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How could Charlie do this to me? To us? To all of the Cullens, Edward. My Edward. How? Wow, over 500 reads but only 9 comments plz R&R :]


3. Moving on-well sorta

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Saying that I was shocked would be an understatement. Why would Charlie tell my most precious of secrets? And why wouldn't Edward tell me what was going on from the beginning? The first thought that came to mind was Darmouth. It look like I would be starting mid semester. But how would it look if the entire Cullen family just up and left after Renee finds out I have a baby? I didn't understand what Charlie was saying. Did Renee know what I was? What I had become? She knew my mariage to Edward was inevitable but how would she feel about me having a baby? Would she think I was just making the exact same mistakes she had made not to many years before?

My internal bickering only lasted a few seconds. My immoral brain could process panic faster than a normal human brain could. But my unbeating heart still was torn apart by pain the same way it had before when I was human.

The time had come for us to leave. I knew that, the Cullens knew that, and Charlie knew that. But how would-no how could- I leave behind the place that has become home in so many ways.

"Charlie you do understand what this means?"Carlisle said interupting the short uncomfortable silence that had strangled the entire family.

"Of course I do. But you guys cant leave. Not withoout me." Charlie's pleas tore away at my soul, because my heart couldn't manage any further breaking. "Bells," Charlie said turning his attention to me, "you can't take Nessie away from me. Your all the family that I've got left. I know that I've screwed things up, but you will figure something out. The Cullen's have worked thier way arouond bigger problems."

I knew my father just wanted us to stay, but I couldn't help the impending anger that was brewing in the depths of my stomach. That was waiting to erupt like an over blown balloon. I could feel the storm coming over that horizon, and I knew that the pain and tormant was inevitable and it was coming from every direction.

"Charlie." Edward exclaimed. The anger in his tone suprising everyone. But Alice and Jasper of course. "How dare you do something so terrible to us? To Bella and then hurt her further with this insane pleading. You cannot come to where we will be going, and I'm positive you know that already. This will be hard enough for Bella without your pleas echoing through her head for eternity. And we are not taking away your family. As a matter of fact we are protecting your family! Do you see us as inhuman people (no pun intended)? Do you think we would never let ypu see Renesmee again? That is complete and utter nonesense! Please we have alot to do it would be best if you leave Charlie." The acid in Edward's voice cut through to my soul piercing all the love and faith and passion I had stored in my body.

This isn't how happily ever afters were meant to be. I could feel the rapid beating of Charlie's heart. The quickend pulse raging through his veins turning his face from pale to the dark red of blood in the matter of seconds, no milliseconds. Was the change driven by rage? Or was this a fearful turn of emotion? Was Charlie afraid of me? Did he believe that I could hurt him? I couldn't let him believe that. Was this our good bye? If this was our good bye, the last moments I had with him, I couldn't let it be like this. I wouldn't let it be the end.

"Charlie," I started. The sound of my voice slowing his heart and bringing his face to a more human shade of red.
"I love you, more than you can imagine. You have been more of a father to me in these few years than most girls get in thier intire lives. I don't regret the choice you have made. I am not mad at you for what you have done. I just want you to know that this is not good bye. I will not ever leave you completely and I would never stop loving you. Just know we would've left sooner or later. Don't beat yourself up about this." I saww the tears streaming down his cheeks. I held back the tears that I knew would never come. When I was alone I would silently sob, but now was not the time. "I love you Charlie. Forever, for all of eternity I will be your little girl." I placed a small kiss on his cheeks and left to Edward's room. I could sense Edward behind me.

"Why are you leaving?" He asked so low that not even hi-our- family had heard him. I lowered my shield, afraid my voice would betray me.

I couldn't stand seeing him turn away and leave.