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Stories Of A Few Best Friends

Bella has the best friends in the whole world. At least, thats what she thinks. When the boys come to visit before the wedding, Edward is convinced that their trouble. The boys may be trouble, but their fun. And that's exactly what everyone needs.....

Dexter, Ted, Lucas, John Miller, Scary Mary, Scarlett, Monkey, Grace, Bendo and The Van all belong to Sarah Dessen, not me. I own nothing! Rated Teen to be safe. You never know what I'll feel like writing!

4. Tales of a drunken Bella

Rating 5/5   Word Count 1853   Review this Chapter

"I dont have a skank mouth!" I exclaimed.

"New subject!" Ted decided.

It was quiet for a few seconds until Emmett asked, "So....got any stories about Bella?" He had a mischiovious gleam in his eye.

"Well, actually-"

"They dont." I stopped Ted mid sentence.

"No, no, I think we could come up with a few." Lucas waved my statement off with his hand.

"A few? I could come up with ten right off the bat!" Dexter chortled.

"Go on, go on." Emmett encouaraged them.

"No, please dont." I said through my teeth.

"Which should we tell first?" John Miller asked, looking innocent.

"I've got one." Dexter announced.

"Of course you do." I gave him a death glare.

"Alright, so, we had a gig at this club, Bendo, one night. Everything's going great until we realize, Bella's missing. On our break, we went to look for her and guess where we find her? She's outside the club, with the bouncer yelling at her and this guy's standing there rubbing his eye. Bella's looking a little tipsy, so I go over and put my arm around her to keep her from falling.

"The bouncer starts to tell me I'm not involved, get the hell out of here so I tell him she was waiting for me, and she gets cranky when I'm late. We asked the bouncer what the problem was and, here comes the best part. Turns out she clocked the guy, she slugged him." Dexter grinned.

"Shut up!" Emmett laughed, looking at him wide eyed.

"That's not all. The guy wants to press charges and bouncer's calling the cops. So Dexter makes the Bella sound like the sweetest girl to walk the Earth. He said 'Our little Bella? But she's not even ninety pounds, soaking wet.' The bouncer says something about needing to get back to the door, but Dexter's still standing there making Bell sound like an angel. The bouncer gets so fed up with Dex that he tells the guy to suck it up and he goes back to the door." Lucas finished the story.

"But not before banning Bella from the club." Ted added.Everyone started laughing, Emmett more then the rest. Dexter liked attention and this was a good enviorment for him to entertain. These were fresh minds, minds with no clue what my life used to consist of.

"Here's another one. Dexter and John Miller were completely wasted, they couldnt walk straight. Ted was supposed to bring them home, but instead, decided to take them to the salon where Bella worked." Lucas started.

"Salon?" Alice asked, eager.

"She was a receptionist." Dexter explained. Alice's face fell.

"Anyway, Ted drops them off, and I worked next store at the photo shop, so I'm watching the whole thing. Dexter and John Miller stumble into the salon, running into walls and falling down. All of a sudden, Dexter starts yelling 'We are attracting a crowd, my good man!' and John Miller is screaming 'Huffah!' at everyone. Bella's boss is yelling at her to get them out of there, so Bella grabs Dexter's arm and John Miller's hand and she drags them out to the parking lot.

"Once there out there, Dexter puts his arm around Bella, making them both stumble and he starts yelling 'Here we have Bella Swan' and he yells her number at all these guys. They all write her number down and start asking her out. Keep in mind, Dexter is still on her her shoulder and John Miller is climbing up a phone booth." Lucas explained.

"Guys were calling her for weeks." Dexter recalled.

"They still call me." I mumbled.

"That's why you get all those unknown name callers!" Alice realized.

"Got any more?" Emmett asked, referring to the stories.

"Oh, we have plenty. But we'll let you pick. Do you want to hear about the time Bella got in a fist fight with Jackie Coleman or the time her clothes got stolen when we went skinny dipping in the local lake?" John Miller asked.

"Skinny dipping!" Everyone chimed. Even Edward.

"Okay, so, it's Bella's fifteenth birthday and she's bouncing off the walls. She had like seven cups of coffee that morning and put like a half a cup of sugar in each one. She spent the night at our house-"

"You were fifteen and had your own house?" Rosalie asked, skeptically.

"Dexter's mom is filthy stinkin rich and paid him to get the hell away from her, so he bought a house. Ted's parents are pot heads so they didnt really care. Lucas's dad bailed when he was three and Lucas's mom had guys over every night, so she didnt miss him. And John Miller's dad died when he was ten and his mom was in some kind of depression group, she preffered to be alone." I explained.

"Anyway, Bella stayed the night at our place the night before and we had this huge junk food pig out thing. She crashed at like three in the morning and we woke her up at five. That's why she was hyped up on coffee. We spent the whole day at the lake and that night, Bella was again a little tipsy so John Miller dared her to go skinny dipping." Ted told them.

