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Mongrel by Awsomealice94 Jacob kissed Bella Bella broke her hand And Edward has just found out One-Shot in Edward’s point of view of when Bella made that phone call to him once Jacob drove her home (during Eclipse)

Disclaimer- characters, settings, and all of that jazz belong to one person and one person only-Stephenie Meyer

1. Mongrel

Rating 5/5   Word Count 3589   Review this Chapter

Trees flew by on the sides of the highway as I drove.

I glanced warily down at the cell phone that was on the passenger’s seat. Bella was supposed to have that with her…it was her only connection to me-and now it was completely meaningless.

She was in La Push-naturally. That idiot of a dog, Jacob, loved when she was there. Not just because she was there with him, but that Alice couldn’t see her and I couldn’t be anywhere near her.

I considered going over the border once I realized she forgot the cell phone…I was close, too. But in the end I dismissed the thought-Bella was happy visiting La Push, and I wasn’t going to stand in the way of her happiness again.

I had no idea what she was doing with that adolescent teenage flea bag-and as much as I hated to admit it, that bothered me. I needed to get out of the house, to free my mind. That was why I was driving on the highway, pushing eighty miles per hour.

The tail-wagger didn’t even try to hide the fact that he was falling for her. No, instead he liked to scream the fact in his head just for me to hear-and how lovely it was.

I wasn’t worried…all of his hormones fantasizing in his empty head didn’t bother me a bit. Bella loved me-I knew that. I trusted her on choosing the right person-and so I was un-ruffled by a mere child having a crush on the women I loved.

So why were my hands gripping the steering wheel so tight that I was threatening to break it into a million pieces? My breathing was heavy as I tried to calm myself. It seemed like heat rolled down my back in hatred, even if I was ice cold. I was angry and annoyed at the pup, and I was frightened for Bella.

If something happened to her, there was no way I could get to her. I was especially worried now with the vampire in Seattle and the Volturi. I knew what I would do in the end though-I would cross the border line and break the treaty to save her.

My cell phone started to vibrate in my pocket. I picked it up quickly, glancing at the caller I-D briefly before flipping it open, sighing in relief.

“Bella?” I asked, relieved that the caller ID had said her name. She was okay, and she was out of La Push. My grip on the steering wheal loosened up and I caught myself smiling because of how elated I was.

“You left the phone,” I explained to her, “I’m sorry, did Jacob,” my smile lessened as I said his name, “Drive you home?” Charlie wasn’t planning on going down to La Push, so it must have been the dog.

“Yes,” she sounded angry, “will you come and get me, please?” she asked me. My smile returned,

“I’m on my way.” I made a sharp U-turn and started towards her home. She still sounded angry, and upset. “What’s wrong?” I asked her.

“I want Carlisle to look at my hand. I think it’s broken.” She explained. I frowned. I was infuriated-she thought her hand was broken? I covered the phone while I growled. I fought to compose myself, but it just made my voice sound demanding.

“What happened?” I asked, my grip even tighter around the wheel than before.

“I punched Jacob.” My eyebrows furrowed together. I had a smirk on my face for only a second-the kid had it coming.

“Good,” I told her, “but I’m sorry you’re hurt.” Finally, she saw how horrible he was-I was a little pleased. I was not expecting her to say that she punched him-but that suited me just fine. That four legged animal would have the same punch in his face when I could get to him, though it would be magnified by vampire strength.

She laughed once-it sounded hysterical, “I wish I’d hurt him,” she sighed in aggravation, “I didn’t do any damage at all.” before I could stop myself I told her,

“I can fix that.”

“I was hoping you would say that.” she agreed. That took me even more aback-this wasn’t the normal Bella. What had he even done to get her this angry? I was suddenly wary now-did I want to know?

“That doesn’t sound like you,” I shook my head once, “what did he do?” I squeezed my eyes shut before opening them quickly- I was still driving.

“He kissed me.” she growled. I was sure my eyes were as wide as could be, my mouth open in shock. No- I was wrong. He wasn’t a dog…he was a pig.

My eyes now narrowed, and my teeth clenched together with a snap. I took in a breath of air through my nose sharply and let it out. My foot hit the gas pedal-now making the Volvo go to a hundred. I tried to compose myself, but I couldn’t help the flooding of every curse word I knew coming out of my mouth, too fast and too low for Bella to hear.

“Is the dog still there?” I asked her, finally.

“Yes.” She said grimly. I punched the dash board-leaving a dent. I would fix that later.

