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Auction A Date

Auction a Date Ball!!: One of the most imprortant events of Forks High!!! What if Edward didnt fall directly in love with Bella the first time around?? What if he was pranked first?? Will it be a wake up call instead??


2. Chapter 2:Starting The Prank

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Chapter2: Starting the Prank

Edward POV

I was now going to the one class that I don't my siblings with. Luckily for me, they can't ask me anything about what just happened earlier in the cafeteria.

It was just a short walk to the science building (my next class was Biology) when I saw someone on the seat beside mine.

Bella looked like she was rushing and having a hard time doing something. She kept her left hand on her hair pushing it out of her face while the other was holding a pen that wasn't moving. Maybe she was confused. I walked slowly near her. Even until now, I still kept my breathing intact. Her scent hit me like a bowling ball the first time I was in the same room with her- this very room. I've always thought that I would get used to the scent or it would slowly not mean anything for me but...

No. It still hits me like a bowling ball. It is never going to subside. And for some reason, I don't want it to subside?? It seems like it is a big part of how I know her and I don't want that to leave. What am I saying??

I silently walked and sat on the seat beside her and took a peak on what she was stuck in. I smiled it was the homework.

"It's chlorophyll." I said as I sat down to the seat beside her. She jumped at the sound of my voice. She must have been concentrating on the question.

"What??" she asked. Her voice was shaky. Her eyes were panicking and worried but as they settled into mine, they seemed calm just like when I look into her eyes.

"The answer... um... is chlorophyll." I said as much as I didn't want to break the contact of our eyes.

"Really??" she asked then sighed.

"What??" I asked. What was she thinking?? Why was she sighing? Was she sad??

"It's just that I spent the whole time debating whether the answer was chlorophyll or not." she said.

"Do you want me to help you??" I offered. Still swallowing the venom swirling in my mouth. I will not let the monster in me out. It's for my family, remember that Edward.

"You'll help me??" she asked.

"Why not??" I smiled and when I did her heartbeat skipped a beat. At the exact moment her heart stopped, I was extremely terrified. Was she afraid of me??

I helped her with her homework and she was writing as fast as she could but pleased somehow. This confused me.

The teacher came in and as he came in Bella was done. She looked at the paper proudly then looked at me with the sincerest of smiles and blushed a little then she admired her work again. She must be really happy and I was glad that I was part of the reason that she was.

We passed out homework and as soon as she passed hers, she gazed at me and I gazed back. It was like that lunch in the cafeteria. When it seemed we were looking for something that was hidden deep in our eyes.

The deepest of secrets waiting to be found but are hidden behind the thickest of walls. How I wish I could break those walls. That would make everything easier. I would be able to figure her out and maybe, possibly... hear her thoughts.

Then there was an announcement and the class was waiting to hear it. It was going to be about the ball, the unnecessary ball for the fund of the school.

"The finalists for the Auction a Date Ball are:" Bella looked away from my gaze and turned to the speaker in the classroom. "Jessica Stanley, Lauren Mallory, and Isabella Swan!!! Congratulation. The stalls are now open to lucky men who want to auction for the three beautiful candidates. Thank you." The announcement ended and then Bella blushed the reddest color I've seen on her.

Wait... WHAT?! Bella was joining that Auction?! I couldn't help but growl lightly though I didn't understand why I was so offended by this. It was her choice to join or not.

The teacher congratulated Bella and everyone- except me- in class clapped and cheered for her.

I felt my face frown. I was so confused. I didn't understand any of my emotions and how I was offended somehow by Bella's choice of joining this useless auction. She was practically selling herself for the night!!

My fists balled up at the thought of Bella selling herself. "Edward?? Is there something wrong??" Bella looked concerned for me but that didn't ease the tension that I was holding in.

"Edward??" she asked again. "Please say something."

"What do you mean what's wrong??" I asked in the calmest voice I could possibly do.

