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A kitty this way cometh

Tabatha Ann Stevens is special not only being a half breed but she also has visions. Soon after seeing the Cullen family in one she finds herself part of the family. Then she has another vision that ties her not only to the the Cullen family but to Jacob's pack forever. Seth Clearwater was her future and she now knew it. Going to make this rated adult just in case


8. My other life

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“My other life”

“Well now that we’re here, I guess I should fill you in on who were here for.” I said looking at Seth. “Nylasa is different, you could call her straight forward.”

“I deal with you.” He said with a chuckle.

“No Nylasa is sexual, I guess it’s something left over from her human years. You see Nylasa was changed in 1888 here in London. She was a woman of the night in her human years.” Seth looked at me dumbly. “She was a whore.” I said flatly, not really wanting to see his reaction I looked at my hands.

“Okay, so?” Eli sat a row behind us and I heard him chuckle.

“Well Nylasa went a little wild her first year and she targeted whores that she had once known.” I sighed “I assume you heard of Jack the Ripper.”

“Yeah the serial killer that killed women in the late 1800’s.” He said with a shrug.

“Well that’s was Nylasa.”

“O-Oh.” His mouth made a cute little ‘o’ as he finally caught on to what I was saying. “Is she still dangerous?”

“No not really after her vampire “father” was killed she kind of calmed. Nylasa told me that he was a monster of monsters.” I said smiling weakly. “She more into screwing the system as much as possible. She really got into the punk movement and all that.”

“A punk vampire that had to be something to see.” Seth said with the raise of an eyebrow.

“She still sports some of the clothes.” I laughed as we stood to exit the plane.

We walked through the airport followed closely by Eli. I rented an annoyingly small car that Seth barely fit in and drove to the last place I knew that Nylasa had been.

The drive wasn’t all that long from the airport, just long enough for Seth and Eli to start bickering about something trivial. When I pulled into the drive a lithe vampire was standing there, the black trench coat she wore blowing open to show that she was wearing a short skirt a ripped up shirt fishnets and combat boots. Of course Nylasa would hear me driving up. I threw the car into park before it even came to a complete stop and jumped out.

“Nylasa it has been far to long.” I said as I embraced the tall vampire her long black hair tickling my face.

“Tabby? I didn’t think you would be back in London so soon. What brings you back? I thought you were on the look out for human loving vampires.” Her sweet voice didn’t really match the way she looked, to most people Nylasa was scary.

Just then Eli and Seth got out of the car, the wind must have caught in Seth’s hair because Nylasa stiffened. See took in Eli with disgust and then Seth with even more distaste.

“And you bring a stinky human and that insufferable Eli with you?” She arched a well shaped brow.

“He’s not stinky that’s my Seth and I had no choice about bringing them.” I said apologizing with my eyes.

“That answers that question, Tabby cat what about why you’re here?”

“That answer is more complicated. You see I have to ask you a favor.”

Nylasa looked at me questioningly. “Come inside all of you before we get down to business. As it seems that is what you are here for.”

Nylasa turn and walked through her door and we all followed quietly. She offered us seating in the small front room that I had called home not to long ago. I took a seat in my favorite chair and waited while the others made themselves as comfortable as possible.

“What did you see? What’s coming that you need my help with?” Nylasa asked knowing me far to well as most people who took the time did.

I looked around the small flat and turned back to Nylasa. “Where is Lynton?”

“He left about an hour ago, he’ll be back late tonight. Now answer my question.”

“The Volturi want me.” I stated plainly.

“How the hell did those ancient douches find out about you?” Nylasa asked bitterly.

“A spy on my family.” I said

“You found the human loving vampires then?”

“The Cullen’s, yes I did.”

“Okay how did you come across the stinky one?” She said wrinkling her nose at Seth.

“His name is Seth, Nyla.” I said with a little anger.

“Fine, Seth then. Where did you find him and where does he come into all this?” Nyla rolled her eyes at my anger

“Seth is my mate, he is here for me. Dad seems to think I need a babysitter.” bitterness colored my voice

“Dad?” Nyla’s brow nit together

“Carlisle Cullen, I prefer to call him dad.” a smile came to my face at her expression.

