom is probably upset with you as it is.” I said my eyes following Sam’s

“Yeah your right I think I’ll go now. Call you tomorrow Sam.” Embry walked out the door before it shut all the way Seth was back through it.

“Okay now how about that movie.” Seth said sitting down next to me.

“In a minute.” I got up grabbed Sam’s hand and headed up the stairs I had left some clothed here and I wanted to get out of the clothes I was wearing. I went into the master bedroom and dug threw the dresser pulling out two pairs of sweats and a couple of old t-shirts. I threw Sam’s at her and undressed and redressed quickly. Sam did the same and we went back down the stairs to were Seth was waiting. I put in a random movie and turned the T.V on settling into the couch next to him.

When the movies credits came on the screen Sam yawned and stretched.

“Go into the bedroom next to the one we change in and sleep. I’ll be in the master if you need anything.” I said pushing her off the couch as I stood.

She went up the stairs and I looked down at Seth. “Are you sleeping there on with me?”

“We’re just sleeping. I think I can lay next to you and control myself.” He said as he got up and pulled me into his arms sweeping my legs out from under me. I let him carry me up the stairs and he placed me on the bed gently. He pulled his shirt off and laid next to me pulling me into his arms.

“Sleep my sweet Tabby cat. I’ll be here all night.” he kissed my head and yawn.

That was the first night since I was born that I slept without dreaming.