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Rebel Seeking Cause

Who is Garrett, really? Learn how he became a vampire, how he was enlisted to witness for the Cullens, and how he and Kate fell in love. Banner by the ridiculously talented Iris Messenger

This is my first Twilight fanfiction! I'm really excited to write it, please R&R! I fell in love with the character of Garrett, and with his and Kate's relationship. I wanted more about him, and figured I would get it, even if I had to write it myself.

1. Prologue- Recollections

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I walked along the dirt road, looking at the serene fields that stretched out for miles before me. Other people of my kind would have given me looks mixed with confusion and amusement for my slow pace, and, don’t get me wrong, I loved the exhilarating feeling that a good run gave me, but I wanted to take everything, and I mean everything, in. I wanted a chance to let it process. Despite my extensive travels, I seemed to gravitate toward here often. It felt like home to me, and in reality it wasn’t too far off the mark. I’d been born in Maryland, a few hundred miles north of here. But it was here that I’d felt the most at home. Generally, vampires say their memories of human life are hazy, distant. But my memories of this place were the clearest of my entire life, human, or not.

I’d fought here, in this very spot. I’d proven here that my country was more important to me than my life. I’d risked the ultimate sacrifice, and I’d nearly had to make it.


My human life had ended hereon this very field. It had been a particularly ferocious battle. Casualties on both sides skyrocketed within the first hour or two. My regiment had grown tired of the violence, but we dutifully fought on. For the first time, hope had surged through me as the redcoats weakened before our weary eyes.

Then, I froze. My stomach was pierced by the strongest pain I had ever known up to that point. I was bleeding internally, externally, everywhere. Dizziness and pain claimed me as I fell unconscious, relief flooding the one conscious part of my brain until that, too, succumbed to the cloud of darkness.

I didn’t sleep for long.

I was woken up by a pain that was astounding. Everything was clouded to me, except the pain. No, that was crystal sharp. My first thought was that I’d been left for dead; that the bullet to my stomach was getting worse, getting infected. But it wasn’t just my stomach that was searing. From the tips of my fingers and toes to my very core, I was in agony. Nothing was comparable to that sensation.

For three days, I lied there. For a while, I feared I had been sent to Hell, and my punishment was to lie in torturous immobility. But gradually, the pain ebbed away. Only a fierce ache in my throat remained. Slowly, I regained full consciousness and control. I sat up. Expecting a difficult process, I gasped when my abdominal muscles lurched me forward, launching me over the lever that my legs made and making a startling, yet painless landing on my knees.

I had never felt stronger than I did at that moment. I could see everything. Hear everything. My senses were heightened to an unbelievable extreme. My muscles pulsed with unused energy. I was nowhere near anything reflective, so I was blissfully ignorant of the change in my appearance as I headed to the makeshift hospital. As soon as I walked in, however, a colonel whom I recognized gasped.

“Did you face some sort of head trauma, soldier?” His strained voice was friendly, but with no hint of recognition. I figured he hadn’t remembered me, or maybe I was horribly disfigured.

“I’m not exactly sure, sir.” My voice rang of a bassoon, deep and sweet. Suddenly I caught a whiff of his scent. It was tantalizing. I was completely unable to control myself, and I found my neck straining, my legs spanning the distance between us in a few long strides. I lunged for his jugular vein and tackled him to the ground. I drank his blood furiously. It was the best thing I’d ever tasted. Nothing was as important to me as draining every vein in his body. With amazing luck, no one else was in that area of the tent, and everyone was completely preoccupied with the dying soldiers lining the makeshift cots. As I was reaching the end of my first meal, a young, strong hand gripped my shoulder.

“Come with me.” hissed a strained, yet calming voice. I could find no reason not to follow this man, and the growing alarm at what I had just done rose up within me, as my eyes darted wildly around the landscape the strange man had pulled me into.

“Run. Follow my lead.” He said in an impossibly low voice. I noticed that the hand that was now grabbing my forearm was deathly pale, but also that the alien arm that I seemed to control was the same shade. My alarm grew, but I had no choice but to follow the man through the forest. I ran, disbelief clouding my mind as I did. It wasn’t humanly possible to run this fast. But yet, the trees weren’t a blur as I passed them. Instead, they were clear, more defined than any trees I’d ever seen before. I would have been awed if I weren’t so terrified at what was happening to me. Finally, the man’s pace slowed. I slowed too, to keep pace. We reached a small clearing in the forest, and taking his cue almost subconsciously, I stopped. I expected to be breathing hard, but my breath was the normal, habitual intake that I was used to.