"She took all her clothes off and she dived off the dock. She was under for a few seconds so Dexter took that time to take all her clothes and hide them in the woods. She came out and was all like 'Where's my shirt?' We were laughing so hard and she was slurring and like 'What's soooo funny?'" John Miller laughed.

"It wasnt funny, at all. It was so cold, and I was wasted!" I argued. Alice and Jasper laughed and Esme and Carlisle smiled lightly. Emmett was cracking up and Rosalie was grinning at me across the room. The only one that wasnt smiling was Edward. He was glaring around the room. Oh no.

"Dude, you guys rock! You guys are my idols!" Emmett boomed.

"Now lets hear that girl fight one!"

"Okay, okay. So, it was the week after Dexter and Bella's pranks and this girl, Jackie Coleman, who was in all of Bell's classes was calling her a whore every time she saw her. So finally, Bella was like, 'What's your problem?' and Jackie was like 'You're, like, a whore, that's like my problem' and so Bella, punched Jackie in the face. Then Jackie, being the bitch that she is, slapped Bell across the face and then cries when Bella bites her. So the principal, pulled Bella off of Jackie and Bella was screaming at her 'I'm not a whore!'. It was freakin hilarious!" Lucas snorted.

"Maybe to you. I got suspended for a week." I grumbled.

"I wanna hear another!" Emmett whined. Dexter smiled, reassuringly at me.

"We have thousands, but there's only one out of all of them that are worth telling. I think Bell knows which one I'm talking about." Dexter told them, turning to me slowly. I thought about it for a minute and was about to tell him I had no idea when it hit me....

"No!!" I screamed, jumping at him. He laughed and scrambled away as I hit the floor.

"Dexter Sumner Jones! Don't you dare tell that story!" He smiled at me innocently from across the room, where he had run to.

"Fine, Bella. I wont tell them the story, I'll show them the video!" He called as he ran out the front door and to the van. Oh, shit!

"Dexter!" I screamed, running after him. Everyone came outside to watch our fight. I jumped on his back as he rummaged around in the van. He stumbled, but stood strong ultimately. He reached in one of our boxes and pulled out a video, laughing as he tried to shake me off. I tried to take the tape, but failed, his arms were way longer.

"Dexter, c'mon, please! This is so unfair that was one night!" I yelled in his ear.

"Hell no! Ted, catch!" He tossed the video at Ted and Ted ran inside and set up the video in the TV.

I screamed in frustration and jumped off Dex's back, but not before pinching the back of his kneck and grinning when he yelped. Everyone went back inside to watch the worst, most drunken moment of my life. I hid my face in Edward's chest.

"Here we go." Lucas sang clicking play on the remote. There we all were, sitting outside of Bendo, me totally hammered, Dexter trying to convince the bouncer to let us back in. Ted was filming us with his new video camera. We were so bored listening to Dex argue, that Lucas thought it would be funny to have me do another drunken dare.

"Hey, Bella," He said "I dare you to do strip gymnastics."

"What do you mean?" I slurred, resting my head on my knees.

"Do cartwheels naked." He told me simply.

"You're on." I mumbled, drunkenly. I stumbled a little as I stood up and took my shirt off. I proceeded to take my jeans off and everything else. Thankfully, Ted blurred certain parts of my body. I was complatly naked and I stood in the middle of the sidewalk, laughing uncontrollably. Dexter was still arguing with Adrian, the bouncer, when I drunkenly started to do cartwheels.

My coordiantion is a lot better when I'm drunk, as odd as that sounds. I got to the end of the sidewalk when dexter noticed me. He cursed loudly and gave the guys his finger as he ran towards me. He took his tee shirt off, and slipped it over my head, gently. I thanked him, giggling and he picked me up, bridal style.

He glared at the guys as we piled into the van. I couldnt wear my clothes beacuse they fell in the street and had oil and dirt all over them.

"That was soooo fun." I slurred, laughing. I was laying in the back, I had my head in Dexter's lap. He sighed and mumbled something about giving him a heart attack. I giggled a little and the screen went blank.

"Stay still, that's not all." Ted told us as another picture popped up. I was laying in Dexter's bed, fully clothed. John Miller came in and woke me up, shaking me a little.

"Bell, its four in the afternoon, you gotta wake up." He told me, softly. I groaned loudly and attempted to kick him.

"I cant, I'm too hungover to move!" I moaned. He laughed.

"C'mon." He sighed as he pulled me up. I stumbled out of Dexter's room and into the kitchen. Dexter had aspirin waiting for me and a bunch of hangover food. God bless him, that was such a killer headache, I thought I would die.

That's when the screen really went black.

Just like Edward's eyes.