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A kitty this way cometh

Tabatha Ann Stevens is special not only being a half breed but she also has visions. Soon after seeing the Cullen family in one she finds herself part of the family. Then she has another vision that ties her not only to the the Cullen family but to Jacob's pack forever. Seth Clearwater was her future and she now knew it. Going to make this rated adult just in case


9. Completely Distracted

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“Completely Distracted ”

It was late when we got back to our room. Seth had already gone to bed so I left the front room and entered ours. He was lying there in just his boxers and my heart stopped. I ripped my own clothes off and crawled into the bed in nothing but his t-shirt that he had discarded. I kissed his lips softly and ran my had down his stomach. Before I got to the top of his boxers his warm hand was on top of mine. I turned and looked into his shocked but passion filled eyes.

“What is it that you think your doing?”

“Seducing you.” I said with a seductive smile.

He saw what I was wearing and smile formed on his full lips. “You look quite nice in my clothes.” The shirt looked more like a ill fitting dress on my small frame.

“What’s under is so much more nice.” I said as I pulled the shirt up just stopping before it showed anything.

He rubbed his warm hands on my thigh and sighed. “You aren’t making things very easy.”

“Oh, but I am, all you have to do is take it.” I looked at him through my lashes.

“How am I supposed to resist you?” his husky voice was coming out strained like he was working hard to control his lust for me.

“I know you love me, and I know I love you, so why resist?”

“I have hurt you once when I wasn’t in control I don’t want to do it again.”

“Please, I’m not a mortal, I heal. Don’t look a gift horse in the mouth.”

A wild growl came from somewhere in Seth’s chest and he pushed me back into the bed positioning himself on top of me. He made complete sure that he supported all of his weight. He kissed my jaw and neck fiercely. Then his head snapped up to look at me.

“Are you sure?” He was barely controlling his need.

“Yes, oh God yes.” I pulled his shirt off and pulled him closer to my naked body.

He groaned as he lost the last bit of self control he had left and kissed me on every part of my body that he could reach. triumph.

The next morning dawned far to early for me. I rolled over and reached for Seth and he was gone.

“Great I ran him off, I must have been horrible.” I heard Nyla chuckle outside the door. “Come in Nylasa, I know your dying to find out if you don’t already know.”

She entered swiftly and sat on the end of the bed. “No I ushered everyone out when you came in here last night. We hunted until dawn. So, your naked and alone you seduced that poor Indian boy didn’t you.”

“I must have done it wrong.” I said sadly “He doesn’t even want to see me.”

Nyla chuckled softly “He left about fifteen minutes ago to get you something to eat. He said that you hadn’t ate much of anything since Forks.”

“Oh” I blushed at his thoughtfulness

“That’s new” Nyla teased stroking my face. “How do you feel, the first time can be painful, and he don’t look like the gentle type.”

I sat up pulling the sheet with me moving a little from side to side. “I seem to be in one piece.”

“Not really.” Nyla pointed to the blood stain that was on the sheets.

“That would have been why I felt the small pain at first, but the pleasure so out weighed the pain. I’m gonna have to have the maid come change them. Can the five of you hide in the other room?”

“Just move into the other room. Not like any of us need to sleep.” Nyla said “Plus we have all been doing that forever.” She pointed to my naked body

Just then Seth walked through the door and noticed the blood on the bed. His face fell and he dropped the bag he was carrying onto the bedside table.

“I knew I would hurt you. How bad did I hurt you?”

Nyla chuckled again and left.

“Seth calm down it’s normal. I was a virgin, you broke my hymen.”

“Do you hurt?”

“Not at all see look.” I stood up and my legs wobbled a little and I grabbed the side of the bed. “Okay a little sore nothing that you can’t take my mind off of.”

He had stopped listening to me. “Did I tell you last night how beautiful you are?”

“Yes, several time in fact, it was very sweet.”

“Time to eat something, I’m hungry for more than just you at this time. Get dressed before I change my mind and not care about your friends in the other room.” Just then I heard a chorus of laughter coming from said friends.

I pulled on the shirt that I had discarded last night and Seth pulled me into his lap.

“Oh man, Jake is going to be plenty mad at me when he finds out what we did on our outing. He was supposed to make sure it didn’t happen. Carlisle and Edward made him promise that he would keep me in check.”

“Well they have no control over me I seduced you, you were just trying to sleep.” another bunch of laughter came from the front room.

“Let’s eat and change the subject.” He said pulling the bag to us.

“Yummy, what did you bring?” I tried to be upbeat but he knew I didn’t care for human food.

