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How could Charlie do this to me? To us? To all of the Cullens, Edward. My Edward. How? Wow, over 500 reads but only 9 comments plz R&R :]


1. Unexpected

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This wasn't getting easier. I started to assume that Edward had lied when he said we would learn to manage this. Because every time I was apart from him I wanted to be back with him.Before I could even organize my thoughts the clouds turned to a shade of rose pink.

A growl slid from my lips. Edward let about a giggle, his breath tickling my skin like feathers.Edward didn't have to ask me what was wrong, he knew, even if he couldn't read my mind. There wasn't enough time in the night; there wasn't enough time in the world, to fully satisfy this need.

"I know love," Edward commented with that world stopping smile, “but it's time to get dressed, there will be plenty time tonight."

He always said that and it was truly getting pissed. There was no such thing as 'plenty of time.' But he was right. There was more important thing today, like get a new bed for Rennesmee and see Charlie, so I had no choice but to wait until tonight.

"Huh, fine. But only if you promise we have all night." I said sounding terribly depressed.I threw on a Cashmere sweater-dress and some boots. I was thinking about Alice's closet use class I had to take. Edward ran over to me and took my hand in his.

"Alice is going to love that!" Edward exclaimed looking me up and down. I used to think that it was easier for him to get up every morning, but at times like these I knew it was just as hard.

"Oh, so you’re a psychic know too?" I teased with my husband, huh my husband. My Edward.

We walked into Renesmee's room. Edward pulled the sleeping Renesmee from her too small crib. The sight of the two most important people in my life together like that would have brought tears to my eyes, if I could actually cry.

Together we walked down to the Cullen home. When we walked through the doors everyone was staring at us. But it wasn't a 'Hey welcome back' stare it was a 'We are screwed' stare.

“What.” I asked half hoping they were just playing a trick on me, a cruel unnecessary trick. Their faces didn’t change. Their eyes stayed glued to the door behind me.

What was going on? Just yesterday everyone had been happy and all smiles. Edward’s body tensed and his eyes focused on something distant, on something in the future. He and Alice must be in another one of their conversations. I hoped it would end soon so I could get an explanation.

Just when I was going to demand an explanation from Edward his eyes looked down and met mine. He didn’t exactly look scared; he mostly looked worried and troubled.

“Charlie’s on his way right now.” Edward explained. I didn’t quite understand the reaction from my new family. I shot him back a confused look. “He’s got some pretty bad news, love. We might even have to leave.”

Then I understood my family wasn’t stressed with the fact that Charlie was coming they were stressed with whatever Charlie was coming to tell us.

‘Oh great! What could it possibly be this time?’ I thought to myself speculating.