“I’m around the corner.” I promised her, and then I couldn’t keep myself together any more. I flipped the cell phone shut and threw it in the seats behind me.

I could kill him…yes it was a definite possibility-but I don’t think committing a murder in Forks would help any. Not with the chief of police in the same house.

I knew his mind…yes that was something he always forgot about when it came to his stupid little pranks. I knew this was war from the beginning he showed a lot of interest in her. But, just now, he had taken ‘war’ to a whole other level.

He would want me to come in the house, rip down the door, and try to kill him. He wanted me to be angry…but I wasn’t going to be. I would hide it-and I would make him disappointed.

I was afraid Bella was in pain-and the quicker I got her to Carlisle, the better. I pulled up the curb of her street-going from a hundred to zero. There was a squealing of breaks as the car protested. I took the keys out and slammed the door shut.

“How’s your hand?” Charlie asked from inside. Charlie’s thoughts were pleased…of course they were. Jacob’s were even worse-he was giddy, just waiting for a fight. Too bad there wasn’t going to be one.

“It’s swelling.” She muttered in dismay. I cursed under my breath- but I kept it together as I walked up to the front door.

“Maybe you should pick on people your own size.” Charlie said to Bella.

“Maybe.” She shot back-the anger was not completely gone from when we last talked, there was a grim smugness in her voice though.

I knocked on the door and waited for Bella to answer. “Let me see.” I held out my hands gently for her injured one.

I was careful to hardly touch her-a little pressure and I could cause her pain. Years of medical school told me it was without a doubt broken. My teeth clenched together,

“I think you’re right about the break.” I nodded. She must have really punched the dog in order for it to get this bad-he wasn’t that hard. “I’m proud of you. You must have put some force behind this.” She nodded,

“As much as I have.” she sighed, “Not enough, apparently.” I kissed her hand as gently as I could.

“I’ll take care of it.” I vowed. She didn’t need to worry about that hound anymore. Making sure my voice wasn’t harsh, but nice and strangely smooth and menacing, I called into the house.

“Jacob.” I addressed him. Charlie stood up now, afraid for the kid. At least he knew that I was more likely to win a fight.

“Now, now.” he warned. I glanced up at Jacob-he was very eager for a fight. I hid a smirk.

“I don’t want any fighting, do you understand?” Charlie looked at me meaningfully.

He was right to think that I would make the first punch-but it wasn’t going to be today. “I can go put on a badge if that makes my request more official.” I fought to roll my eyes but kept up my act,

“That won’t be necessary.”

“Why don’t you arrest me, Dad?” Bella asked, “I’m the one throwing punches.” She pointed out. I put my arm around her waist.

Charlie’s eye brows raised, “Do you want to press charges, Jake?” he turned towards the werewolf. I knew either way Charlie wouldn’t arrest his daughter anyways. Jacob re-played the kiss in his mind, all for me. I fought to stay out of his head, but the yelling was more than I could stand. My nostrils flared, as I read his mind. It was obvious Bella didn’t want to be kissed anyways. It really showed how intelligent he was.

“No,” Jacob grinned, “I’ll take the trade any day.” I grimaced. How badly did I want to hurt him right now….

“Dad, don’t you have a baseball bat somewhere in your room? I want to borrow it for a minute.” Bella crossed her arms, carful of her hand. She was even more hostile than I was now…that would change if I wasn’t acting.

“Enough, Bella.” Charlie warned. I could see the parental tension kicking in, and Bella’s hand was really swelling. Plus, the stench of werewolf was un-bearable.

“Let’s go have Carlisle look at your hand before you wind up in a jail cell.” I told her, trying to keep my voice as light as it could be. I put my arm around her shoulders and guided her towards the door.

“Fine.” She sighed, leaning against me. We were on the sidewalk when Charlie hissed at Jacob,

“What are you doing? Are you crazy?” Jacob just wouldn’t give up the fact that I wasn’t going to fight. He was still hopeful, his head full of things to try and provoke me.

“Give me a minute, Charlie.” Jacob told him, “don’t worry-I’ll be right back.” Was he ever so confident…

Fido started to follow us, and I completely ignored him as I helped Bella put her seat belt on in the Volvo. Then I turned to face him. Bella’s heart started to pound anxiously and Charlie was debating on grabbing his badge or not, peeking in through the curtains.

