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Auction A Date

Auction a Date Ball!!: One of the most imprortant events of Forks High!!! What if Edward didnt fall directly in love with Bella the first time around?? What if he was pranked first?? Will it be a wake up call instead??


4. Chapter 4: Different

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Author's Note:

This is my first fan fic so go easy on me.

Please review so I can see what I can do to improve the story.

I hope you like this.

Disclaimer: I don't own anything Twilight!!!

Chapter4: Different

Edward POV

Today was... different. After looking into Bella's eyes that lunch time, my world was flipped upside down. My siblings have been constantly blocking me out. I was out of their circle. They all were all hiding the same thing and I had no clue on what it was. They don't even stay around me for long anymore.

In the car, they were quiet but in their heads, they were busy. Alice has planned her whole wardrobe for three months; Jasper was wondering on what how to beat Emmett in a wrestling match; Rosalie was thinking about what to do with her hair; and Emmett was singing BigBang Songs in Korean.

They have been doing this since we've met after my Biology class with Bella. Maybe that has something to do with why they were acting so weird.

"If you guys are being weird because of Bella and I talking, you shouldn't worry or anything. I can control myself." I said to end the silence.

"So you think we're all ‘weird' because you talked to her??" Alice said, looking shocked.

I was about to defend myself when she thought about my conversation with Bella on trust. As I saw us from a different perspective, I saw that I looked sad after the announcement. I was frowning but after she reassured me that I didn't need to tell her anything because she thought that I didn't trust her, I looked soft and... loving?? No. It can't be loving, it definitely wasn't. It was trusting. Yes, I felt trusting of her.

"Edward??" Emmett said.

"Yah??" I couldn't believe what was going through my head.

"You look like you've just realized something." He grinned but I didn't want to mind him anymore.

Alice stopped thinking about it the moment I stopped the car in front of the house. They all ran in the door and to their rooms. They are really trying hard to keep this from me. Sigh.

"Edward, can you come here please??" Esme asked.

"Yes??" I asked as I walked to the living room where she was standing and looking curious and worried at the same time.

"Do you know what's wrong with your brothers and sisters??" she asked. "They just ran to their rooms without even greeting me."

"Sorry Esme." They all called.

"I don't really know mom. The are hiding from me too."

I was sad that they were hiding from me. We never hid anything from each other that lasted long. It would usually last for a day or two but that was it. I sighed. I just have to wait then.

I then heard Emmett and Jasper talking about playing baseball. They were walking down the stairs and I ran to them. "Can I play too??" I asked.

"No." They said in unison. Ouch. "We want to play by ourselves. It's unfair with your mind reading and stuff and I want to... um... run faster than you so I have to practice. Emmett added.

I didn't push it farther. I just took a step to the side and gestured for them to go and they did. When they got out, Alice and Rosalie were going down talking about what to do with their nails and Rose's hair. They left too... Esme was in her room designing houses again.

She was thinking about how to solve my problems. She wanted me to be ‘in' with them again, she felt... pity for me. I don't want her pity.

I ran to my room and locked the door. I tuned her out with ‘Welcome to My Life' by Simple Plan. I had something to tune her out with but my biggest problem isn't her pity, it's me. My thoughts are always going to my siblings, secrets and...

Bella. I was thinking about her and those gorgeous deep brown eyes. I'm confused. I didn't understand how I could be possibly think of someone this way. Everywhere I go, everyone I turn to, I see her.

Now, I was listening to loud music: ‘Breaking the Habit.' By: Linkin Park.

I had to fall
To lose it all
But in the end
It doesn't even matter

How I wish that I could just stop thinking about Bella. It would make everything easier. But no matter how confused I am now, when I remember her reassuring me that everything will be alright, it seems that way to me.

I closed my eyes on the thought of her trusting me so easily. I didn't deserve it but I... want her to trust me. I want it so bad that I feel like I could do anything and everything just to deserve it.

I wonder what she was thinking about. Was she thinking about me too?? No. She isn't. But I would like to imagine her doing so.


I couldn't wait to see Bella today. I got to school and I was practically bouncing. I couldn't hide it no matter how hard I tried. My siblings could definitely see it and they were all thinking the same thing: "Bella".

I left my siblings looking for ‘other company' but she didn't seem to be here yet. I couldn't find her scent anywhere. I felt my face fall and the warning bell rang. I walked as fast as I could without getting much notice to my first class, which I had with Rosalie.

I was nervous of what Rose would be thinking. She could really torture a guy with her thoughts but she didn't seem to mind me a lot. She was admiring her nails it was blood red with black tips.

As I relaxed, my mind started to wander. I was thinking about whether Bella and I could be friends... Impossible. That will never happen but, I cant help myself but hope that it would. If being her friend was the highest kind of relationship I could have with her then I would take. Sigh.

I took my next two classes with Jasper. He didn't mind me much too. He kept himself busy but trying to remember his human life.

After those classes, I decided to just skip all the classes before lunch. That gives me two hours to think of what I was going to do.

I know that I should not be trying to talk to her. I shouldn't be thinking of her. I shouldn't be constantly wondering if we could be friends because that was impossible and it could hurt her.

I ended up in my car drowning myself with Linkin Park, Paramore, Muse and surprisingly BigBang... I played all the loud music I could find. I needed to forget about my problems and relax but I couldn't.

I couldn't help but think I would just end up hurting her. I don't want to but it wouldn't leave my mind that I would make a big mistake that I would regret forever.

Twenty and a half songs later...

Maybe I should just go up to her ad ask her if she wanted to eat with me. No. That would be too sudden and unexpected for het. I don't want to frighten her but she has a reason to be. I am different from her.

I could lose control, I could hurt her... I could kill her. We were too different to be together in anyway.

Oh how I want to talk to her right now. I want to have a long talk with no fights. I want a conversation like yesterday, full of reassurance and trust. I almost forgot that I was not like her... almost. The thought of talking to her made my stomach twist and turn.

Feeling this way only happened when I thought about Bella. This feeling is definitely different.

I heard the lunch bell ring. Oh shit.

I slowly left the car and walked to the cafeteria.

Author's Note:

There we go!! Chapter 4!!!

I hope you liked it.

I really got writer's block writing this.

I don't hate it but I could have done better.