"Well, your hands are balled up and just a moment ago I could swear I heard you growl or something like that."

"There's nothing wrong." I said.

"You don't need to tell me. I understand that maybe, you don't trust me." She shied away from me, looking away. That softened my mood.

"It's not that I don't trust you... Wait. Do you... Trust me??" I asked, knowing that she didn't after all the ignoring and shouting I did to her. I was never ruder to anyone.

"I trust you." She whispered. "Why wouldn't I??"

"I've been so rude to you." I said.

"Well... I don't know why but I do." She looked at me and her eyes were telling me that she wasn't lying.

I really wanted to tell her but I didn't know what to say so instead I said: "I'm sorry that I can't tell you." I whispered looking down. I didn't deserve her trust. I want to kill her. I want her blood. Even now but I don't want to hurt her. I don't think I'm capable of that anymore.

"I understand." She smiled. "It's going to be okay." She reassured me.

"Ms. Swan, do you have anything to share to the class??" the teacher asked.

"No sir. I'm sorry." She said blushing slightly.

Alice POV

Flash. "Edward Cullen!!" the announcer said.

"What??" Edward glared at me then Emmett but hesitantly stood and looked at Bella. Flash.

Flash. Edward holding Bella tight in his arms. Flash.

Flash. Bella's head cuddled on Edward's chest. She closed her eyes looking content and happy and... thankful that Edward was the one she was dancing with. Flash.

"Alice??" Jasper shook me slightly. Oh my gaa!! Edward was going to win the auction a date with Bella!! This is going to be perfect.

I'm so happy I think I'm bouncing on my seat. If that happens, Edward could fall in love and be with her. Edward wont be alone anymore!!! He was going to be happy and complete!!!

"What did you see??" Emmett asked me.

"Emmett your brilliant!!" I told him with the biggest of smiles.

"I know but... for what particular reason?? What does Edward have to do with this??"

He caught on so fast. "Everything." I was having all of my plans for Edward rushing through my mind.

"What did you see exactly?? What's with Emmett and Edward??" Rosalie asked, totally confused.

"Emmett decided on how he will get revenge on Edward..." I explained.

"So who am I going to pair him up with??" Emmett asked excitedly.

"Bella." I said and he looked like he fully understood.

"Is he going to like the idea??" he asked.

"Nope but we don't have to tell him anything." I said. "In my vision he was completely clueless when his name was announced."

"Will he dance with her??" Rosalie asked suddenly curious.

"Yes and to me, he looked absolutely happy." I felt really warm for him. He was going to finally find someone to be with.

"Alice, you are so warm right now. You seem to love the idea." Jasper said. "You are also very impatient."

"Well, she still has to wait for one week."

"Yah but one week will be worth it. Can you imagine?? Finally, Edward will have someone to be with and he would be such a sourpuss when we all go sweet and stuff on Valentines or Christmas. He will never feel alone ever again."

They all seem to soften on the thought of Edward being happy and not alone anymore. I was really happy for him.

"Does he know that he will like this human??" Rosalie asked.

"No. He doesn't understand what he is feeling right now but he is softening up to her." I said. "At this very moment she will tell him that she trusts him. And he is very... touched??"

"Awww... Our Edward is falling in love." Emmett said with dreamy eyes.

"I am so excited." I was bouncing again. "How long before we can leave??"

"Did you actually ask us that??" Emmett chuckled.

"Oh yah... 6... 5... 4... 3... 2..." the bell rang.

Emmett POV

I can't believe Edward is going to find someone he actually would want to be with because of me. He better thank me for being the awesome person that I am.

"Should we line up for the stalls now??" I asked.

"No. we should do it on Wednesday." Alice said.

"So that I would know how much we need to beat the other admirers of Bella and from what I know, the people who are our biggest ‘threats' are Mike, Tyler and Eric." She said surely.

"I thought Tyler was for Lauren." Rosalie said.

"Me too. I thought they felt the same for each other." I said confused.

