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Stories Of A Few Best Friends

Bella has the best friends in the whole world. At least, thats what she thinks. When the boys come to visit before the wedding, Edward is convinced that their trouble. The boys may be trouble, but their fun. And that's exactly what everyone needs.....

Dexter, Ted, Lucas, John Miller, Scary Mary, Scarlett, Monkey, Grace, Bendo and The Van all belong to Sarah Dessen, not me. I own nothing! Rated Teen to be safe. You never know what I'll feel like writing!

7. Paste and Beer

Rating 4.5/5   Word Count 741   Review this Chapter

Edward Cullen

We all sat in a circle on the living room floor. Ted, Lauren, Lucas, John Miller, Jessica, Dexter, Bella and me, in exactly this order. Ted looked absorbed in Lauren's breast, and Lauren looked abosrbed in Ted's face. I had to admit, these guys were very good looking, even if I'm not gay.

Lauren and Jessica, were however, a different story.

You could just smell the bleach radiating off of Lauren's hair and the acid from her tacky blue nail polish. She was wearing a low cut purple T shirt and a pair of daisy duke shorts. Jessica was wearing something similair and as I looked at her hair I thought it would snap in half from all the mousse in her hair.

She caught me staring at her wild concrete hair.

Oh my god, he's, like, totally staring at me. Maybe I should pull my shirt down a little...She thought, nastily.

Oh god, please don't.

"Alright, lets start. Um, Ted, you first. Truth or Dare?" Dexter asked.

"Uh, dare, I guess." He muttered, obviously bored with this already.

"I dare you to call Scary Mary." Dexter grinned. Ted's eyes widened."Ah, hell no! No way, no how, man!" He argued.

"Are you passing up the challenge?" Dexter asked in a fake announcers voice.


"Is that a yes?" He kept up the announcer voice.

"Shut up, Dexter!" Ted bellowed.

"I beleive that Ted, our master of disaster, just passed." Dexter faked surprised.

"Man, disaster is your middle name. I'm the one that holds everything together." Ted snorted.

"No, that would be Bella." Lucas corrected him.

"True, true." John Miller agreed.

"Fine. She's glue, but I'm tape." Ted compromised.

"Can I be Super Glue?" Bella asked, going along with this pointless conversation.

"Is she a glue stick?" Dexter asked.

"No, she's pastey glue." John Miller decided.

"So I'm paste." Bella concluded.

"No, you're glue." Ted disagreed.

"But he just said I was pastey glue, which is basically paste." Bella argued.

"Arent paste and glue the same thing?" Dexter wondered aloud. I took this as an oppurtunity to end the argument.

"Yes, paste and glue are basically the same thing." I told them.They all nodded in undertsanding for a few seconds when Dexter turned to me.

"I'll give you twenty bucks if you can stand on your head for five minutes." He told me, casually. What does that mean?

"Um, no thanks." I answered, politely as possible.

"Suit yourself." He shrugged. I felt a little bad. He was trying to be friendly by talking to me and I struck our conversation to a halt.

"Can we get back to the, like, um, game?" Lauren asked, examining her nails.

"Yeah. Ok, Ted, pick someone." Lucas ordered.

"Fine. I pick Bella. Bella, Truth or Dare?" He asked.

"Truth?" The way she said it made it sound like a question.

"When was the last time to knocked a few back? No lies, Swan." Ted warned her. Knocked a few back? What did that mean?

"I havent drank at all in five whole months, Theodore." Bella was smug when she said his whole name.

"Lies!" John Miller sang.

"Truth!" Lucas cheered.

"We want the truth!" Dexter demanded.

Bella rolled her eyes, but blushed all the same. She stuttered under her breathe for a second, before mumbling something even I couldnt hear.

"What was that, Swan?" Ted asked, smiling and putting a hand to his ear.

"Am sourk." She mumbled.

"What?" Lucas asked, genuinly confused.

"Repeat." John Miller stated.

"Ag rour." She muttered a little hour.

"Louder!" Dexter sang.

"An hour!" She busted out. "An hour ago I had a beer with Ted!"

"Aha! The truth comes out!" John Miller laughed, pointing an accusing finger at my fiancee.

"John Miller, shut your mouth. You're catching flies." Dexter rolled his eyes in an irritated manner.

Bella glanced, apoligetically at me. I nodded to show her it was alright. I wasnt happy about it, but hey, she was nervous.

"Um, Edward, Truth or Dare?" Bella asked, quickly to get the spotlight off of her.

"Truth." I answered, steadily.

"Um..." Bella wanted to ask me something easy.

"I have a question for him." Lucas piped in.

"Shoot." I smiled in a friendly matter, though they seemed perfectly at ease with me.

"You cant lie, man. We'll know." John Miller warned us.

"Dex has an eye for lies." Ted added. Dexter nodded, solemly.

"When was the last time you wanted Bella?" Lucas waggled his eyebrows at me like Emmett always does.

I cleared my throat awkwardly. I didnt, by any means, want to share this.