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Jane One-Shot Challenge

What is behind Jane's cold, satanic exterior? Could she really be a "normal" vampire underneath it all? Or is she simply just a cruel being? Jane One Shot Challenge Banner


1. Chapter 1

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Jane’s POV

“Dearest Jane, please come here.” Aro’s voice broke through my silent meditations.

“Yes, master,” I responded, careful to keep my sarcastic tone subtle. I had to remember to be careful. I could not afford to be too out of line today.

Being Aro’s pet could be such a pain.

For that was what I was. I had been young when I was changed-barely 16. The only reason behind my change was that I looked similar to what his sister had once looked like. He thought that maybe my innocent exterior would make his home in Volterra a brighter place. My eye rolling was instinctive at this point, there was no denying that the man was going senile.

After I was apparently not a bright little ray of sunshine, he made me more of an experiment. He discovered my little power and decided to make me his weapon. Now my days were spent being the subject of irritants-emotional and physical. Humans would call it abuse. But it didn’t keep me captive the way it did mortals. It only royally pissed me off. And in response to this, I was encouraged to use my gift. Something I had originally been against. But if I wanted to keep living, I had to fight back.

You see, when I was “trained” as Aro called it, I was physically attacked. My hands were held behind my back by a significantly stronger than I. Felix had learned not to volunteer for this, not if he wanted to avoid the pain of my skill. But there were the shields, who made it impossible for me to hurt whoever was holding me. Then there would be someone else. Someone who would hurt me unless I tortured someone-either another vampire who had become a liability to our race, or a human who was going to be turned.

Because of this…torture…I had become sadistic towards everyone else who was outside of the control of the Volturri. They had freedom to do anything, as long as it didn’t bring us upon their doorstep. How lucky were they, that they had the freedom that I so much desired? But any of my colleagues were merely slaves to our three leaders. We were either pulled into this after our change or were fooled into joining the ranks.

And we would never be able to say anything to anyone on the outside. We were all miserable. They tyrannical rule that those Cullens had spoken of when we visited were correct. Inside of the minds of our rulers, there was only thoughts of conquest and domination. They had figured it out without being here. Carlisle had not been here for very long, and had not seen all of their thoughts. But that mind reader of theirs had. Someday they would rise against us. And if they stood a chance, I know that I would just stand to the side. As would many of the others in this situation.

But for now I was stuck in my position. A weapon and pet for my masters. I could not leave the ranks, or I would be killed. Knowing this made me colder by the day. So much more than I ever was before being turned. I like to think of myself as a rose. Once soft and beautiful, but able to defend myself, I was trapped in a frost. Withering, wilting. Dying, but somehow still surviving. And it wasn’t fair.

I made my way quietly into the tower room. I knew what was coming.

“Well, Aro, let’s get this over with.”

And so my torture commenced.