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Auction A Date

Auction a Date Ball!!: One of the most imprortant events of Forks High!!! What if Edward didnt fall directly in love with Bella the first time around?? What if he was pranked first?? Will it be a wake up call instead??


1. Chapter 1: Eyes

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Chapter1: Eyes

Emmett POV

"Eddie!!" I called in the girliest voice I could come up with. Jasper chuckled and so did Alice. Rose just looked at me in a ‘did you just do that' kind of way. "We're gonna be late!!" I said in a manlier voice.

In a flash Edward was in front of me with a scowl n his face. "I am always first to get out for school and the one time I take my time, you rush me." He said.

"Sorry Eddie. I don't want to be late. The announcements for auction a date are today and I don't want to miss it."

Rosalie growled. "Don't worry. I'm just planning on pranking people." I reassured her as everyone started to walk to the car.

"I'm planning on pranking Mike today." I said as I watched Rose and Jasper get in the back while Alice slid in the front. I was going to sit already when

"Wait." He placed all his ‘precious' CDs in the middle of the seats and then went to the driver's side.

"How the heck am I gonna get in if your CDs are in the way??" I growled. There must be twenty of those CDs. This was unfair. He knew how muscular I was I would crush all those CDs.

He hissed at me. "Don't you even think about it. I was asked to bring classical music to school of the ‘Auction a Date Ball'."

"Then tell me how I am supposed to get in??" I asked.

"Maybe you could carry them instead but they better not have a single scratch on them or you will die." Edward threatened me.

I mumble to myself as I carried the CDs and I climbed in the car. This was seriously uncomfortable. I pouted.

"Aww. Emmie, don't pout. It's going to make me feel all guilty inside." Edward teased and Rose, Jasper and Alice laughed at me.

Edward will so pay for this.

We got to school and if you were expecting to see walls with brainiac stuff like spelling bee or maybe news about the last game that Forks High School played in, you will be shocked that all those banners, articles, pictures and so on were removed from the walls.

There were now banners of different colors that said: ‘Auction a Date: Finalists will be revealed today.' Apparently, this school takes this school activity seriously.

Maybe I would get Mike to date his worst nightmare: Lauren. She just gives him the creeps. Sure, she's pretty, okay body... but she is a total slut and would throw herself at anyone who is near her. Nerd or jock, it doesn't matter. She makes it seem like she will always be wanted.

At first, she got the attention she wanted but now, boys seem to ‘shy' away from her. I heard guys talk about her one time and they talked about how desperate she was... perfect. I got it!! Mike's definitely getting her.

Edward chuckled. "Are you really going to do that??" he asked me.

"Why not??" I asked. "I am so terribly bored, it's one of the times when pranking is fun. Everyone will see him all shocked and scared of the ‘slut'. It will be priceless."

"So you are attending the ball??" Jasper asked. "I thought you said that you would never be caught attending one ever again??"

"Well, last year was boring. We didn't even prank anyone. We just sat there. I only got one dance from Rose and I don't drink. So there was really no fun at all." I explained.

"You could have said so and we could have left. I liked the ball last year." Alice chimed in as we were now walking to our lockers. They were right beside each other, as requested.

"Just because you could get all of us new clothes. It's not like you need an excuse. You get us clothes all the time." Edward said.

"We all know that my work will be more appreciated when there is a good reason to put it to." She smiled.

"I always appreciate the things you do for me." Jasper said.

"Kiss up." Rosalie teased as the bell rang and we all went to class.

I walked with Edward and Alice to our next class when Bella, the clumsy new girl that Edward is irritated with-and she, the same- drops her books in front of Edward.

"I'm sorry." She said.

Edward immediately helps her with her books. This is the... how many-eth time that Bella dropped her books or tripped in front of Edward unintentionally.

Edward seemed to be irritated but sometimes I think he's used to it and secretly doesn't mind anymore. Or maybe it was because he couldn't read her mind.

"Oh." She says as soon as she sees who helped her with her books.

"What do you mean ‘oh'??" Edward snaps. I guess he heard me.

"I mean I didn't expect you to help me after all the other times I did this near you." She started. "You never used to care."

"Well, this time, it was right in front of me." He defended himself.

She glared at him. "And I thought I was about to thank you." She started to walk away.

We went to class with out another word. Edward seemed to be fuming. He is really irritated. "Let's go to class." Yes. He was very irritated.

Edward POV

We were walking to our first class when Bella trips and drops her books right in front of me. As an instinct, I picked them up for her. I stacked them up in human pace.

Bella was really clumsy but there was something about her. She was pretty and intelligent, whenever I see her, all of my surroundings change. It completely turns around.

Just like now, I was peaceful then bam!! Bella drops books and trips. At least she didn't fall on her face of something.

This has been happening a lot. Her dropping things, tripping, stumbling. She is incredibly clumsy!! How could anyone like her exist?? What was wrong with her??

"Oh." I heard her say.

