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Stories Of A Few Best Friends

Bella has the best friends in the whole world. At least, thats what she thinks. When the boys come to visit before the wedding, Edward is convinced that their trouble. The boys may be trouble, but their fun. And that's exactly what everyone needs.....

Dexter, Ted, Lucas, John Miller, Scary Mary, Scarlett, Monkey, Grace, Bendo and The Van all belong to Sarah Dessen, not me. I own nothing! Rated Teen to be safe. You never know what I'll feel like writing!

3. Skank mouth

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"I dont know about you, but I refuse to carry Ted's crap inside." Lucas announced.

"Huffah!" Dexter and John Miller cheered.

"Not that again!" I whined.

About a year back, Dexter and John Miller were drunk when Ted dropped them off where I worked. They kept saying Huffah after everything I said and they were calling every body "Good man"

"I beleive were attracting a crowd, my good man!" Dexter sang to John Miller.

"Huffah!" John Miller laughed, drunkenly.

I rolled my eyes at this memory. They were so stupid. I helped Dexter and Lucas lug there stuff up to my room, while John Miller carried his stuff up alone. He only had like two bags. Once we got everything, I went back outside to find Edward.

He was standing on the side of the house, looking very unhappy.

"Hey." I said, quitly.

"Who are they?" He asked through his teeth.

"Couldnt you read there minds?" I asked, confused.

"No. That happens to be a trait passed through your little gang." He growled, waving a hand up at my window.

"Gang? Edward, whats your problem?" I hissed.

"My problem is that you were all over those guys!" He snarled. All over them? I hugged them, for gods sake!

"Are you jealous?" I asked, astonished.

"Perhaps your not the only one with human instincts." He nodded, eyes hard as he stared at my window.

"Edward, do you have any idea who they are?" I asked. He shook his head, angrily."Edward, those guys are my best friends! I've known them since first grade, there nothing but friends!" I exclaimed.

He looked at my strangely for a moment before nodding slowly to himself.

"Friends." He muttered. "Alright, friends. Good, okay. I'm alright now."

"Glad to hear it." I said, sourly. He picked up on my anger immediatly.

"I'm sorry I snapped at you, love. It was wrong of me." He apoligized, kissing my forehead.

I couldnt be mad at that face, who was I kidding? I forgave him, with a promise he would meet them all tomorrow as he dissapeared into the night.The Truth Squad and I stayed up all night, talking and laughing as softly as possible in the living room so we wouldnt bother Charlie.

"Why did you guys come? Not that I'm not happy you're here, I'm just curious." I asked them last night.

"Well, we knew your wedding was coming up soon and we thought it might be nice if you had your four best men there with you." John Miller explained.

"Ah, thank you guys! But my wedding isnt for a couple of weeks, how long are you staying?" I asked, getting anxious. I wanted them to be here for as long as possible.

"Until we get tired of you." Lucas shrugged, smiling as I swatted his shoulder.

"Actually, we got a gig down at a club in Port Angeles. Were playing every Friday night, the prime slot." Dexter announced proudly.

"Oh my god, really?" I laughed. "Thats so great, you guys have been trying to get Friday night for years! Usually they give it to Spinnerbait."

"Hate Spinnerbait." John Miller mumbled.

"That's another reason we came here, there's no Spinnerbait." Ted explained, getting up to get something to eat.

"You'll come see us right?" Lucas asked, hopefully. That was the dumbest question possible.

"Of course! I'm with the band." I grinned. "But I'm not helping you carry anything."

"You and Ted should start a club." John Miller grumbled.

"We'll meet Tuesdays and Thursdays." Ted called from the kitchen.

"We'll get jackets." I added.

"Haha, you guys crack your selves up, huh?" Dexter said sarcastically as Ted and I chuckled.

When we woke up, it was about ten o'clock, not too late. I had promised Edward we would come by around eleven, perfect timing. I got in the shower while the guys and Charlie ate downstairs.

When I was out, Dexter got in and then Ted and John Miller. I got dressed, throwing on a tee shirt and a pair of jeans. Funny, thats what the guys wore too. Except Dexters shirt said something about laundry detergant and mountain fresh.

"Nice shirt." I commented when I came downstairs.

"It's real classy, huh?" Lucas asked, rolling his eyes while he finished his cereal.