“And what about Elijah here why did you bring him?”

“Another babysitter, he was at the house when I had the vision.”

“Oh I see.” She didn’t care for Eli and she made that perfectly clear.

“Anyways there is a fight on the horizon, are you in?”

A evil smirk came to Nyla’s face. “Hell yes! Havoc and chaos my two favorite things. I am so there if it means over throwing the government so to speak.”

“I knew you would be so down for this. You were the first person I thought of.” I said mimicking her smirk.

“So when do we leave? Better yet when is this fight?” She was rubbing her hands together.

“So eager to die are you Nylasa?” Eli asked looking over his hands which where in the prayer position.

“Die? Ha! If you only knew what I could do.” Nyla said with little humor.

“Nyla is someone you definitely want on our side during a fight. You see Nyla is telekinetic.” smiling at the baffled looks on both of their faces.

“What is that?” Seth spoke for the first time in a whisper.

I motioned for Nyla to show them what she could do and she eagerly did just that. She sent the chair that Seth was sitting in flying across the room.

“Nothing that you could think of can stop her power. No shields known to us.”

“Not even Renata can stop me. I had a run in or two with that one before she joined the guard. It was fun to watch her fly threw the air.” Nyla said with a wicked snicker.

“I’m impressed.” Seth said as he righted himself in his chair.

“Thank you Tabby’s mate.”

“Seth memorize it Nyla we have some more traveling to do. The two of you are going to get along. You both hate Eli and that’s a bonding point right there.”

“I like her already.” Seth said winking at me.

“Ditto kid, anyone with a distaste for this one is alright in my book.” Nyla motioned with her chin towards Eli.

“Can’t you feel the love in this room old friend?” I laughed at my joke.

“Oh, yes it permeates the walls.” Eli said sarcasm dripping from every syllable.

“Why do you smell that way kid?”

“I’m a shape shifter.”

“That is just like you Tabby cat. You go and find the first monster outside your kind and fall in love.”

“Not like there are so many of my kind Nyla. Plus I think he smells good.” I winked at Seth and he smiled hugely.

“Now the non vampire and the half vampire need to sleep. So we’re going to my room, unless you change something in the five months I have been gone.” I stood and looked at Nyla questioning her with my eyes.

“Nope just the way you left it kiddo.” She motioned towards the door across the room. “By all means, sweet dreams. If that is what you plan to do in there.” She gave me a devious look.

“Just intend to sleep. Get your mind out of the gutter.” a frown on my face

“Hell that kid is something to look at I admire your self control.” her smile widening.

“Not my self control his. I have no self control.” I grumbled as I walked into the room beckoning Seth with my finger.

I heard Nyla’s laugher as I shut the door.

“I like her.” Seth said with a smile. “But I like you so much more, come here.” he growled and pulled me to him kissing me hard.

“That’s not fair.” I said breathlessly when he pulled away.

Seth lye on the bed pulling me down with him. I snuggled to his now bare chest.

“What isn’t fair, sweet?”

“You being so damn irresistible.”

Seth chuckled and I heard Nyla out in the front room laughing loudly.

“Nyla go out and take Eli with you, damn voyeuristic vampires.”

“Do I have to take him or can we just both leave?” Nyla asked whining like a small child asked to eat vegetables.

“I don’t care just leave.”

I heard the front door shut and we were alone.

“Alone at last.” I said a wicked glint in my eyes.

“Sleep.” Seth said as he put his other arm behind his head.

“Fine!” I rolled on my side my back to him and closed my eyes.

My vision was the same with one change Aro had decided to send two more to find me. A vampire boy that looked like a male version of Jane named Alec and another guard named Demetri.

I was jerked awake by cold arms pulling me out of my bed and swinging me happily.

“Oh, hell Lynton you scared me.” I was spinning still and his laughter was buoyant.

