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Stories Of A Few Best Friends

Bella has the best friends in the whole world. At least, thats what she thinks. When the boys come to visit before the wedding, Edward is convinced that their trouble. The boys may be trouble, but their fun. And that's exactly what everyone needs.....

Dexter, Ted, Lucas, John Miller, Scary Mary, Scarlett, Monkey, Grace, Bendo and The Van all belong to Sarah Dessen, not me. I own nothing! Rated Teen to be safe. You never know what I'll feel like writing!

1. Introducing...

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I wonder if anyone has ever felt like I do right now. So lonely, even though you have people near you. So abondened, even though you have somebody right next to you.

That's how I felt this morning when Edward picked me up for school. Usually I'm ecstatic to see him, but today...I just wanted to stay home. Alone.

"Morning, love." He greeted me when I was in the car. I nodded in response, staring at the green we passed by.

He seemed to realize I didnt want to talk, and for that I was grateful. I didnt know why, but today I just felt...blah. I needed someone right now that I knew wasnt anywhere close.

But for some odd reason I felt like they were closer then they really were. We arrived at school in a matter of minutes, walking through the doors in silence. After homeroom, I went to my first class and sat in the back, silently, for that period.

Edward sat next to me in every class, not saying anything to me, much to my releif. It went on like that all day, until lunch when Alice broke the silence.

"What's up with you today, Bella? You're so quite. It's eerie." She pretended to shiver.

I rolled my eyes, and shrugged. I only wanted one person right now, and I was confused as to why. It just felt.....right, somehow.

"She's right, love. Are you feeling alright?" Edward asked, worriedly.

"I'm fine." I mumbled, my voice sounding hoarse from my lack of use today.

"If you say so..." Alice murmured, looking down at her tray of food in disgust.

We, or I, ate the rest of the time in silence. Silence seemed to agree with me today. But not Edward. And definatley not Alice.

When we went home, she lectured me the whole way, asking if I was majoring in mime in college.I snorted at that question, but shook my head anyway. She gave up, but Edward kept shooting me glances the whole way.

After he dropped Alice off, he drove me back to my house. He came in and helped me with my homework. I made a little effort to speak, trying to make him some what happy.

I made dinner for Charlie and we ate in silence. Basically my whole day was made up of Silence. After dinner, Edward helped me wash dishes and then I went up to bed. When Charlie was asleep, Edward came back and hummed my lullaby to me.

It was comforting.

Until the moment before I was about to drift off, my cell phone rang. I sighed as Edward got up and retreived it for me. I looked at the caller ID and almost screamed in relief. The caller ID said the most wonderful thing in the whole wide world.....


Dexter Jones, my best friend in the whole wide world. I've known Dexter since I was six. In first grade a boy named Paul was pushing me around on the playground, when these four boys I didnt know came over and helped me up.

One boy was very short with kind of curly red hair and freckles scattered acroos his face. Another had blond hair with blue eyes and was really tall. The tallest one had brown hair, like mine, and hazel eyes. Then, there was the boy that had actually helped me up. He had big green eyes and wildly curly black hair. He was pale, just like me, and was my height exactly.

Once I was up and dirt free, Paul had already disapeared. It was really hot that day and every kid in school was sweating. The boy that helped me up rolled his eyes when he heard some kids complaining about the heat to a teacher, asking if they could go inside. They all turned to me, the skinny, plain, silent girl and smiled.

"Hi," The boy with the brown hair said. "I'm Ted."

"I'm Lucas." The blond one smiled widely.

"John Miller." Said the redhead, grinning at me.

"And I'm Dexter." The one that helped me said. He put an arm around my shoulders and grinned a cheeky grin. "Guys, I think we have a new addition to the squad."

"Squad?" I asked, quitely. I didnt have very many friends and I wasnt sure I wanted to be in these boys group, no matter how nice they were.

"That's right. Were the Truth Squad. And you have just made the cut." Lucas told me, smugly. He seemed to think it was an honor to be in this 'Squad'.

"Whats your name?" John Miller asked me.

"Bella. I'm Bella Swan." I told them, louder then before.

"Bella. I like the sound of that. Alright, Bella Swan, you are our new best friend." Ted announced.

"Um...okay?" The way I said it, made it sound like a question. But for some reason, I began to feel oddly at ease with Dexter's arm over my shoulder.

Twelve years later, they were still my best friends. They had even come with me six summers in a row when I had visited Charlie. I had been through everything with them. I had turned into one of the guys. And, frankly, I never minded one bit.

The Truth Squad has always been the outcast group. We had no other friends in the whole school, but each other up until I left. When I left, Ted was dating a new girl we liked to call Scary Mary and John Miller was dating Scarlett Thomas, a teenage mother. Lucas had his eye on a German foreign exchange student and Dexter....was a very low maintnance guy.

