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A kitty this way cometh

Tabatha Ann Stevens is special not only being a half breed but she also has visions. Soon after seeing the Cullen family in one she finds herself part of the family. Then she has another vision that ties her not only to the the Cullen family but to Jacob's pack forever. Seth Clearwater was her future and she now knew it. Going to make this rated adult just in case


5. Smells Familiar

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“Smells Familiar”

That wasn’t the last time that Seth and I slept in the same bed he would spend most of his nights at the house with me. If Jake didn’t make him go home that night or on patrol. The pack had come across a foreign scent and they followed it all over Forks. This vampire was some where and they were going to find it.

“Are staying tonight?” I asked not sure of his plans

“That’s the plan.” I sighed in relief I didn’t like Seth out there with an UN known vampire in the woods. “I know you don’t like me patrolling. I can see the anxiety on your face every time I leave you. You know I can handle myself why do you fret so?”

“I don’t want you to get hurt. Vampires can be unpredictable.” I smiled my face still feeling tense Jake could call him out at any time during the night. He had come into my bedroom in the middle of the night once and woke Seth.

“Seth get up.” I could feel Jake shaking the bed with his foot and Seth’s arms left me as he sat up.

“What’s going on Jake?” He said quietly thinking that I was still asleep.

“We found a fresh trail it’s only about ten minutes old right here close to the house.” Jake explained throwing Seth’s shirt at him.

Seth put his shirt on and leaned down and kissed my forehead. “I’ll be back later sweet” he whispered.

I sat up in the bed pulling the sheet with me all I had on was a small night gown. “I don’t want you to go. Stay with me.” I begged him

“I’ll be outside make it quick Seth.” Jake said as he walked out the door.

“It’s my job sweet I have to go.” He said swinging his legs around so he could stand. “I’ll be back before you have a chance to miss me.”

“That’s not true I miss you already.” I said pouting a little

“I’ll be back before sun up. Okay go back to sleep.” He stood and walked out the door. So I scooted back down in the bed and closed my eyes the best way to make him come back faster was to sleep while he was gone.

I knew that he would be here most of the night at least and I needed to hunt. Seth hadn’t left me alone except at school since the scent had popped up over a week ago. I had a sneaking suspicion that I was being watched even then.

I smiled at Nessie who had just walked into the front room with Jake in tow. She was always pulling him around. It made me happy that he was so utterly devoted to her.

“Nessie honey are you as thirsty as I am?” I was teasing her she disliked the taste of animal blood. She wrinkled her little nose at the thought.

“Mountain lion?” Nessie walked to my side her hand out so I kneeled so she could place it on my face.

She showed me Edward, Jake and Seth’s faces over and over again in question wondering if they were going to come to. I raised a well sculpted eyebrow in question.

“Of course at least one of them are coming. They won’t let me go anywhere alone and with you that would be out of the question.” I was a little disgusted at that fact. I could take care of myself just fine I didn’t need a babysitter.

Nessie showed me a picture of herself with a huge lion and me with one substantially smaller. I couldn’t hold back my laugh and I also heard Edwards’s laughter.

“We’ll see who’s is bigger you little monster. I’m still smarting from the last hunt and how much bigger your buck was. I think I’ll get the bigger one this time I want it more.” I said as I sprinted out the door.

When I hit the woods I was in a flat run. I guess I was about two or three miles from the house when the scent hit me and I froze. Not out of fear but confusion I knew that scent all too well.

“Elijah” I whispered as he stepped out of the trees right in front of me. I smiled and pounced.

“Tab you stink!” Elijah hugged me and then his body tensed and he hissed slipping into a defensive crouch.

I turned when I hear a menacing growl and that’s when I saw Seth’s tawny wolf form flanked by Jake.

“Oh please!” I huffed “Do you think I go flinging myself into the arms of dangerous vampires Seth?” His answering whimper told me he wasn’t sure.

“Elijah sand up you dolt. Their protecting me obviously from you.” I said

“I thought they were tracking you I was prepared to fight for you.” Elijah responded and he stood.

Just then Edward and Nessie came threw the trees and Edward forced Nessie behind his body.

“Old friend.” I answered Edward’s questioning glance at how close I was standing to Elijah.

“I see. He seems to think more of you then that.” Edward responded. “He followed your scent here from Seattle.”

“You followed me? I guess I need to be more careful.” I glared at him

“Seth wants you to come closer to him if you would please.” Edward informed me. Seth growled his approval.

“We were on a hunting trip. You want to join? I know it’s not your normal food but we don’t eat like you but you already knew that of me. We’re vegetarians.” I smiled at the family joke

“Animals? Even this full vampire here?” Elijah pointed to Edward.

“I’m so sorry. How rude am I. This is Edward Cullen and his daughter Renesme. The two wolves are Seth and Jake. Everyone this is Elijah!” I said hugging him again. He held me a little tighter then was need and Seth growled when the hug lasted longer then he wanted it to.

“What is that awful smell?” Elijah questioned as he pushed me away finally. “You never smelled like that before. You smell like wet dog.” Then something clicked in his mind.

“I must smell distasteful to you but I think it’s nice.” I turned to Seth and winked at him.

“Seth wants you to move if you please. He’s getting more demanding in the request.” Edward informed me again.

“Fine if it will make him stop all that growling.” I said pulling myself to his side patting him on the shoulder. “Happy now?” He whined in agreement.

“Shall you hunt?” Came Nessie’s high voice. She didn’t really talk much still choosing her other form of communication.