"It's got character, Luc. Something you know nothing of." Dexter said, gesturing towards Lucas's white tee shirt.

"Argue about your clothes later, were going to be late." I told them as we got into the van.

Ted drove and Lucas sat up front with him while Dexter, John Miller and I sat in the back with the drums.

"Hows Scarlett and Grace?" I asked John Miller. Scarlett was his girlfriend and grace was Scarlett's daughter, she had her in her junior year. Grace's dad died in a motorcycle accident before Scarlett found out she was pregnant.

"There great! You missed Grace's birthday, man was she mad! She turned three this year." John Miller told me. Scarlett was a year older then us, John met her at Jump Java, the coffee place he used to work at.

"That's great, John, I'm glad there good. Is Ted still dating Scary Mary?" I asked, ignoring the look Ted shot me from up front.

"Nah, she split about a month ago. She left him for Scary Jerry." Dexter chuckled.

"Scary Jerry?" I asked. This was news to me.

"Very Scary Jerry." Lucas told me while he fiddled with the radio.

"Terrifyingly Scary Jerry." Dexter shuddered.

"Piss your pants Scary Jerry." Ted agreed reluctantly. I

f Ted agreed, this guy was probably a freak show. I let it drop. After our Scary Mary discussion, we turned into the Cullen's driveway, per my instructions. The boys oohed and ahhhed at the big trees and Dexter talked about climbing them.

I snorted. He'd be the first to fall. After a few minutes of the twisting driveway, we were in front of the Cullen mansion exactly. You could see all the cars in the garage, you could see Emmett on the couch through the front window.

"Holy crap, Bella!" John Miller exclaimed as he hopped out the back doors and over to the porch. We followed him up the porch steps and I knocked softly. I knew that they knew we were here, this was just part of the show.

Alice answered the door in a hurry, smiling widely.

"Hi! I'm Alice, Bella's future sister in law. C'mon on in!" She chirped as she led the boys through the foyer.

All the Cullen's were assembled in the living room, watching the guys with great care. They all watched me too, searching from some inscentive on how I was friends with these guys.

"Um, everyone, these are my best friends from Pheonix, they came up for the wedding. This is Ted, Lucas, John Miller and Dexter. " I introduced them. "Guys, this is Carlisle, Esme, Emmett, Jasper, Alice, Rosalie and my fiance, Edward." Dexter waved at them like a spaz.

I rolled my eyes.

"Dexter? How did you get a name like that?" Emmett asked, trying to sound like he wasnt making fun of it. Dexter saw through it though.

"Ah, you mean, how the hell did that kid get a stupid name like Dexter? Well, I'll tell you." He sighed.

"That's all we ask." I muttered, sitting down nex to Edward on the couch. Dexter and Lucas sat on my other side, while Ted and John Miller got comfortable in the chairs.

"Well, you see, this story has a lot of heart wrenching emotion and head pounding drama, so-"

Ted cut him off.

"He's named after that short kid on the science show. What's it called?" Ted asked, John Miller.

"Dexter's Labratory." He told him.

"Way to ruin my story, Ted." Dexter mumbled.

"Dude, that story was ruined way before I cut in." Ted argued.

"He's right, Dex, it sucked as soon as you started." Luc agreed.

"Well, let's get Bella's opinion. Bella?" Dexter turned to me.

"Huffah." I muttered, thinking he couldnt hear.

"Ah, the fair Bella has spoken!" Dexter cheered, back to be being irritating.

"Huffah!" John Miller cheered with him.

"Oh, jesus." Ted mumbled, rubbing his forehead.

"Here we go again." Lucas groaned.

"Lucas, my good man! You and Sir Ted seem to be troubled!" Dexter boomed.

"I beleive they wish we would stop, my good man!" John Miller grinned.I then looked around at the Cullen's and saw amusment playing on all their faces. Well, Carlisle looked a bit worried and Rosalie seemed a little annoyed, but other then that.

Dexter saw I was looking around and realized there were other people here. He laughed at the glare I was shooting him.

"C'mon, Bell. You're impressed." He nudged my shoulder.

"Impressed with what?" I asked, raising a brow.

"That I have such a great voice!" he exclaimed, proudly.

"One of the best." I said sarcastically.

