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Rebel Seeking Cause

Who is Garrett, really? Learn how he became a vampire, how he was enlisted to witness for the Cullens, and how he and Kate fell in love. Banner by the ridiculously talented Iris Messenger

This is my first Twilight fanfiction! I'm really excited to write it, please R&R! I fell in love with the character of Garrett, and with his and Kate's relationship. I wanted more about him, and figured I would get it, even if I had to write it myself.

5. Chapter 4-Misunderstandings

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The gratitude that the Cullens showed was getting to be overbearing. Every time I passed Edward or Bella, or anyone else in the Cullen family, their admiration and thanks obvious in their expressions. Aside from Alice and Jasper, that is. I haven’t seen them at all, which is surprising. Alice, at least, has always made her presence known, usually in a big way. I asked Edward about it, and he looked so miserable that I quickly dismissed the question and walked away.

That’s actually fairly unlike me. I’m generally altogether comfortable in situations with anyone, strangers or friends, relaxed or tense. According to Carlisle’s theory, that’s the ability that I brought with me to be enhanced from my human years. I can’t physically change the environment the way Jasper can, but my social skills serve me just about as well in some situations. The situation with Edward was virtually the first time I felt so uncomfortable in a situation that I needed to get out of it. The second came later the same day.

We were getting restless. Vampires, especially me, aren’t used to being cooped up together with little to do. It’d only been two days and already I had pent up energy that I needed to release. Emmett, as if in answer, to my unspoken desire, walked out of the door of the large house and grinned at me.

“Up for a wrestling match, Garrett?”

“You took the words right out of my mouth.” I replied, excited to test my strength against this bear of a man.

If my reflexes weren’t fast and highly attuned, I would have been tackled to the ground with the force of an avalanche. As it were, I positioned myself to grab him and wrestled him to the ground first.

“Oh, got a few tricks up your sleeves, do you?” Emmett half growled good naturedly, rolling over to pin me to the ground.

“You might say that.” I managed to get my feet flat against his pelvis, and shoved upward with all my might. I’d learned that one from a Brazilian vampire who I’d met on a trip to California. The effect was just as I’d desired, his weight flipped him over his shoulders, landing him on his back and taking me with him.

Emmett grunted. I knew I’d inadvertently taken it to the next level. There was no more time for chatting; Emmett meant business. We thrashed violently on the ground for several moments.

Both of us sprang to our feet, and our battle turned to one of agility. I evaded him as he charged toward me, intending to attack from the back when he was past me. He surprised me though, whirling around to meet my right hook. He grabbed my wrist and yanked, and within seconds I was flat on my back and Emmett was standing over me, grinning. I was about to jump up and resume the match when I heard laughter. A woman. I looked up, bewildered.

A woman was standing a good fifteen feet away from Emmett and me. She was breathtaking, even for a vampire. Dirty-blonde hair fell to her statuesque shoulders. She was tall, a fact that was emphasized by that I was still sprawled out on the ground. She held her head confidently, a feature that I’d always found especially attractive. Laughter was still on her lips, making them curve upward in a radiant smile. The most pressing matter, though, was that she was walking toward me.

“Welcome back, Kate. How was Alaska?” Emmett called cheerfully, his mood lightened by his recent victory. Damn him.

“Everything I expected. Sometimes you just need a good bison. Who’s your friend?” She looked at me, smiling mischievously. Of course, this is the woman who has to see me looking like an idiot.

Before Emmett had a chance to say anything, I stood up and brushed myself off, then extended a hand toward her.

“I, uh, I’m Garrett.” I stammered. God, since when do I stammer?

“Kate.” She replied amiably. She locked eyes with me. God, I could look into those eyes forever. With a jolt back to reality, I realized with a small start that her eyes were golden. She was unmistakably a vampire. Her smell (such a heavenly smell) confirmed it without a shadow of a doubt. But she was the mysterious type of vampire that hunted animals. Bison. Of course, dummy.

I realized the silence was getting uncomfortably long. Before I knew what I was doing, exactly, I choked out the first words I could think of.

“So, bison?”

“Pardon me?” She looked at me, bemused.

“You like bison?” I clarified, uncomfortable.

“Oh. Yeah, it’s one of my favorites. So, human?”

I blanched. Was she disgusted at my diet? Was she only interested in “vegetarians”, as Carlisle called them? As I forced myself to look at her, I saw only amusement and playfulness. I forced out an uncomfortable laugh and nodded sheepishly.

“Kate, where’s Eleazar?” Emmett’s voice jarred me back to earth. Eleazar? I stiffened. Personally, I thought the more important question would be ‘Who’s Eleazar?’.

“He’s inside, doing some research that none of the rest of us understand.” She laughed fondly.

I was lucky Edward wasn’t around to hear what I was thinking, because at the moment, what I was thinking was that I wanted to kill this Eleazar.

Without a proper goodbye, I turned sharply and ran to the forest. As I turned, I saw Kate’s face. Confusion and, was that pain? were painted on her features. I wanted to stay. I wanted to tell her it was nothing against her. Actually, what I wanted to do was take her into my arms and kiss her fiercely. But I couldn’t. All I could do was escape.