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When Edward leaves Bella in New Moon he doesn't know that he's condemed her to live for all of eternity. Jacob and the werewolves get Laurent but what happens when Victoria was closer than anyone thought? Bella becomes a vampire and is found by another coven of vegetarian vampires whot take her in and teach her. But what happens when the Cullens come back to the rainy little town of Forks thinking that Bella is dead? What will Bella's reaction be? Read to find out!! Sorry I kind of suck at summaries. Hope you enjoy!!! Please review or comment. I am in curently need of a banner and it would be a huge help if any of could make it. Just comment and tell me if you would like to.


1. Prolouge

Rating 4.5/5   Word Count 887   Review this Chapter

The wind blew my hair around my face as I stared at Victoria her fire red hair and her cat-like stance. She smiled at me, a dark smile full of victory. I knew that I had lost but I had to try.

“I don’t know why you’re here but Edward isn’t here anymore. He left me,” I whispered knowing that she could hear. My voice cracked as I said his name.

“Oh?” Victoria asked her voice child-like. “I don’t believe you.”

“But it’s true. They all left, all of the Cullen’s. They left me behind,” I my voice rose higher as I spoke of my past family.

“I don’t care, really, that they left. It just makes things easier,” she said in her soprano child voice. “I never really liked you anyway. It’s your fault that my James was destroyed and I shall have my revenge even if he isn’t here to hurt.” She walked forward in her cat-like gait, the wind blowing my scent towards her. She sniffed the air and smiled.

“Now I can see why James wanted you and why Edward,” she said Edward’s name with a cold hard voice, “wanted to protect you.” I was starting to panic so I used the last safe thing I could say.

“The werewolves will not like it if you kill me.” My voice was firm as I watched her reaction. She paused.

“There are werewolves here?” she asked. “But I’ll be long gone before they know that you’re missing.” Then she sprang forward and pinned me too the ground. Her teeth had barely sunk into my neck before she was pulled off of me. I didn’t know what happened to her but I heard a voice above me and saw a woman- no a vampire- with long black hair leaning over me.

“It’ll be okay,” she whispered. “We’ll teach you our ways.” Then I drifted into unconsciousness one name dominating my mind. Edward.

It had been sixty years since I was changed into a vampire and my and my family was moving. Again. To make matters worse we were moving to the rainy little town of Forks in the Olympic Peninsula where my knowledge of all things unnatural began. My mother, Eliza, was very caring and is the creator of this little family. She had short dusky brown hair and topaz eyes like the rest of us. My father, Ian, had messy black hair and he was the center of this family even though my mother created it. My brother, Collin, had sleek brown hair and was very serious most of the time. He had a gift to tell when you were lying or not. It came in pretty handy sometimes. My sister, Hanna, had knee-length black hair and she was my best friend in the family. She had two gifts. One was that she could control whatever you did and that if she touched you she could see your past. She was the one who had saved me from Victoria and I was extremely grateful to her for that. She plays the piano and she taught me how to as well even though I break most of them when all the memories come flooding back. She and Collin were mates. Wren, my other sister, was a very hyper type of person. She could never sit still and she loved to shop. In some ways she reminded me of A-. No I couldn’t think of them. Wren could control people’s minds. Basically she could make you forget something but if you saw them again the memories would come back. James, my more playful brother, had messy red hair. He didn’t have any gifts but he was an experienced fighter and was extremely strong. Ironic what his name would be. He and Wren were mates.

I had a gift to. I can eject a shield around my mind so that no gifts that worked on the mind could work on me. We had gotten to Forks already and when we got to our new house I literally wanted to scream. I knew that Hanna was going to try and comfort me because she was the only one in this family who knew of my past as a human. There standing tall and majestic was the Cullen’s old house.

“We’re going to live here?” I chocked out. My mother nodded.

“Apparently the owners were vampires like us and they had just sold the house. I bought it a few hours later,” she explained. Now come on and let’s unpack. Then I can show you your rooms.” It took about thirty minutes to unpack everything. All of the furniture was still in the house and even the grand black piano.

“Now let me show you your rooms,” Eliza said walking up the spiraling staircase. Everyone got there rooms but me and there was only one room left, his room. Walking into the room I dropped all of my stuff instantly. There in the far corner was the black leather couch. I stood on the gold shag carpet. Everything was the same. This world was a cruel world.

“Thank you,” I whispered to my mother and then shut the door before she could say anything. I fell to my knees and cried tearless cries over my lost love and future.