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A Song of Thwarted Desire

Edward struggles to remain chaste before his wedding.

This was inspired by reading Victorian poetry, and is meant to capture the same darkly brooding feel that poetry from that era often had. Edward's pretty broody, lol.

1. A Song of Thwarted Desire

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O, Bella, Bella, understand,

To love you, I had never planned.

I feel the scarlet grip of lust,

But for your sake, my love, I must

Contain the fire within my loins,

And swelling that pollutes my groin.

I wish that I could ravish you,

To rend and pierce you through and through.

Your innocence is my despair.

And despite my ache, I couldn’t bear

To see you spent and tossed aside

Our love must wait ‘til you’re my bride.

Your flesh, your skin as white as snow

Remains that which I cannot know

Until our holy vows are said

And we retire to our wedding bed.

Until that time, I’ll hide the shame

That rises when I hear your name.

My love for you will only spring

When we’ve done the proper thing.

Until then, I must love myself

Though self-love can hurt one’s own health…

O, Bella, Bella, understand,

To love you, I had never planned.