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Rebel Seeking Cause

Who is Garrett, really? Learn how he became a vampire, how he was enlisted to witness for the Cullens, and how he and Kate fell in love. Banner by the ridiculously talented Iris Messenger

This is my first Twilight fanfiction! I'm really excited to write it, please R&R! I fell in love with the character of Garrett, and with his and Kate's relationship. I wanted more about him, and figured I would get it, even if I had to write it myself.

6. Chapter 5- Repairs

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I cursed loudly and kicked a tree. It splintered and toppled over as if it was a toy. It was the third tree I’d destroyed standing here. After I realized that it didn’t make me feel better and had probably destroyed several animal habitats, I picked up a rock and pulverized it effortlessly. What I really wanted to do was hit my head against it and actually feel the pain. I deserved it, for being so stupid. Kate was a beautiful, confident woman. Why wouldn’t she already have a lover? And she seemed intelligent, no doubt he was perfect. Stable, and able to take care of her; not to mention probably a vegetarian. It was probably better this way. I didn’t even know who this woman was. It was probably just infatuation. She probably had some horrible trait that-

Who was I kidding? I would want her until she gave me a reason not to. Apparently already having a lover didn’t count. I didn’t mean I wanted her, either. Not for one inconsequential night. This woman was special. I wanted to laugh with her, go running with her, show her all the places that I loved. But I’d never have her. She was already his. That bastard. I’d never met him, but I hated him anyway.

Enraged again, I leapt up and pummeled yet another tree. After I felled it, I continued to throw punches and kicks until it was a pile of dust.

“I’d appreciate it if you didn’t destroy our entire forest, Garrett.” The voice was calm and amused, but it was the last I wanted to hear in the world. Aside from Kate, maybe. I turned to face him. There was nothing to hide from this man anyway.

“Edward.” I nodded a greeting. I tried to hide the anguish from my face, and then realized it was pointless anyway. The man could read my thoughts, after all.

“I’m just going to cut to the chase, Garrett. Kate and Eleazar aren’t involved.” Edward told me, mischief glinting in his eye.

For some reason, I couldn’t process, this for a minute.

“Hold on, what?”

“Eleazar’s mate is named Carmen. But Kate is in their family. They’re all very close, but Kate is single.”

I was so filled with relief that I let out a strangled laugh, then hugged Edward.

“You’re just full of impulsivity today, aren’t you?” Edward’s smile was slightly mocking but pleasant nonetheless. And I couldn’t hold anything against a man who’d just made me so happy.

“I really don’t know what came over me. I just couldn’t handle it. I was afraid of what I’d say if I stayed.” I admitted. He could hear it all anyway, and it made me feel better to say it. “Did Kate… Is she alright?”

“She’s mostly confused; a little offended, but you can rescue it.”

“What does she…?” I started, but Edward cut me off.

“I don’t betray secrets. Find out yourself.”

“I figured you’d say that. But thanks anyway. And Edward?”

He waited expectantly.

“I’m sorry about everything that happened to you, and Bella. And I really appreciate that you would take time to comfort a crazy lovesick puppy.”

Now he grabbed me by both shoulders and looked me square in the eye.

“Garrett, I would go through this every day for the rest of eternity if it meant I got to spend them all with Bella. She’s the most important thing to me. And you’re like a brother to me, why wouldn’t I want to help you find that? If I can do anything for you, just let me know.”

There was nothing I could say to thank him for that, and thankfully I didn’t need to say anything. I looked at him levelly, and nodded my thanks.

“Now go win your woman.”


I jogged lightly back to the house, in no real hurry to get back, but it was still-light years faster than any given human could run. As I ran, I thought of plausible excuses. I considered a million possibilities before I thought of one that was believable and didn’t make me sound like a saint. If I had to lie, it wouldn’t be to better myself in her eyes. I promised myself these would be the last words I spoke to her that were untrue.

Nearly as soon as I made it back to the Cullen’s property, I saw her. She was chatting with a petite brunette vampire with hints of an olive skin tone and a man with similar coloring, but who towered over the two women.

I slowed to a walk and strode over to join them, attempting a façade of confidence. I smiled at the two strangers and introduced myself. They responded with subdued smiles and the man told me that their names were Eleazar and Carmen. I chatted for a moment, realizing that I liked them after all, and then turned to Kate.

“Kate, do you mind if I talk to you for a moment?”

Kate hesitated, indecision in her eyes, but with an encouraging nudge from Carmen, (I really liked this woman.) she followed me to a spot under a tree about twenty yards away. I suppressed the urge to place my hand on the small of her back as I led her to the spot I chose. It wasn’t inconvenient, but it would give us privacy if Carmen and Eleazar had the decency not to listen too hard.

“I am so, so sorry that I left so rudely. I… caught the scent of a human and instinct took over.” The embarrassment wasn’t false even if the words were.

“Funny, I didn’t smell anything.” Kate’s voice was relaxed, but I saw doubt in her eyes.

“I guess maybe it’s because I’m used to hunting humans.” My voice quavered at the beginning, but confidence grew as I thought of an explanation that she might buy.

“Your eyes don’t look any redder.” Kate’s eyes narrowed with suspicion as she studied me. The feel of her eyes on my face was burning and lovely and terrifying all at the same time. I was glad, not for the first time around her, that vampires couldn’t blush.

Garrett, focus. I silently told myself. I met her eyes, and the next thing I told her was not only not a lie, but the truest thing I’ve told anyone in a long time.

“I don’t want to be a monster anymore. I don’t want to be a slave to my instincts. If I could wrench myself away from hunting when the scent was so strong to me, I could do anything.”

The suspicion was gone from her face and replaced with understanding. Then, to my surprise, she smiled.

That,” She pointed her finger at me lightly, “Is why I became a vegetarian.”