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Jane One-Shot Challenge

My Entry for the Jane One-Shot Challenge. Her thoughts on life, leading up to this day. Read it, it's not as boring as it sounds =D


1. A Glitch In Time

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A Glitch in Time is what we are,

What we were,

And what we are to be.

Forever our age,

Forever the same,

Unchanging boulders in the society.

Hard as rock;

With the beauty of God’s.

A curse some say,

A blessing to the rest.

We are what we are,

Because of a kiss.

A kiss of Life,

A kiss of Death.

Death to the realm of the un-dead.

On the days when nothing is possible,

When the sun is too bright,

Too high in the sky,

No cloud’s in sight to give us a reprieve,

We sit.

We sit.

We sit and wait.

Wait for eternity to come.

But come it shall not,

For we are the same as we have been.

Forever here,

Forever the unchanged,

All of us.

We have never been normal us two,

Us two alike in blood and looks,

Mind and heart.

Two sides of a coin they said,

The devil’s hounds said others;

A thorn in his side, my father’s response.

Despite what you think,

I wasn’t always this way.

There was a time,

A time when even my mother liked my company.

A time when I was what I am,

A girl.

A fun loving girl.

A shy girl.

A beautiful girl.

A rich girl.

I was a girl.

A human girl.

One day was all it took.

One look.

One scream.

One Child.

One mother.

One mob.

If you asked me, then, whose fault it was,

I, of course, would have said mine.

It was always my fault.

Or so my father drilled into my head everyday.

Everyday when something broke,

Everyday when someone died,


Alec wiped the tears away,

For who would do it if he didn't?

He was my safe.

My harbour.

My constant.

He’s the only one who could possibly still know me.


Who am I now, I ask.

That one mob was all it took.

Their screams still echo, now,

Within the castle walls.

“Witches!” They screamed.

One pitchfork.




Too many to count.

She told us to run.

No matter what they said,

Who they told,

She was there.

She was her.

She wasn’t my constant.

She was my mother.

“RUN!” She had screamed,

When they had come,

Crashing through our door.

So for once,

We did what we were told.

Her dying wish was for us to run.

So we ran.

We ran.

But we were so small,

So fragile.

So helpless.

What could you expect from us?

We were only mortal.

He found us then,

Running through the village streets,

Tears streaming down my face;

Hard determination in Alec’s eyes.

An Ultimatum.

That was what he offered us;

A choice.

S tay and die a death saved for witches,

Or come with him and live.

They were different times,

You had a reassurance of people then;

Unlike now.

Where the evils of this world lurk in the darkened corners,

Waiting to catch you with claws when you fell.

Before, the only light was candle light,

Now the lights shine bright, blotting out the stars.

There were stars shinning that night,

The night that changed us all.

He ran with us.

But soon got tired of our speeds in minutes,

They were on our heels;

Pitch forks intact.


Torches of light strung high above their heads,

Leading the way for the rest of them,

The “Witch Hunters”;

Shouting terrible things I shouldn’t have heard.

He picked us up then,

Flinging us over his shoulders like two feathers.

The wind, It was cold; it whipped my face like never before.

So much anger.

So much hatred.

In the distance,

That’s when I heard it,

“The witches have gotten away!

Burn the witches’ mother instead lest stay!”


A funny thing.

Red as molten rock,

J ust as hot.

It consumes you,

If you’re not careful,

Pushing away the things that matter;

Filling you up,

Until there’s no way back.

If you let it,

It can be you’re companion;

But mistreat it,

And it can destroy you.

We had stopped.

The wind had stopped.

Time had stopped.






Too many emotions.

Slipping off the edge was never an option;

Until now.

Damp smells,

A scurry of tiny feet,

My surroundings.

“Sleep now young ones,

Sleep for three days,

The three longest days of you existence.

After, you shall be whole."


It didn’t strike me as off,


Months is what it took me,

Took me to realise that that one word,

That one word,

Didn’t. Mean. Life.

Existence meant something else,

Something forever.

Something living.


To this day I cannot shape its meaning.

I dreamt of existing,

That night.

The night he told me to sleep,

I was so tired.

So numb.


It had taken all I had.

I hardly felt the sharp pain to my neck;

But I felt its affects.

A scream.

A shout.

A gag.

A gouge.

All of these I did.

But most of all,

I held onto my brother’s hand.

He was there,

With me,

Feeling the same things I was;

For once it wasn’t just me,

We were in it together,

Both of us.


Three days was what it took,

Three long days.

The first three days of my existence.


It liked me now,

Illusion likes me too.

We work together.

We formed an alliance.

Those with which I feared so much,

Were now me.

I was them and they were me.

He trained me,

He pushed me.

He trained him,

He pushed him.

He trained us,

He pushed us.

But for Aro it was never enough.

I was never enough.

With each sigh,

A part of the Jane I was faded.

Is there a way to get her back?

Who’s to know.

But with every sigh I fade a little more.

These are the One Thousand words,

Of my Existence.

And all I know,


I am what I am

Because he willed it;

A Glitch in Time.