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A kitty this way cometh

Tabatha Ann Stevens is special not only being a half breed but she also has visions. Soon after seeing the Cullen family in one she finds herself part of the family. Then she has another vision that ties her not only to the the Cullen family but to Jacob's pack forever. Seth Clearwater was her future and she now knew it. Going to make this rated adult just in case


7. Darkness

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“Jane my dear come to me” The decrepit vampire called

“Yes, master.”

Jane’s angelic face appeared just outside her cloak as she walked in.

“Jane get Felix the two of you are going back to Washington, but this time you will acquire me a half vampire that has powers almost as strong as Alice Cullen’s. The problem is she has allied herself with the very same coven.”

“Aro how are we going to get passed that coven?” Jane’s face was contorted in rage.

“Peace dear one, this child is in school. Wait for her to be away from the Cullen’s and grab her. Of course this will take some training and planning on our part.”

“This should prove to be fun. Do we get to kill the shield?” Jane asked

“I want her as well. I just need to figure out how to take her.” Aro said his milky red eyes thoughtful.

“She is not important master.” Jane said bitterly

“Oh bet yes she is. The others I have little use for. Although Bella would be hard to control without her small family unit. Yes, the child and Edward will have to come.”

“As you wish master.” Jane said as she drifted out the door to look for Felix.

Jane and Felix entered the room with two other ancient looking vampires.

“Oh brothers you have come to hear the good news have you?” Aro said

“Are we destroying them?” The ancient one with black hair spoke.

“Ah Caius you go to fast. Firstly we must get the half breed.” Aro spoke happily.

“Another abomination? What can this one do Aro?” Caius spoke bitterly.

“She has visions. Our informant has informed me of her and I want this half breed.”

“What do you think Marcus?” Aro asked

The white hair ancient looked bored and he touched Aro as he walked pasted.

“And so it is decided… I get the half breed and hopefully the shield.” Aro smiled wickedly.

The scene change although I had slightly better eyesight than a human it was hard for me to make out much of the darkness. I could see the moist stone walls and could smell sewage. I felt the urge to run as fast as my feet would take me away. I could hear people behind me and I knew they were chasing after me. Then I heard someone whisper.

“Run damn it Tab! We just have to get out of Volterra.” Eli’s voice came out in an urgent whisper.

Eli grabbed my hand and we ran but he didn’t seem to think I was running fast enough. Without breaking his stride he pulled me into his arms and jumped into the night air. He bound over the wall with no problem and ran as fast as he could.

Yet another scenery change this time my whole family was standing waiting for a fight. Along with many other vampires I had never met. Jake and Sam’s packs where there too. The whole clearing was filled with creatures of all kinds.

“When they show there won’t be any talking, the time has come to fight. Fight for our freedom from these tyrants. Oppressors of our kind.” A vampire with long sandy brown hair spoke. “Kate I knew it would always come to this I love you.”

The blonde vampire next to him smiled and kissed him quickly but no less lovingly. “And I you.”

A mass out break of love declarations came in a rush. Seth was at my side his muzzle on my shoulder. He blow out and nudged my face.

“I love you too. This should have never happened. I should have never come here…”

I sat bolt up right in my bed a scream slipping threw my lips.

“She’s awake.” Seth yelled from my side. “Are you okay?”

My whole body was shaking and tears where streaming down my face. I managed to shake my head.

My bed room door banged open and there was a cluster of vampires at my bedside.

“You’ve been out for two days love can you talk?” Eli said

Oh I registered what they were saying but no words would come. My eyes glazed and I rocked back and forth.

“Edward?” Alice’s worried voice came “What did she see?”

“I don’t know her thoughts are blank like she has checked out of her mind.”

“I knew this was going to happen.” Eli said glumly

“Yeah, your memories I could see of that time, she had none.” Edward said

“When is she going to snap out of it leech?” Seth growled

“Four or five days maybe longer.” Eli’s voice was a whisper now “It happened the same way before she just rocked like that and slept a lot.”

I barely registered the bed slumping and warm arms wrapping around me. “I’m not leaving her. Carlisle go find something out to tell me please. I can’t fight these visions anymore than she can. I wish I could punch something.”

“Something in her vision obviously traumatized her. She’s in shock her brain has shut down to protect her. What did she see the last time this happened Elijah?”

“She never talked about it.”

“That doesn’t mean she didn’t think about it.” Edward add flatly

The door snapped quietly shut and I was in blackness again. The same visions came over and over again.

When I did wake I could hear Seth murmuring soothingly into my ear.

“It’s all going to be fine.”

The days passed and I slowly came around. I finally focused on the room and the first thing I saw clearly was Seth’s sleeping face.

I put my hand on his face and he jerked awake.

“What happened?” He looked around confused for a second. “Tabatha are you okay?”

“Sure sure.” My voice came out in a horse whisper. “How long?”

“Nine days.” He said glumly. “What did you see?”

