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How could Charlie do this to me? To us? To all of the Cullens, Edward. My Edward. How? Wow, over 500 reads but only 9 comments plz R&R :]


2. Get it Over With

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We all stood in silence. I knew my family heard what I was hearing. A car coming up the drive to the Cullen house. It had t be Charlie, but I didn't think I was ready for what he was about to tell us. Especially if Edward was keeping details away from me. This was so annoying, the piercing silence was torture, I wanted to at least know what to expect.

Oh god, what if Charlie didn't want anything to do with me or Renesmee? What if the life of a vampire was too much for him? What if he was getting married to Sue, eww? Oh god, what if he had cancer?

My breath spiked. Was I having a panic attack? Edward had had one when he found out I was pregnant. I just about fell over when I felt strong reassuring arms around my waist. "Shhh, calm down Bella, love."Edward said in his soft reassuring voice.

He was really pissing me off. He knew what was going on and he didn't even give me a hint except for the 'we might have to move' thing and that only made things worst. What could Charlie do to hurt us? How could Charlie do anything to hurt us?

Only about five seconds had passed, and Charlie was barely stepping out of his car. I listened closely, as did the other members of my family. I could her Charlie close the door to his cruiser; the passenger door didn't open so he must've come alone. So maybe he wasn't engaged. I could hear short quick footsteps, but they weren't getting any closer. Was he pacing? Goodness it had to be bad.

"For all that’s holly! Is he just trying to drive us all crazy?" Edward snapped fiercely, with a hint of a growl in his voice. What could it possibly be that would make Edward be aggressive toward Charlie? I looked up into his eyes. I knew what he was doing; he was trying to hide his emotions from me.

"Well Edward other than you and Alice, none of us know what’s going on. So if you could be patient son that would help us all relax." Carlisle said to his agitated son.

"Carlisle, there’s no way for us to calm down now." Emmett complained. I had almost forgotten about everyone else while I was lost in allegations.

"He's right Carlisle," Rosalie agreed, "I don't want to leave know." she complained in a pout.

I didn't want to leave either, but there was always Dartmouth. Just then everyone froze in their places, sentences where left unfinished, Charlie had finally worked up the courage to come up to the house. 'Here we go' I thought as I heard Charlie climb up the last step, take a deep breath then knock three quick times.

I grabbed Edward's hand as I went to retrieve the door. He was crazy if he thought I was doing this on my own. I put on my, everything is just perfect facade and opened the door.

Charlie was still in his uniform, but his gun belt was off. He must have taken it off to protect Renesmee and that I was thankful for.

"So Chief Swan, what’s up?" I said as blasé as possible, mean while my insides where churning with curiosity.

Charlie's face was pale white, paler than mine even. It looked as if he were looking death in the eye. He pushed his way in the door walked over to the couch, but didn't sit instead he started pacing again. Obviously, the courage he had worked up was gone, completely.

"Bells, I’m just so sorry. I don't know how I let it slip. I just dropped my guard for one second. I...I just can't begin to tell you how sorry I am. All of you I'm so so sorry. Just don't leave! Bella and Renesmee are all I have you can't leave me please." Charlie busted out. Scaring me nearly to death. I saw a glint of light on his cheek. Was that a tear? Was Charlie crying? What did he do?

"Urg! Dad what have you done to us know?" I thought things were finally perfect. I thought things were falling into place; obviously Charlie didn't get the memo.

Charlie was almost purple. Not to the human eye, but highly noticeable to my new ones. He was shaking slightly. Was he scared of us, was he afraid of me? Did he honestly think I could do anything to hurt him?

"Please Mr. Swan, just tell us what happened." Carlisle pleaded in a calm tone.

Charlie looked at the still sleeping Renesmee and in the quietist of whispers said, "Renee knows."