“My Tabby, has come home!” His deep voice boyish.

“Nyla must not be home yet.” I said hugging him lovingly and pushing against his chest. “Put me down Lynton, please.”

Lynton set me on the floor and took a step back. The room was dark but I could see his face perfectly he had an impish smile on his face. He was always so happy when I was around.

“No, she was gone when I got home. I caught your fresh scent and came directly in here. I also got Eli‘s scent and another I didn‘t recognize.” Lynton’s eyes finally found Seth’s.

Seth was sitting up in the bed watching our exchange.

“Seth, Lynton.” I motioned between them with my hand.

“Nice to meet you wolf.” All boyishness left his face and anger replaced it. “Why did you bring this into my house?” he asked me

“Seth isn’t what you think. He’s a shape shifter not a child of the moon.” I rushed through the explanation as quickly as possible.

Lynton must have believed me, because his face softened and the boyishness came back.

“Okay, not that I’m not happy to see you Tabby cat but what brings you back to London so quickly?”

“Lynton?” Nyla’s voice came from the front door. “Your not in there bothering those two are you my mate?”

“Busted!” I said with a push to his side.

“Why are you sharing a bed with this shape shifter?” Lynton had just caught onto the fact that we were sleeping together.

“So quick!” I said shaking my head.

“I’m her mate.” Seth said a huge smile on his face at what he had just called himself.

“Bloody hell! Tabby are you crazy?” Lynton’s English slang was always so funny so I couldn’t help but fall on the bed laughing. “What is so funny you prat?”

I cleared my throat and sat up “Oh, nothing Lyn nothing at all.” I said as innocently as possible.

Lynton shot me a glare before he walked out the door. I grabbed Seth’s hand and followed.

We went through the whole story again for Lynton. He wasn’t as happy to fight as his mate, but he would do anything for her and me.

“Have the two of you heard anything of Arianna and Manuel?” I asked when I got Lynton agreement to fight.

“Last I heard they were in Mexico City.” Lynton said

“Now that isn’t true my love. We saw them in Egypt a month ago.” Nyla said shaking her head

“That’s right, they said that they would be there for another few months.” Lynton said slapping his head.

“Then Egypt is the next stop.” I said more to myself then to anyone else.

“Arianna and Manuel are part of this unconventional coven. They tended to go off on their own ever few decades. I was sort of part of this coven as well for a time. Well until I left to find the Cullen’s.”

“You will always be part of our family Tabby cat.” Lynton said with a smile. “And those who you consider family will be as well. If you love this wolf then he is family as well.”

I smiled widely “I don’t think Manny will think the same of Seth. I don’t think he will let me get out my explanation, before he starts a fight with him. Seth’s smell alone will set him in attach mode.”

Lynton sighed. “I suppose we will have to tell him then bring Seth out to meet him.”

“Is this why you told me I would not be received well?” Seth asked

“Yes, Manuel has a werewolf hatred that runs very deep and you smell a lot like a werewolf.” I said a sad smile coming to my face.

“I see, well I guess I can allow you to be taken to them by Nyla. As long as I am close by.” Nyla nodded her agreement.

“You would have to be, I assume there are more of your kind where you are from? Manuel will have to meet you and get used to the fact of what you are before we head that way.” Lynton said

“Yes, quite a few sixteen of us in total.” Seth explained

“Let me call dad and tell him the news and have him book a flight for all of us.” I grabbed my phone and flipped it open dialing Carlisle’s number.

“Dad?” Lynton asked Nyla

“Carlisle Cullen the leader so to speak of this human friendly coven.” Nyla informed him as the phone rang and I walked back into my room.

“Yes, Tabby what is it?” Carlisle’s voice said as he picked up the phone on the second ring.

“We’re in London and we have two more.” I said the happiness evident in my voice.


“Nylasa and Lynton. We need plane tickets to Egypt. I have two more to track down.”

“Egypt, then you can get Benjamin and Tia.” Carlisle seemed relieved that I was on my way to Egypt.