Jacob crossed his arms casually and waited for me to speak; he was ready for a fight. I made my voice soothing, smooth as I could. He was wondering why I wasn’t about to kill him, so I explained. “I’m not going to kill you now, because it would upset Bella.” I heard her snort in the car. I turned to look at her,

“It would bother you in the morning.” I assured her, brushed her cheek lightly thought the open car window. I turned to face him again, choosing the correct words carefully.

“But if you ever bring her back damaged again-and I don’t care whose fault it is; I don’t care if she merely trips, or if a meteor falls out of the sky and hits her in the head-if you return her to me in less than the perfect condition that I left her in, you will be running with three legs. Do you understand that, mongrel?” I asked him. It wasn’t a bad threat…Jacob rolled his eyes.

“Who’s going back?” Bella mumbled. I continued to talk to him-not mentioning anything that Bella had just said. She added more coal to the fire than I ever would repeating that.

“And if you ever kiss her again, I will break your jaw for her.” my voice remained deadly as I finished my promise.

“What if she wants me to?” Jacob challenged arrogantly.

“Hah!” Bella shook her head in disgust. Now I rolled my eyes at him,

“If that’s what she wants, than I won’t object.” I shrugged-as if that would ever happen. I thought back to the re-play of the kiss in his mind, “you might want to wait for her to say it, rather than trust your interpretation of body language-but it’s your face.” I added. Jacob grinned, knowing that I had seen the images in his mind.

“You wish.” Bella grumbled. Jacob pictured the kiss over and over again,

“Yes, he does.” I murmured in disgust. Jacob started to scream in his head,

“Well, if you’re done rummaging through my head,” he said annoyed, “why don’t you go take care of her hand?”

He was deeply annoyed with the fact that there wasn’t going to be a fight here…and he was upset that he didn’t see how I could foil his plan by reading his mind and doing the exact opposite of what he hope for. I had to get my point across clearly before I left for home,

“One more thing,” I told him slowly, “I’ll be fighting for her, too. You should know that. I’m not taking anything for granted, and I’ll be fighting twice as hard as you will.” I would win this-and he would lose.

“Good,” he growled, “It’s no fun beating someone who forfeits.” He shot back. I raised my eyebrows,

“She is mine.” I lost control-my voice definitely had hostility in it. A werewolf wasn’t going to take the women I loved away from me-I was sure of that. “I didn’t say I would fight fair.” I warned.

“Neither did it.”

“Best of luck.” I told him sarcastically.

He nodded, “yes, may the best man win.” He sneered. He was hiding a smirk-he thought he was so clever. I refrained from rolling my eyes at him again. He actually thought of himself as human?! He wasn’t man. He was man’s best friend.

“That sounds about right…pup.” I grinned. Jacob didn’t look at me then, but at Bella. He knew he lost this round.

“I hope your hand feels better soon. I’m really sorry you’re hurt.” Bella turned her face from him. I walked around the car and got in my seat, putting the keys in the ignition. I pulled out of the driveway and slammed on the gas once we were out of sight from Charlie.

“How do you feel?” I asked her.

“Irritated.” She grumbled.

I laughed under my breath, “I meant your hand.” She glanced down like she forgot all about it. I could tell she was hurting though-it didn’t look good. She shrugged,

“I’ve had worse.” I thought back to last spring and cringed,

“True.” I agreed, frowning.

I pulled into the oversized garage, hearing Rosalie and Emmett fixing his car. Once I parked the Volvo in-between Carlisle’s car and the Vanquish, I helped Bella out quickly.

Emmett was holding up the car while Rosalie tinkered with it underneath. With nothing to do, he watched Bella and eyed her broken hand.

Man…what did she do to herself this time? She wreaks too…Bella’s always funny when it comes to her falling…

I shot him a look, only when she doesn’t hurt herself badly when she falls he added.

“Fall down again, Bella?” he asked. Bella shot him a furious and serious look-it was rather comical on her face.

“No, Emmett. I punched a werewolf in the face.” She told him.

She punched a wha-?

Emmett blinked twice before almost dropping the jeep on Rosalie from laughing so hard. I shook my head once, pulling Bella towards the house and away from them.

She’s already showing signs of hostility towards werewolves and she isn’t even a vampire yet! Rosalie thought. Uh-oh…before I could stop her-

“Jasper’s going to win the bet.” She said smugly. Emmett stopped laughing, remembering how much he bet against a lower number of people. Jasper had bet high towards Bella’s death toll…it would make him feel better. Emmett didn’t think she had it in her.