“Bagels, we’ll hunt tonight.” he smiled and handed me a bagel

I ate the bagel a little grudgingly while he watched. When I was done he pulled me back into the bed with him and closed his eyes. We hadn’t slept much if at all the night before and it was obviously nap time. I curled into him not objecting in the least.

We slept most of the day and woke when the sun was high in the sky.

“Get dressed Tabatha, Carlisle called and made our flight for late tonight. He has a lot of vampires at the house and he needs us and our acquired friends.” He said pushing me out of the bed.

“That means I have to go let Benjamin and Tia know.” I pulled my clothes on quickly.

“That’s why I’m letting you get dressed and not taking you in this bed again.”

“Seth, that’s not fare your tempting me.” I said as I walked toward him.

“We have business Tabatha.”

“Oh, right.” I pulled my shoes on and walked toward the door.

People at the airport gave the nine of us a wide birth, but that didn’t surprise me in the least. We were seven and a half vampires and a large Indian shape shifter.

Seth and Benjamin were old friends they fell into easy conversation with Manny, who had warmed to Seth very quickly indeed. We boarded our connecting flight to Seattle in New York.

Edward and Emmett were waiting for us at the airport and was never so happy to see them. I reminded Seth to not think about what had happened in Cairo, but from the look that Edward was giving him, he had slipped.

“We’re going to have a private conversation when we get back to the house you two.” Edward said before smiling at the others.

I ignored him like he hadn’t spoke “Nylasa, Lynton, Arianna and Manuel these are my brothers Edward and Emmett. Edward, Emmett this is the rest of my family.”

“For someone who was desperate for family you sure have a large one.” Emmett said with his signature grin.

“I left them to find you because I knew that was were I belonged. Sixth sense. Plus the eating habits.” I said pointing to my head.

“Tabby cat if that is why you left then you were wrong. We’re all curious about this way of life. We’re even willing to try it.” Lynton said while Nyla and the others nodded.

“It’s not tasty.” Eli said from behind everyone

“Shut up no one asked you.” Nyla spoke and Emmett laughed catching that her voice didn’t match her look one bit.

Edward had a huge suburban waiting it still wasn’t big enough for all of us so Nyla sat on Lynton’s lap and I sat on Seth’s. The ride back to the house only took forty five minutes so it really didn’t matter.

When the eleven of us walked into the house I was shocked at how many vampires where all squeezed into the large front room. There were thirteen vampires not including the other family members. Out of the corner of my eye I saw Jasper walking threw the crowd he finally came to stop in front of Manny.

“Manuel is that truly you?” Jasper said in a small voice.

“In the flesh, Jasper. How have you been old man?” Manny said smiling widely and shaking Jaspers hand.

“Fine I thought that Maria would have destroyed you after I left.” Jasper said surprise in his voice.

“Nope I ran shortly after you did.” Manny pulled Anna next to him lovingly.

“This is my mate Arianna, Anna this is Jasper the one who I told you trained me.” recognition lit up in Anna’s eyes and she smiled sweetly at Jasper.

“Alice.” Jasper barely got out her name and Alice was beside him.

“We’re going to be good friends Anna.” Alice said happily.

“Another one perfect.” Anna teased ruffling my hair.

“Well at least I don’t surprise you.” Alice smiled and winked at me

“Well that’s a few less introductions I have to do.” I shrugged my shoulders. “Okay everyone I know and don’t know this is Manuel, Arianna, Lynton and Nylasa and a lot of you already know Elijah. Oh and for those that don’t know me I’m Tabatha but call me Tabby.”

“Did I just hear Nylasa’s name? It can’t be the ripper herself.” Eleazar was coming towards us now.

“I thought you went to go be with the establishment Eleazar.” I could see that Nyla was fond of this male Vampire.

“I went I saw and left.” He laughed “I see that your still with Lynton.”

“Yep, can’t seem to rid myself of this one, but of course I don’t mind.” Lynton smiled and shook Eleazar’s hand.

“How did I not figure that some of you would know each other.” I asked myself.

“Because kiddo you don’t seem to be observant as you used to be, a little distracted of late.” Nyla chuckled at her little innuendo that went over most of their heads.

“If you all will excuse me I want to get fresh clothes on.” I glanced over at Seth who was in a heated discussion with Edward and Jacob. I really didn’t want to be part of it but I knew it was about us, so I walked over to their small group.

“How could you allow this to happen?” Jake asked a little miffed

“Hey wait just one freaking second it was a mutual decision. Actually I seduced him, so if your going to be mad be mad at me.” I said getting a little heated

“Getting naked in front of him wasn’t fair. He was controlling himself well I was proud of him.” Jake said almost yelling

The whole house was quiet and listening to our conversation now.