“So are you sticking around Eli?” I asked bouncing on the balls of my feet happily.

“For you I would walk through the flaming pits of hell and beg Satan to allow me to do it again if you so wanted.” Elijah replied smoothly

I smiled sweetly at him and patted Seth on his back. “Shall we?” I whispered in Seth’s ear and ran off towards the mountains. Seth followed closely next to me.

I stopped at the edge of the mountain and allowed my senses to govern me. I found the family of mountain lions quickly and I took off in their direction. Nessie was already there stalking the male. I took down the largest female swiftly and drained her.

“Your daddy should really teach you not to play with your food.” I said to her and she shushed me.

Both Jake and Seth were laying a few feet away watching with little interest. As for Elijah he ate his lion quietly and then threw the corpse aside with a disgusted look.

“Not your flavor?” I asked him

“Love I would eat dirt if you wanted me to.” Seth growled at him.

“He’s harmless Seth. He doesn‘t mean anything by it.”

“I don’t know about that.” Edward put in.

I looked at Edward confused. I knew that Elijah cared for me but we had always been just friends.

“He loves you.” Edward pointed out.

“Well I love him as well.” I said with a smile.

“Not the same way Tabby.” Edward said

Seth stood and the fur on the back of his shoulders was standing on end.

“He thinks it’s best if you leave now in peace before he changes his mind about being nice.” Edward told Elijah.

“How do you know all this? The way I feel and what he thinks?” Elijah asked

“I can hear your thoughts and his. He’s quite upset right now.” Edward explained

“Wait just a freaking second. Damn it Seth he’s my friend and you will not dictate to me who I can associate with.” I yelled

“What is this dog to you?” Elijah asked me

“He would be my jealous boyfriend.” I informed him.

“I leave you for a few years and you are dating children of the moon?” He didn’t seem as friendly now. “I should have never let you leave my side. I knew you would find trouble you always seem to.”

“Please this is the safest place next to him. A child of the moon, are you crazy? He’s a shape shifter” I explained.

“And he just happens to take the shape of a giant wolf?” Elijah was skeptical

“That’s right.” Edward said.

“Convenient.” He scoffed

“Believe what you will Eli I’ve seen him in the same form in broad daylight.” I glared at him. “You think I would date someone that would kill me in my sleep?”


“Now I’m a masochist?”

Elijah laughed bitterly. “Who knows you change from day to day. I never wanted you to leave.”

“I know but you know why I did. Life like that was too hard I had to. I have missed you I just didn’t know how much until right I saw you.” My face softened. “Plus absence makes the heart grow fonder.”

“You look tired Tab. haven’t you been sleeping well? Are your visions bothering you again?” Elijah’s concern was evident on his stony features.

“I sleep well enough.” I shrugged. “The visions haven’t come lately.”

“What? Your lying to me you’re not sleeping” He was upset now.

“Yes just not deeply enough to dream.” I admitted

“You’re repressing it again?”

“I don’t need to see anything else my life is here.” I said

“You know what that does to you.” The memory of the last time I repressed my gift must have flashed through his mind because Edward glared at me.

“What?” I asked him innocently.

“You pass out for days and there’s no waking you? And when you wake up your crazy?” Edward asked looking worried.

“The visions come back like a flood gate has been opened. I can handle it this time. I won‘t go crazy.”

“Seth you’re going home tonight she needs to sleep.” Edward demanded

“No! I’ll repress whether he’s there or not.” I informed him.

“Tab you can’t do that it’s just a matter of days by the way you look and you’ll collapse.” Elijah said

“I’m a grown woman I will do what I please.” I hissed

Seth whined and looked from me to Edward and then grudgingly at Eli.

Elijah swooped down on me and took me in his arms. “I will make sure you sleep. Even if I have to knock you on that thick scull of yours.”

“Put me down you insufferable dolt.”

“Edward where is her bed?”

“Her room is the last door on the third floor, follow me.” Follow me.” He said tossing Nessie on his back and running towards the house.

Before Eli brought me in the house Edward explained everything to the family.

I was still fuming that Eli would do this to me even after he left me in my dark room.

“Let me by.” Seth’s voice drifted in from the hallway.

“Not on your life pup.” Eli answered “She needs to sleep. Not be distracted.”

“I understand that. She’s not your responsibility anymore Elijah.”

“She was mine long before you came around before you were born son.”

“She’s not your.” Seth growled and I could tell he was getting angry.

“Perhaps, but she’s no ones. That girl is her own person and is pig headed.”

“Move from the door before I move you.”

“Please try pup.”

At that I heard Eli hit the wall and I shot out of the bed pulling the door open. My body was weak and I was having problems moving as fast as I usually did. Eli was right I was close.

Seth was shaking from head to toe and Eli was crouched waiting for another attach. But Emmett was standing between them.

“This is such crap! Eli stop egging him on.” I was screaming

“Tabatha go back in your room.” Seth growled

“No way in hell” I stepped next to Emmett.

“You look terrible.” He laughed “How come everyone else can fight with the shape shifters?”

“Don’t start please.” I said

“I’ll find away around leech.” Seth grumbled

“The two of you will get along.” I put an emphasis on the one word.

Eli stood and looked at me gently. “Fine, love I will play nice with your pet.”

“Pet!” Seth lunged for him throwing me out of the way by my arm against the banister of the stairs and there was a sickening snap. I fell in a heap on the floor.