"No. Lauren feels that way about him but he doesn't. He likes Bella more than he likes Lauren, to him she is just someone to use." Jasper said.

"Oh." Rose and I said at the same time.

I saw Edward smiling and when he sat the stalls where the many boys are lining up for he suddenly frowned and balled up his fists. What was his problem??

Must block thoughts. I know!!!

I am so going to pick a fight with Jasper later. I said over and over again and started to sing Remember [English version] by BigBang (Korean Boy Group)

(ey!) Do you remember (remember . .)
Do you remember (remember . .)
Do you remember (remember . .) (ey!)

Edward looked at me. I think that just caught his attention never mind.

A love gone bad is a crazy thing
But how did it catch up to us (I wish it'd go away)
Sometimes it makes me question myself what did I get into (but that's what love would do)
Cause I, don't even know who you are no more
And I can't even pick your favorite flowers no more
And I remember when I knew you, even better than you knew yourself
(We both looked out for each other) For each other yeah~
(In this whole world there's no other) There is no other, no~
(What happened to our love that) Even if nothing changes I just want to remember ey~

He walked towards us and was eyeing everyone closely.

Remember when we fought for each other ( do you remember)
All we cared about was our love ( all we cared about)
Remember when the itty bit mattered
All that what happened to us
Do you remember?

Remember when we fought for each other ( do you remember)
All we cared about was our love
Now i remember (ey!)
One thing got in the (way!)
Let's go back to the (day!)
Do you remember?

Do you ever reminisce, of how excited you use to be (to see me)
And me the same with you, do you remember
(Couldn't taken it away from each other )
And now I call you & chattin' all night but now it's horror and it just ain't right, no~
We would let anyone and everyone get into our business
We tried to control this, whoa yeah~
(We both looked out for each other) For each other yeah~
( In this whole world there's no other - - what happened to our love that) Even if nothing changes I just want to remember ey~

"Is there a problem??" he asked.

"Nope." Alice said cheerfully and skipped away.

Remember when we fought for each other
All we cared about was our love ( remember when~)
Remember when the itty bit mattered ( oh hoh~)
All that what happened to us
Do you remember? ( Do you remember? Oh~)

"Not really." Jasper left too.

Remember when we fought for each other
All we cared about was our love
Now i remember (ey!)
One thing got in the (way!)
Let's go back to the (day!)
Do you remember?

You use to be my partner
We use to be a team now I'm livin' in the real
While you're livin' in a dream
You use to be my queen
I use to be your King
You use to go to bed with me and we was livin' happily

He looked at Rose and she just walked away flipping her hair. Oh shoot. Im all alone and I have my next class with him.

Now actually
I was on TOP of the world
And along side of me, at the top was my girl
And our whole change come like Fall to December
If even nothing changes, I just wanna remember
( i wanna remember~)

He didn't ask me. That made me calmer. We walked to Spanish class now.

Remember when we fought for each other (i wanna remember girl)
All we cared about was our love (all we cared about)
Remember when the itty bit mattered
All that what happened to us
Do you remember? (do you remember?)

Remember when we fought for each other (use to fought for each other)
All we cared about was our love ( heyy hey~)
Now i remember (ey!)
One thing got in the (way!)
Let's go back to the (day!)
Do you remember? (ey!)

Do you remember (remember)
Do you remember (remember)
Do you remember (remember) (ey!)

"If your done singing Remember now, can you please tell me what youre hiding??" Edward asked.

"What am I hiding??" I asked innocently. "And big bang is absolutely a really good group they harmonize."

"I didn't say they weren't." He looked away. "What was that??"

"What was what??" I asked.

"Why was everyone blocking me out?? What are you guys hiding from me??" he asked. He looked terribly hurt.

"I don't know." I said. "Just keep out of it. Im sure they'll let you in when they're ready."

"What about you??" He looked at me. "Wont you tell me??"

"No. Im sorry."