Edward seemed to be irritated but sometimes I think he's used to it and secretly doesn't mind anymore. Or maybe it was because he couldn't read her mind. Emmett thought. I'll show him ‘secretly doesn't mind'

"What do you mean ‘oh'??" I snapped at her. I was growing irritated. Is Jasper around?? No I don't think so. Alice tilted her head at me.

Why are you so mean to her?? She asked me through her thoughts. I pretended not to notice her.

"I mean I didn't expect you to help me after all the other times I did this near you. You never used to care." She said.

"Well, this time, it was right in front of me." I said, smugly.

She was glaring at me with those chocolate eyes of hers. "And to think I was about to thank you." She snapped then stood and started to walk away.

I was mad now, either for her snapping at me like that or her walking away from me. I didn't know.

"Let's go to class." I said.

Emmett POV

After a long day of classes that we already took up before, it was lunch. This was the only time, I could actually relax. No on pays attention to us. We were just freaky students to everyone.

Bella and her friends were laughing as they sat down on their usual table. She looked at our table and then her eyes were suddenly watching Edward as he was watching her.

They were watching each other. Edward stopped breathing while Bella's breathing stopped too. She was blushing a bright crimson now. It was like they had a connection.

Alice POV

I nudged Emmett. I could see that he too noticed that there was a connection between Bella and Edward at this very moment. It's the first time they looked at each other that way.

It looked like Edward was captivated by her. Like he couldn't stop looking for something that is hidden in those eyes of hers... hmmm. Interesting.

Bella POV

"I can't believe the three of us actually went for auction a date." Jessica laughed.

"I know right. I cant believe you made me do this." I was laughing right with her.

"Actually, I planned to go for it. I just went with you two since I knew you would go for it too." Lauren said.

Jessica and I playfully slapped her in the shoulder.

"Ow." She complained and Jessica and I started to laugh again. I could feel a stare from behind me. I slowly turned my head to see that I was right. There was someone staring at me but it wasn't just anyone. It was Edward. The very Edward I walked away from this morning. I felt a blush coming.

I wanted to look away but I couldn't and slowly, my will to look away crumbled. I wanted to keep looking at him. He was captivating me. Those eyes of his. Golden Topaz. It's the color you could only see in his family's eyes.

He's eyes seemed to be hiding something... a secret. He looked like he was having an inner battle with himself. I didn't understand it and that only made me even more curious.

His eyes were so deep and they were calculating now. They looked at mine as if he was trying to look into my soul or find something he lost. I was doing the same. I was searching and searching for something but I didn't know what I was looking for. It was like I was lost. I got lost in his eyes. Those eyes that are so deep ad full of mystery and secrets. How I wish I could unlock them.

"Bella??" Laurent waved her hand in front of my face. Breaking our connection. I suddenly felt empty. I wanted to connection back. Wait. What am I saying??

"Yes??" I asked, finally looking at her.

"I called your name twice now." She said with a smirk. "What... who were you staring at??" She looked in the direction I was occupied with a moment ago. "Edward?? You were gazing at Edward??" she asked.

"No. I wasn't."

Edward POV

"Bella?? You were gazing at Bella??" she asked me with big eyes full of excitement. They were so different from Bella's chocolate colored eyes. Alice's was open. You could see directly to what she was thinking.

Bella's eyes held secrets. Secrets that I want to discover. I want to be able to look into those eyes and see what she was actually thinking. Looking into those eyes for that immeasurable moment was... incredible. "no. I wasn't." I defended myself.

"We all know you were." Rosalie said. "Eddie is going all googly-eyes on Bella."

"No I wasn't!!" I growled softly.

The bell rang and I walked away swiftly away from the questioning eyes of my siblings. That is just uncomfortable.

Emmett POV

We all had Trigonometry except Edward. He had Biology and guess who his lab partner was... Bella!!!

I wonder if they would stare at each other again. That would be hilarious. I wish I could be there. I would ruin the moment. Emmett style...

No. Now, it's safe to think of a way to get pay back.

Just then as we were going to our seats, there was an announcement. "The finalists for the Auction a Date Ball are: Jessica Stanley, Lauren Mallory, and Isabella Swan!!! Congratulation. The stalls are now open to lucky men who want to auction for the three beautiful candidates. Thank you."

Maybe I should also get Edward a date. Mmmm. Perfect. The perfect Edward Cullen, pays $500.00 just to be able to date the lucky... Jessica or Bella?? Who??

"Alice??" Jasper shook Alice lightly. She was having a vision, then she was practically bouncing on her seat with excitement.

"What did you see??" I asked her.

"Emmett your brilliant!!" she praised me.

"I know but... for what particular reason??" I was confused. I wasn't doing anything out of the ordinary. I didn't decide to do anything differ... "What does Edward have to do with this??" I asked, suddenly excited myself.

"Everything." She smiled devilishly.

"What did you see exactly??" Rosalie asked. "What's with Emmett and Edward??"

"Emmett decided on how he will get revenge on Edward..."