He didnt ask for anything, because he really never wanted anything. Ever. Not objects, not people. At least not normal people. The Truth Squad was anything but normal. By the time we were fourteen we had turned into a band.

Well, the guys had turned into a band. I was their loyal groupie, considering I had no musical talent whatsoever. Ted was the guitarist and a very good one at that. Lucas was our key boardist, thanks to years of piano lessons. John Miller was the drummer, because, well, he couldnt do anything else. He got the hang of it eventually.Dexter did what Dexter did best.

He used his voice.

Dexter was our singer, our main man, our rock. At least in my eyes. To the guys, I was the rock. I held everything together. I was the smartest, acidemically to say the least, but when it came to everything else, Dexter knew everything.

Well, I liked to think he did.

There were never any restrictions to what we could and couldnt talk about either. We talked about everything. Sometimes, they even asked who I thought was hot. And every time I always said, Jack Simmons. The singer for Spinnerbait.

I always said this to irk the guys because if you ever mentioned Spinnerbait, the first thing that came out of John Miller's mouth was 'Hate Spinnerbait'.

Spinnerbait was a very popular band that everyone liked and always stole The Truth Squad's spotlight. It was irritating. I answered the phone after it rang a second time, not beleiving he was really calling me. And at midnight, practically. But it didnt surpirise me that he was calling, most of their band meetings were late at night.

The last time I had talked to them was the week after Edward came back. They were calling to ask how I was doing, if I was feeling any better. I told them everything, how he came back and that everything was perfect and it was the same as before.

Lucas and Ted were really happy for me, but John Miller and Dexter werent happy at all. John Miller was mad that I took him back because he hated seeing me so sad. Dexter was mad because he lost the bet.

They had a pool, I found out, when he would come back. Ted tried to make it sound like it wasnt so bad by saying they knew the guy couldnt stay away.

"Hey you." I smiled as I heard his voice come through the reciever.

I missed his voice a lot, I used to hear it everyday.

"May I ask what inspired this call?" I asked, trying to sound annoyed but failing miserably.

I glanced at Edward and he had an odd look on his face, and was sniffing the air suddenly. It was weird and I made a face letting him know that.

"Monkey missed you, he wanted to hear your voice."

Monkey was Dexter's dog, an old yellow lab. He was sweet and friendly and loved everybody. Ecspecially me.

"Well, I missed Monkey too. But I think Monkey isnt the only one missing me." I grinned.

Dexter and me were like peanut butter and jelly. Milk and cookies. Dexter and Bella. We went together, no matter what.

"I suppose I missed you a tad bit," he sighed. "But tell me you dont feel the same way."

"I never said that. I have no trouble saying I miss you, Dex." I laughed.

He was so illusive and just so weird, it was so frustrating at times. But not now.

"So, how's the family?" I asked, casually.

The Truth Squad was ultimately family. We were closer then ever and nobody, I repeat, nobody could tear us apart.

"Were hanging in there. I forgot to pay the electric bill last week. I had to convince' em to turn the lights back on. Let me tell you, it was not easy. It took time, money and The Truth Squad charm." He told me. I snorted at this bull.

Dexter thought he was such a charmer, when really he was spaztic.

"What are you talking about? Did your flailing limbs convince them you were light worthy?" I joked.

It was his turn to snort. Dexter was always moving, and always falling. That was another thing Dexter and I had in common. We were both always tripping, falling, flailing. Dexter was the flailer, I covered the tripping.

"Haha. No, it was my charming deminour and handsome good looks that won them over. I'll have you know that I have had sixteen dates exactly in the last two months." He announced, sounding proud of himself.

"Ah, really. Were they related to Scary Mary?" I asked, completely serious.

I heard the clanking of our van in the backround. When Ted got his license, we all chipped in and bought a rickety white van for The Truth Squad to ride in. Everybody but Dexter thought it was a peice of crap. Dexter was convinced it had character.

"No. Speaking of boyfriends-"

"Who was speaking of boyfriends?" I cut in.

He had a habit of changing the subject when he was on the spot.

"I was. Now, as I was saying before you so rudely interupted me, how's your main squeeze?" He asked, trying to sound intrigued.

Dexter was still mad that he lost the bet. Loser. But I then remembered something I had failed to tell Dexter. Edward wasnt my boyfriend. He was my fiance.

"You're such a loser, Dex. And he's great actually, and I have something I have to tell you, you're going to-"

"Hey, Bells. Do me a favor and go outside." He cut me off.

Go outside? What was that boy talking about?

"Outside? Dexter, what do you-"

"Just go, trust me. You're in for a surprise." He chuckled.

I rolled my eyes and proceeded to get up. I almost fainted when a cold hand shot out and grabbed my arm. I had forgotten Edward was there, I realized in astonishment. Everything was off today.

Edward was looking at me with confused eyes as he followed me down the stairs and outside. We waited a few seconds and I was about to tell Dexter I was going back inside, when a big whit van turned the corner into my driveway.....