"One of? Only one of, not the best?" He asked, skeptical.

"Dexter, shut up. You're scaring these nice people, if I was them I would've left by now." Lucas told him, gesturing towards the pale faces in front of them.

"Sorry about Dexter, he was born obnoxious." John Miller apoligized for him.

"I don't know what you're talking about!" Dexter sounded apalled.

"Yeah, he's cool!" Emmett exclaimed.

"Thank you, someone with a good head on their shoulders!" Dexter laughed. Emmett and Dexter, sat on the floor, giggling about something stupid, like Dexter's hair.

"That kids weird." Rose muttered.

"Tell me about it." Ted sighed.

"You dont have to live with him." Lucas added.

"So, I hear you guys have known each other a long time." Thank you, some conversation!

"Yeah, we met in first grade." I smiled.

"Bella was being beat up." Ted exlained.

"We rescued her." John Miller added in a factual tone.

"You did not!" I argued, even though they so did.

"This mean kid Paul was pushing her around on the playground, right? So we come in and first thing Dex does is help Bells up. Ted, being the man of many expressions that he is, even at six years old, flipped him the bird and he shot across the playground, with his tail between his legs." Lucas told the story, grinning at me cheekily. I made a face at him.

"And you're a band, Bella said?" Esme asked, politely.

"We sure are, ma'am. The Truth Squad, we are." John Miller, the only one with manners, answered Esme.

"Are you any good?" Alice asked."Extremely." Dexter replied from the floor.

"Do you do covers or do you have your own songs?" Jasper asked. Jazz played the guitar in a former life.

"We have many of the same variety." Lucas hedged, glancing at Ted.

"We have an opus, of sorts." Ted explained.

"What kind of opus?" Carlise asked, seeming actually interested. None of them would answer that one, so I took the stage.

"A potato opus." I sighed.

"Potato?" Rosalie snorted, looking bored.

"Yes, potato." Ted said, defensive.

"It's shit." John Miller announced.

"Bite your tongue!" Dexter looked appalled. "You're starting to sound like Bell."

"What do you mean?" Edward spoke for the first time.

"Well, you know Bella's mouth." Ted shrugged.

"No, we really dont." Emmett grinned.

"Well, since you dont know..." Lucas laughed.

"Bella has a skanky mouth!" John Miller exclaimed.

"A very skanky mouth!" Ted agreed.

"Really?" Jasper laughed.

"Yeah, you should hear how she talks to Dex." Lucas smiled

"No, they shouldnt!" I argued.

"She's so mean." Dexter agreed.

"I am not, ever!" I growled.

"Whatever, remember that time she shoved Dexter into that elevator when it was closing and he got his arm stuck in it?" Ted chuckled.

"Or when she got his pants stuck in the escalator." John Miller nodded.

"Oh, or when she pushed him out of the van." Lucas added.

"What's so bad about that?" Rosalie asked.

"It was moving." Dexter told her.

"I was totally justified to do that!" I exclaimed.

"How do you figure?" He shot back.

"It was the day after our annual prank week, and when Dexter couldnt think of anything, he told everyone I was the biggest slut in the school." I explained to everyone.

"That's horrible." Esme gasped.

"She put naked baby pictures of me around the whole school!" He defended himself.

"After you told the pricipal you thought I was on drugs!" I nearly yelled.

"Yeah, that was way after you told the whole school I was gay!" He really did yell.

"Yeah, that was a good one." I chuckled. He stared at me for a second before he burst out laughing and pulled me off the couch.

I landed on the floor with a thud and I shoved him into Emmett. Emmett moved out of the way and Dexter hit his head on the hardwood. He sat up and rubbed the back of his head and mock glared at me.

"Did you guys get in trouble for any of that?" Alice asked in disbeleif.

"Well, they made me take a drug test." I shrugged.

"But I talked the principal out of doing anything else." Dexter stretched a little and leaned back against the couch.

"Dude, you cried." Ted gave him a 'What the hell look'.

"I had something in my eye!" He scoffed.

"For an hour?" Lucas raised an eyebrow.

"It was really in there." Dexter said unconvincingly."I'm sure." I rolled my eyes.

"Bitch." Dexter mumbled.

"Ass." I responded."Whore." He shot back.


"Here comes the skank mouth!" John Miller cheered.