“Find a vampire named Amun and he will lead you to Benjamin and Tia.”

“Hold on, Nyla.” I called as I pulled the phone from my face.

“What’s up kiddo?” Nyla was standing next to me now.

“Do you know an Egyptian vampire name Amun?”

“Yes I know Amun and Kebi and of course his fledgling Benjamin and his mate Tia.” Nyla informed me “That is who we were visiting when we last seen Anna and Manny.”

I turned back to the phone “Not a problem at all dad, this coven is known apparently.”

“Good.” Carlisle said and he rambled off a credit card number. I grabbed a piece of paper out of my messenger bag and scribbled it down.

“Bye” I said and flipped my phone closed, only to open it again to obtain the tickets.

“The flight leaves at noon.” I informed everyone as I reentered the front room.

“That’s only three hours from now. We better leave, Lynton and I will meet you at the airport.” Nyla informed me and I nodded

Seth, Eli and I got back into the small rental car and drove back to the airport. People stared at us, but they always seemed to do that when you had a hulking Indian with you and you were as pale as Eli and I were.

We found our gate quickly and saw that Nyla and Lynton were already there.

“Here everyone these are the tickets.” I said handing each one their ticket.

Eli had spoken very little since arriving he didn’t feel that comfortable here with Nyla. Knowing as he did that she disliked him, Lynton seemed to like him just fine.

We boarded the plane in silence and as the plane taxied I closed my eyes. Lynton had woke me far to soon and I was sleepy.

It took six hours for the plane to finally touch down in Cairo. It was already twilight so we would have no problem traveling threw the city on foot if we so chose.

That was exactly what we did, the desert sand blowing in the wind as it picked up. Nyla and I were having a fun game of banter and the others seemed to enjoy our good mood and joined in.

I jumped onto Nyla’s back “Do you think you can get me away from my babysitters for a while tonight?” I said to her in fluent elvish.

Nyla laughed at the language we used when we didn’t want our conversation to be found out. “Yes, but why?” Her elvish was just as perfect as mine.

Seth and Eli looked to Lynton questioningly and he laughed. “Elvish gentlemen they are plotting something. I was refused to be able to learn this mythical language it’s for the women only. Anna, Nyla and Tabby use it to get around us men.”

“I just want to get away for a while. Plus I need time to plan.” I said in elvish with a wicked smile.

“Not a problem.” Nyla answered in English

“What are the two of you plotting Tabby?” Lynton asked suspicion in his voice.

“Nothing.” tried as I may to be convincingly innocent I failed completely.

“We’re planning male domination or world domination which ever you prefer.” Nyla said slyly

I slid off of Nyla’s back and walked quietly, plotting next to Seth. We reached the hotel and Nyla got us a suite with two bedrooms. Entering I signaled to Nyla that now was the time for our escape.

“I’m taking Tabby cat and we’re going to find Anna and Manny. I think it should be easy. Amun should know where they are.” Nyla said as she took my hand and we left the room to go to the place where she knew that Amun and his coven stayed.

We walked in silence for a while, and I took in the sights of Cairo. The dry warm wind the played in my hair was pleasant, different from London and Forks, but I found that I liked it a lot. We were well out of Cairo before the silence was broken.

“Anna has been developing her gift.” Nyla said conversationally.

“Really, how?”

“She has learned to project the lightning that comes from her. Now she can shoot it two feet.”

“Dang I’ve only been gone five months. When I left she wasn’t worried about controlling her gift.”

“Times have changed, she knew something was coming when she left us.”

“Sometimes I wonder if the lightning was the only gift she got.”

Nyla began to slow and was looking around like she was lost.

“Damn it Amun I can never find the entrance a little help.” Nyla spoke as if the vampire was next to her, and then he was.

“Well met old friend, what brings you to my home again so soon?” Amun asked as he guided us through the hidden entrance to his lair.

“I come to see if you know of Arianna and Manuel’s where abouts.” Nyla nodded to the other vampires as we walked into a large room filled with old Egyptian things.