I shook my head furiously.

“Edward” he said and the door was open before his name was out his mouth all the way.

“What?” Edward said looking at Seth then his shocked eyes hit my face. “Well well welcome back.”

The whole family was in my room again. Alice flitted to my bed.

“What did you see?”

“Aro…” That was all I managed to get out. And then my thoughts flooded with the memory of my visions.

Edward’s responding unintelligible line of curses told me everything I already knew. This was bad and it was all my fault.

“The Volturi have all plans on coming back and they have a spy. They know about Tabby here and what she can do and Aro wants her and it seem Bella as well. It’s coming down to a fight one we can’t avoid this time. I just don’t know when. Nessie was in the last one and she was quite a bit bigger maybe a year.” Edward informed everyone

“Finally something I can fight” Seth said happily.

I finally found my voice. “No way! They want me I should have never come here. This family would still be safe if it wasn’t for me.”

“That’s not true Tabby.” Esme said softly. “We knew this was coming we just didn’t know the would regroup so soon.”

“No I won’t have you all die over me. I won’t join them either I will die fighting for myself.” I said flatly my eyes fierce.

“You are part of this family and the fight will still come. So stop what you’re thinking.” Edward said looking at me his lips tight.

“What are you thinking of fighting the whole Volturi guard alone?” Seth and Eli snapped together.

“You both know me far to well.” I laughed bitterly. “Now if you will all excuse me I would like to change. I have been in these clothes far to long.”

Everyone left the room as I was grabbing my clothes. I got dressed quickly and grabbed my messenger bag throwing it over my shoulder.

“Where do you think your going?” Seth said as I reached the bottom of the steps.

“For a drive I need to clear my head.” I replied as I grabbed the door handle

“Your mind has been clear for several days, love.” Eli stood in front of the door now.

“Oh jeez!” I threw my hands up and stomped into the kitchen.

When I reached the kitchen door Eli was standing there smiling. “I should have known that leaving a house of meddling vampires wouldn’t be easy. Move it or loose it Eli.”

“Please love, do you really think you can take me?” Eli slipped into a crouch and gave a playful growl.

“Grrr! You are infuriating I wish I could…never freaking mind!” I bawled as I stomped into the great room again.

I threw my messenger bag on the couch and sunk onto the floor my arms crossed around my chest.

“Now she’s pouting I love it.” Emmett barked a laugh

“Shove it Hercules!” I growled

Emmett was laughing so hard now that he was bent over holding his sides. His laugh was always so infectious that I found I was snickering despite my irritation.

“That’s what I like to see.” Seth said as he slipped onto the floor next to me pulling me into his arms.

“Please you all have a death wish or something. What is it with all of you?”

“I only have a wish to keep you safe. If that means a fight so be it.” he said with a nod of his head.

“Obviously that is what it is coming to. But if I can change that I will do every thing in my power to keep all of you safe. Especially you.” I placed my hand on his cheek as I spoke “I would die if I lost you.”

His lips found mine and he kissed me softly. I heard Eli grumble something before he walked out the door.

“Well then what’s the plan?” I said breathlessly when Seth pulled away.

“We fight when it’s time.” Carlisle said with strain in his voice. “For now we find our friends again and tell them the news.”

“Well I did promise Zafrina that I would bring Nessie to see her. This is as good time as any I guess. Although I wish it was under better circumstances.” Bella was facing the window as she spoke. “Edward, Nessie and I will leave soon to find her.”

“Esme and I will go to Ireland and call upon my old friend Siobhon.” Carlisle added

“I’ll call Tanya.” Rosalie grabbed the phone off the table and walked out of the room.

“Well besides Eli I have a few vamp friends that would love to fight the system. I just have to go find them.”

“Looks like we’re on a search for bloodsucker in the UK.” Seth said

“I’ll go alone. You won’t be received well.” I said to him

“You’re not going alone. That is completely out of the question.” Edward said shaking his head.

“Not you too! Can’t a chick get a freaking break? I’m not a weakling, I heal fast as he does.” I said grabbing my thumb in Seth direction accidentally poking his chest.

“You, Elijah and Seth can go and find your friends.” Carlisle said finality in his voice.

“Jake will never have it not to mention Sue.” Standing I walked over to look Carlisle in the face.

“Jake won’t try to stop me and my mom will see it’s pointless to argue. I’ll go let Jake know and I’m sure he’ll be here shortly with the rest of the pack.”

I threw my hands in the air again. “Perfect that’s what I need another run in with your sister. Well maybe I’ll be lucky and she’ll lose her temper and she’ll try to kill me. I wouldn’t fight back and this could be all over before it starts.”

“Don’t talk like that woman!” Seth growled loudly

“Fine dad book the freaking tickets so we can get this show on the road.” I grumbled in defeat.

Seth left the house shortly after the tickets were booked to London. Promising me he wouldn’t be gone long.