“What bet?” Bella asked curiously, pausing. My eyes widened as I shook my head at him-where Bella couldn’t see. I gestured for him to say nothing of it. I pulled her along,

“Let’s get you to Carlisle.” I tried to hurry her.

“Edward.” she grumbled, protesting and wondering why I was acting this way.

“It’s infantile.” I shrugged-I didn’t want her to know but she wouldn’t give up. “Emmett and Jasper like to gamble.” It disgusted me-who would bet on how many people Bella murders within her first newborn year of being a vampire?

“Emmett will tell me.” she tried to look back at him but my arms locked her in place. Emmett would surely make it sound worse than it was…though that was hardly possible. I sighed, giving in to her stubbornness.

“They’re betting on how many times you….slip up in the first year.” Even that sounded horrible.

“Oh.” She tried to hide the horror on her face, “they have a bet about how many people I’ll kill?” she asked, understanding.

“Yes.” I admitted, grimacing. “Rosalie thinks your temper will turn the odds in Jasper’s favor.” I explained.

“Jasper’s betting high.” She stated.

“It will make him feel better if you have a hard time adjusting,” note to self-kill Jasper, “he’s tired of being the weakest link.”

“Sure. Of course it will. I guess I could throw in a few extra homicides, if it makes Jasper happy. Why not.” She was hysterical. My arms tightened around her,

“You don’t need to worry about that now. In fact, you don’t have to worry about it ever, if you don’t want to.” I tried to get her to change her mind again. Bella groaned-and I hurried her to Carlisle, she must be in a lot of pain.

“Carlisle, could you please look at Bella’s hand?” I asked, knowing that he was in the living room, watching the news next to Esme. There was more news on the attack in Seattle-the more the story unfolded, the more it sounded like an uncontrollable new born.

Did she really punch a werewolf in the face? Carlisle asked me as he nodded, getting up. Alice ran to get his bag, and Esme got up and walked towards us.

I nodded once to him. He was shocked, but didn’t show it. “Bella, how are you feeling?” he asked her as I let go and Esme took her and sat her down on the couch.

“Its swelling,” she shrugged, “it hurts but I’m okay.” She assured him.

“Do you want a glass of water, sweetie?” Esme asked her, kissing her forehead. She shook her head.

“No thank you, Esme. I’m alright.” She smiled. Esme nodded. Carlisle took Bella’s hand and looked at it. Alice came down with his bag and set next to him. Then she walked and stood next to me. We locked eyes.

You seem tense, are you okay? She asked. I nodded.

Edward-if I would have seen Bella getting hurt I would have- I interrupted her thoughts,

“No, you can’t see werewolves-it wasn’t your fault.” I said it too quickly for Bella to hear. Carlisle and Esme looked up for a second but didn’t say anything.

What did he do to have her punch him? I know she can have a temper-but she isn’t violent. Alice thought.

I gulped before answering, “He kissed her without her consent.” I told her. Alice hissed, her eyes bulging.

What vile rotten garbage! I ought to- Alice began. I shook my head once,

“It’s already taken care of-I’ll explain it later.” I told her. She crossed her arms-having a new hatred towards Jacob Black. Esme’s thoughts were just the same,

He kissed her? Out of all the horrible things to do! No wonder she punched him! It is a wonder how she didn’t do more. I nodded again. Carlisle was studying Bella’s hand,

“Your hand is broken, Bella. There is only one tiny fissure in one knuckle.” Carlisle came to the conclusion.

“Wonderful.” She sighed.

“You would probably be fine in a brace-but only if you promise to keep it on.” He warned her.

“I promise.” She jumped on that idea. I knew she didn’t want a cast. Carlisle smiled and chuckled,

“Alright.” Carlisle worked to fit a brace to her right hand, making sure it was precise. I moved from behind the couch to pacing in front of her. She winced one or two times-and I was afraid she was in pain. I hope she isn’t…I can’t stand when she’s in pain and I can’t fix it. Carlisle kept working and she cringed once.

“Bella, are you sure you are okay?” I asked her, not being able to help myself.

“I’m fine-you can sit down, you know.” She rolled her eyes. I sighed and sat down. But when I was sure she had to be in pain, at least from her expression, I jumped up from my seat again,

“Bella, you can tell us if you’re in pain.” I reminded her.

“I know that, Edward. But I haven’t yet, have I?” I sighed again and sat back down. Something was bothering her…but I couldn’t understand what. I looked back at the news and realized that it was most likely the Seattle situation. That was a whole other problem all together.

Carlisle continued to work on her hand, and I continued to worry-but for more reasons than one.