“They are at City Stars in town.” Amun stated flatly

“Everyone this is Tabby cat and she has a message for Benjamin and Tia.” Nyla introduced me and pointed to the boyish male with black hair and the woman that was sitting next to him.

“I come with news from Carlisle Cullen and family.” I say Amun stiffen in my peripheral vision. I stuck my chin out and continued more loudly. “The Volturi are coming again, we have a year maybe more to prepare for the fight. They are preparing now, as we should be. He sent me to tell you and ask if you are willing to fight.”

“Of course we will fight.” Tia said and Benjamin nodded

I smiled large at them both “Dad will be pleased.” I turned to Nyla “That’s two more.”

“Yes, two to how ever many are in the guard. We will need more.” she seemed glum

“Did Alice see something” Benjamin finally spoke

“No, I did, my visions are different but I saw all the same. They came to kill and take Bella and myself. Alice wouldn’t have seen since I’m a half breed.” I sighed and smiled at him.

“Another seer in the Cullen clan. I swear Carlisle has all the luck.” Benjamin said happily.

“We leave for Forks in two days time. Will you leave with us?” I asked formally

“Yes” both Tia and Benjamin answer swiftly.

“Then we will meet you at the airport in two days at 6pm.” I said as I turned to follow Nyla out the door.

We made it to the City Stars in half the time it took for us to find Amun’ lair. Nyla walked up to the front desk to find out which room was Anna’s. She quickly coxed the clerk into letting us in their room. We entered quietly and sat in the dark to wait for Anna and Manny’s return.

“So what is it your planning?” Nyla asked softly

“To seduce Seth, he has been very in control and that is coming to an end.”

“And if that doesn’t work?” Nyla asked

“Then plan b.”

“What’s plan b?”


Nyla just chuckled and fell silent.

It took nearly two hours for the couple to return to their room.

“Their outside the door.” Nyla said as the door swung open.

“Tabby!” Arianna squealed as she ran to me pulling me into her arms.

“I swear you all act like you haven’t seem me in years.” I said bitterly “This isn’t a social call Anna, I come to ask you a favor.”

Anna put me down and sat next to Manny who nodded his greeting.

“What is it hun?”

“I’ve come to ask you to fight and possible die for me and my family.”

“Of course.” Anna said quickly

“I have to explain something before we take you back to the others than.”

“First explain why my mate is putting us in mortal danger.” Manny’s gruff voice came out harshly. His nostrils were flared in anger.

“I know what you think you smell on my skin Manny and your wrong.”

“Am I, smells like you have been hanging around werewolves since we last parted.”

“No, shape shifters who just happen to take the form of wolves. My mate Seth happens to be one. You will meet him tonight.”

“Shape shifters, huh never thought I would see the day where Indian stories would come true. That would be Quileute legend if I am not mistaken.” Manny was more informed than I thought and it took me by complete surprise.

“Y-yes, how did you know about that?” I stuttered out

“Tabby I grew up on the Hopi rez in Arizona I knew about most tribes legends. It was a passion of mine when I was younger and continued after I was changed.” I always knew that Manny was half Mexican and half Hopi Indian you could tell by the olive tent to his skin.

“Okay then, you won’t have a problem with my Seth.” I said happily “He is a Quileute Indian that is part of one pack of their shape shifters. There are two packs, totaling sixteen shape shifters.”

“I have no ill will for my Quileute brothers, fate smiled on them in a cruel way.” Manny seemed to relax during the conversation. “Now for the answer I seek. Why are we fighting?”

“The Volturi are coming for me.” I hoped that was enough I didn’t feel like explaining everything I would have to do that soon enough for such a large group when we got back to Forks.

He nodded apparently it was enough and I sighed in relief.

Anna took in a shocked breath “Why? How?”

“Later Anna I have a couple of anxious babysitters back at our hotel that I need to get back to.” I stood and walked to the door “We leave for Washington in two days.”

“We’re not leaving your side, so it doesn’t matter.” Anna said as she walked up next to me. I nodded and walked out the door.