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Rebel Seeking Cause

Who is Garrett, really? Learn how he became a vampire, how he was enlisted to witness for the Cullens, and how he and Kate fell in love. Banner by the ridiculously talented Iris Messenger

This is my first Twilight fanfiction! I'm really excited to write it, please R&R! I fell in love with the character of Garrett, and with his and Kate's relationship. I wanted more about him, and figured I would get it, even if I had to write it myself.

2. Chapter 1- Family.

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You need me?” I was surprised, confused, and even a bit flattered. “You know I would do anything for you, for your family. But I have to wonder, why would a family with seven able bodied vampires, some with various abilities, need help from a normal man like me?”

“Eight, actually.” Rosalie corrected me softly. Emmett answered my unspoken query nearly immediately.

“Edward found himself a woman.” The proud, brotherly glint in his eye was unmistakable.

“Great, I’m happy for him! She a looker?” I really was happy for my lonely friend, although I felt a twinge of jealousy.

“Of course. You know how picky Edward is. Even for a vampire, she’s hot!” At Rosalie’s scathing look, he corrected himself. “Gorgeous, I mean. Nothing compared to Rose, of course, but still.”

I nodded, being polite but not quite agreeing with Emmett’s statement. Rose had never done much for me, aesthetically or personality wise. I mean, I prefer blondes, and she’s good looking, but her face is haughty, delicate perfection. Even though I know that she, as a vampire, was probably perfectly hardy, I couldn’t help wondering how long she’d last on an adventure with me. In addition, I had little patience for the vain, slightly superior vibe she gave off. But nonetheless, she was one of the Cullens, my favorite family of my vampire friends, and the one that had done the most for me.

“Anyway,” I reiterated, “Eight able bodied vampires, what could you possibly need me for?”

“Actually,” Emmett admitted slowly, “Bella is part of the problem.”

The confusion I’d felt at the unfamiliar name suddenly morphed into realization. Bella must be Edward’s new mate. The realization deepened. New must be the key.

“Ahh,” I nodded. “Newborn damage control?”

Emmett snickered, but Rosalie was clearly not amused.
“Bella is doing extraordinarily well. She ignored the sent of hikers close by on

her first hunting trip. Obviously you wouldn’t be able to say the same. Now, we have a lot of people to track down, and very little time. Can you please just go to our home? Edward and Bella are there, they’ll explain everything.”

The favor I was doing the Cullens was embittered by her demanding, haughty tone, but it wouldn’t stop me. I relished the chance to repay them in any small way I could. I would just avoid Rosalie while I was doing whatever they needed me for. I raised my eyebrows rebelliously, just a hint, and Emmett gave me an apologetic look and a shrug as he and Rosalie climbed into his Jeep. He called a hearty “See you soon!” as they sped off into the distance.

I began running, a fairly upbeat pace, as I headed toward the nearest airport. I saw little use in owning a car. I was rarely in any hurry to get anywhere, and on the rare occasions I was, I would “borrow” a car, or just run top speed to some airport or train station. Plus, I enjoyed the feel of dirt beneath my feet, and the obvious scenery changes when I walked or ran. Mostly, I felt perfectly suited to the nomadic lifestyle. Freedom was important to me. I just wondered sometimes if a family would be worth giving it up.

Sometimes I wondered why I’d never ended up living with the Cullens. While neither Esme nor Carlisle had ever given me an express invitation, I’d always gotten the impression that I was perfectly welcome to stay. However, I’d never felt exactly like they belonged. I would always be the odd man out in their family. The longest I’d ever stayed was a week. Still, I loved every member of the Cullen family, even Rosalie. And I’d always had a sort of talent for relating to people, so they liked me too.

Carlisle was like a father to me. There was no other way to put it. My human father had left before I was born, so I had nothing to compare with Carlisle, no emotional guilt at replacing him. Carlisle was the first vampire I knew. I would do anything for him.

Esme reminded me so much of my mother that I’d adopted her as a sort of second one. Her concern for how I was doing, and whether I was lonely touched me in a way that most manly men are afraid to admit.

Alice was like a sister to me. She made me laugh with her antics, and she was adorable in every way. I would even have been attracted to her, had she not shared the same sort of frou-frou quality that the other women in her family displayed.

I honestly didn’t know Jasper very well. But I could appreciate a quiet man. I’d known enough good ones in my time. And I admired the resolve in him to take care of his woman and his family.

Emmett and I really clicked. We were similar on so many levels. Both of us loved a challenge, both of us loved to laugh and joke. I’d found a friend and a brother in the playful monstrosity.

Rosalie… irritated me. I had never felt very close to her, and her haughtiness annoyed me to no end. But she was still part of the family I loved, so I loved her too, in my own way.

I felt as though I could really enjoy Edward’s company, given a better opportunity. While he seemed to be strangely formal, he still enjoyed cars and hunting the way his brothers did. I never seemed to get to spend much time with him, and his obvious loneliness put a damper on his livelihood. I was glad he’d found a mate.

But what kind of a mate would put seven powerful vampires in danger?