“Thank you so very much, Jacob now the whole damn house knows that Seth and I had sex. Complete strangers know more about my sex life than anyone including you should know.” I yelled back and then stormed up the stairs pulling Seth behind me by the hand.

“Oh I think not, Seth your not going to her room with her.” Jake yelled after us.

I turned at the top of the first floor. “Not like he hasn’t seen me naked Jacob and the damage is already done so butt the hell out.” I continued up the stairs and pulled Seth into my room slamming and locking my door, not that it would keep anyone out if they wanted to get in.

“Alpha or not I’m going to brake his neck for this.” Seth grumbled

“It went better than it could have.” I said as I stripped my clothes off, pulling fresh ones from my dresser.

Seth pulled my naked body to his. “Well since I’m going to hell I might as well do it completely.”

I turn and kissed him pulling him closer to me. “I don’t think that will happen with a house full of vampires some that live here and are against it” I said against his lips.

“Let them try to stop me.” he pulled his shirt off and kissed me again pulling me toward the bed. The knock sounded like someone was trying to hammer through the door. I sighed and pulled away from him pulling on the clothes that were now on the floor.

“What?” I said when I pulled the door open.

“Edward sent me up here to distract you.” Alice said with a happy smile.

“Nothing was going to happen.” I said bitterly “Later” I mouthed at Seth behind Alice’s back as we walked out of the door.

“Time for a meeting strategies’ and all that. Both packs are here we’re meeting in the yard.” Alice prattled as we walked down the stairs.

“Does everyone know everyone’s abilities?” I asked

“Nope your giving the speech on the coven you brought.” Alice opened the back door and allowed me to go first.

I took a deep breath before I spoke to the large group of vampires. “As you should all know I brought with me the European coven. Well this coven is equally special to the Cullen’s here. Nyla please come up here and show these nice folks what you can do, and Anna your next so come with her.”

Nyla walked up onto the porch next to me followed closely by Anna. She smiled wickedly and caused a unsuspecting Jake to fly threw the air placing him gently down about five hundred feet away.

“Nyla is a telepath she can move anything as long as she can see it, she can also hold it as long as needed.” that being said she lifted Jake again and bound his arms to his side. He could only move his legs and head. I laughed as I looked at his furious face.

“Okay Nyla they get the point.” people were murmuring in delight at her ability well at least the ones that didn’t know about it.

“As for Anna, well her gift is a little more deadly…well at least for a human or shape shifter it would be. As for a vampire it has been known to incapacitate them for several minutes.” I nodded at Anna and she sent a bolt of lightning into a tree about two feet from where she was standing. There was a wave of shocked murmurs through out the crowd. “Damn Anna you have gotten better I mean Nyla told me you could project now but… damn.” one of the limbs of the tree went crashing to the ground and some of the pack members jumped.

“As for Manny those of you that have seen Jasper fight know what he can do. Manny is a fighter and is quite good at it. Lynton my dearest brother come here. Show this lovely group what you can do.” Lynton walked menacingly towards me like he was going to hurt me and then he was gone he reappeared in the middle of the crowd laughing because Seth had stepped onto the porch next to me and was looking around “Lynton can for the lack of a better word teleport. Very handy in a fight he can get away if he needs. He can also…” Before I could finish Lynton was next to me pulling me to his chest. We disappeared and popped up in the spot he had been in. “… take others with him.” I finished and people turned and gasped as the saw where my voice was coming from.

“Like I said they are very special and have been hiding from the Volturi for a long time.” I said as I walked back onto the porch. “Of course Nyla is always ready for a fight and they do know of her. The others they don’t know about. Hell they didn’t know of me until recently.” I sighed “That is all now any questions?”

The one I knew as Kate from my vision stepped forward. “Why are they coming? Not that I don’t want to kill Caius for what he did to my sister.”

“Simply put they are still pissed about last time and Aro wants me and Bella.” I answered

“Over my pile of ashes.” Kate spat “You’re family now as well as these talented vampires.”

“Okay I have given a demonstration I’m going to hunt. Nyla are you ready for a new type of food?”

“Of course let’s see what it’s all about.”

We hunted for a few hour and the others didn’t seem to mind the animal blood in the least.

“I think I could actually change my diet it’s not to terribly bad.” Nyla said wiping a bite of blood from her lips.

“Nothing would make me happier. You could stay close by us if that was the case I don’t want to have you so far away anymore.” I said smiling at all of them as we walked back leisurely.