Finally, I turned to look at the man who had led me here. He was ridiculously handsome. His young face was solemn, curious. The rest of his body was as pale as his hand had been, aside from the dark circles under his eyes. That was the least surprising part about him; dark circles may as well have been part of the patriot army’s uniform. He didn’t smell delicious. As soon as that registered, shock and confusion flooded back to me. What kind of monster thinks thoughts like that?

The alarm that had had momentarily paused to give way to curiosity bubbled back up, filling me as my face became wild with fear. Who was this man? How did I know he hadn’t come to hurt me? Did he see my vile deed back at the hospital? Was he disgusted, angry, ready to dole out revenge? I was considering my options, fight or flight, when he calmly held up both his hands in a gesture of peace.

“I come in peace, friend. I only want to know why you’re here, and what business you have hunting in my hospital.”

“I don’t- I can’t- I’ve never- I have no…” I trailed off. Words escaped me, and the immediate reaction I had was to fall gracefully to the ground, shoving my face in my hands.

“Do you know…” He seemed to be searching for words. “Do you know… what you are?”

What did this strange man mean? I looked at him questioningly. A look of realization washed over his face, and he gestured to a small pond about fifty yards from where I’d collapsed. I sprung up, with a little too much ease, and walked slowly to the pond, mildly afraid of what I’d see. As I approached the pond, I grabbed two fistfuls of my hair, as if to prepare for fighting whatever monster I would see in my reflection. At first, when I reached the shiny blue surface of the pond, I thought that the man had been following me, and what I was seeing was him. A fraction of a second later, I realized that the man staring up at me was different. Though they were both blond with short military style hair, there were a few differences. This man, while also handsome and pale, was taller, his face was longer. And, his eyes…

I leaned closer. Was I seeing things? His eyes were a bright, blood red. Our jaws dropped simultaneously. With that, a flood of realization hit me. I whirled around to face the man who had brought me here.

“Is that… me?”

“The reflection? Yes.”

Yet again, I collapsed, deliberately, onto the grass, covering my face with my hands. Through my palms, I choked out the quietest of whispers.

“What… what is happening to me?”

The man drew nearer, compassion and understanding softening his features as he sat down a few feet away from where I was sitting.

“This… will come as a bit of a shock. Is this… the first day you’ve… felt like this?”

Instinctively, I knew what he meant. “Yes. After three days of horrible pain. The last thing I remember before that is getting shot in the stomach. I thought I was going to die.”

“What’s your name, son?”

“Garrett.” I replied slowly.

“My name is Carlisle, son. I’d like to help you if I can. I think I can help you to understand what’s going on…”

It had taken the better part of a day for Carlisle to explain to me what was going on. Even longer for him to convince me to give up the cause I loved. Heartened by my new strength, I had originally planned to rejoin the army under a different name. Carlisle convinced me, after much urging, that I would probably do more damage to my side than good. Grudgingly, I began to see his point. The bloodlust that accompanied my new state of being was almost unbearable. The scent of fresh blood, without even the thin cover of skin would drive me far wilder than the scent from miles away that was almost constant. So I satisfied myself with selecting redcoats for my meals. I tried to do it inconspicuously, as Carlisle had explained that we tried to keep our identities secret. I picked off the highest ranking officials I could find and prayed it would help my fellow patriots.

Years passed, and gradually, I grew used to my new existence. I even began to enjoy it. I had always made friends easily, and it seemed to be amplified by my vampire form. I kept in friendly contact with Carlisle and his growing family, and a few others as well. The thirst was less all consuming, more and more tempered by my small pangs of guilt every time I drank. I tried not to focus on the split second of their reactions, and instead gave myself over to my thirst. I never hunted women or children; the old fashioned chivalry of colonial males was far too ingrained. I only had two regrets: one, that I never found a family I fit in with completely, (I toyed with the idea of joining Carlisle’s family, but I doubted I could handle vegetarianism) and two, that I never discovered who my creator was.


I was so absorbed in my thoughts that I didn’t notice two familiar scents. It wasn’t until I saw Rosalie’s strained face and Emmett’s without his goofy grin that I realized I wasn’t alone.

“Garrett.” Rosalie forced a small smile as she nodded a greeting. Emmett clapped me on the shoulder. “We need your help.”