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Come What May

Come What May Divorce, it tore my family apart. Which inevetably led to the move to the reservation my mom grew up on. There's alot of wierd things going on here I don't understand... Embry/Imprint.


1. Chapter 1

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Chapter One

"I want the front seat when we get to Seattle!" My little sister called from the back seat.

"Fine, were stopping for dinner there anyways," I said, exhaling a breath of sheer boredom.

"This trip is taking to long!" Mom agreed with Taylor as she complained in the back seat.

This was our first time seeing mom in a few weeks. She was in LaPush working until fall break so she could fly home to New York to drive my sister and I to come live with her.

LaPush, Washington was our new start. Mom just started working at the Quileute Reservation High School as a history teacher. The reservation my mom had grown up on, the high school she went to. They had an opening and wanted mom specifically, there was only one other school that wanted her as bad and they were in Alabama. She left it up to Taylor and me to decide where we were going. We decided that it would be good for mom to go back to her roots, back to where she was raised. That, and my sister and I really wanted to learn more about our own roots. Both of us were 42% Quileute Native American.

Since the divorce mom had been out of work, mostly because it all caused too much stress, which led to mom getting depressed. She had felt so incompetent, her marriage had failed and to her, that was one of the worst things she could have let happen. Mom liked knowing that she had everything under control, and when dad did what he did, she knew that she didn't have anything under control anymore. Her life went spiraling downwards. She quit her job as a well renowned historian, and spent all of her time taking care of my siblings and me.

My father is a kind and understanding man, but he just got tired of being with mom even though he didn't love her. I understood what he was saying when he was trying to explain what was going on to my sister, our brother Greg, and me. Unfortunately, the other two just didn't get it. They hated dad for what he was doing to mom. It hurt us all, immensely, but most of all it hurt Greg, who was very attached to the idea of a family being together, no matter what.

So why did Greg choose to live with dad? It's complicated. He wanted to live with us, but at eighteen, and going to college in New York City, he had to live with dad in New York to be able to afford it. Or else he would live with us. He would never fully forgive dad for what happened with mom, he would never forgive dad for making mom want to take her life, he would never forgive dad for moving on while mom was about to end everything.

But mom was strong, and she eventually got through her depression and looked for work far away from dad and his new love, Amelia Boldare.

"We're here Jack!" Taylor sang.

"Could you be any more annoying?" I asked.

Even though we are sisters, we are nothing alike.

"Yeah, wanna see?"


"Girls, please!" Mom hollered.

We went silent. Mom didn't need us fighting. We were stopped in Seattle for an hour or so to eat. We were almost to LaPush, finally. I was exhausted. It took three days of nothing but driving between me and mom. We alternated so that we wouldn't have to stop. The only reasons we stopped where food, gas, and bathroom. Nothing else.

I slowly got out of the passengers seat, thankful for the leg stretch as all three of us walked into the restaurant. Taylor almost immediately started flirting with the poor guy who was seating us. I shot him an apologetic look when he turned around. I sat next to my little sister and frowned at her.

"What? He was cute!" she shrugged.

"Taylor, you're fifteen." I stated.

"And you're seventeen. You should loosen up a little."

"As long as I don't end up as loose as you," I muttered. She took it the wrong way and punched me.


"Sorry ma," we both answered apologetically.

We looked at our menus in silence for a little while, waiting for our waiter. He showed up within a few minutes.

"Hey ladies, my name is -

I really never paid much attention to waters. They always faked like they liked their customers, but in their heads they are usually making judgments. Ever seen Waiting? Well, go watch that movie if you haven't, you'll understand what I'm talking about.

"Jacqueline, what do you want?"

"Oh, uh, Pepsi," I said, bringing myself back to what was going on.

With a nod the waiter took off to fetch us our drinks, and I went back to looking at my menu. I had no idea what to order. There was a lot of stuff that looked really good, and my meals the past few days had consisted of McD's and Burger Dweeb. I hadn't had a true meal since the last night at my dad's that Amelia made for us. I felt sure she had poisoned the food to, because I felt sick all the next day when we drove our way through all the way to Ohio.

The waiter came back with our drinks and took our orders, I decided on a side plate of French Fries with a salad, extra ranch. My mom looked at me bewildered.

"You really need some real food in you hun."

"It's cool, we can make a meal in a couple days, it will be fine."

"So, mom, what is school like, you keep avoiding the subject!" Taylor exclaimed.

"The people are nice; everyone is chill with one another, since they have all grown up with each other they are all friends. No one really hates anyone. There is this one group of boys though, they sort of keep to themselves. They are all really good friends, and they are giants. Literally, over 6'5". You girls are going to fall in love with them, trust me. But the school system in itself is really good. It's all just as I remember it from when I went there," mom explained.

"I guarantee Jack isn't going to fall in love with one of them, she just doesn't like boys!" Taylor said, rolling her eyes at me.

"Never said I didn't like boys, I just don't like boys that are unintelligent."


After that mom and Taylor got into their own conversation about the boys on the reservation and in Forks. I rolled my eyes and stared at my drink. I was full of worry about school regardless of if mom says everyone is good with one another or not. I'd gone to the same school my whole life, in NYC, and now I am on the other side of the country, and going to school on an Indian reservation. Of all the places, right?

According to mom it rains a lot in our area, and warm sunny days are rare. That was good for me. I was the type of person who loved crappy weather. It was soothing to me. The sun burned my eyes, and heat just didn't do well with me unless I was very cold, then I could deal with it.

It didn't take us long to get our food and eat it. Soon we were back on the road, with me in the back seat, spread out wanting to sleep. It wasn't working. I couldn't sleep well in a car. The sounds of the road just weren't conducive to a good sleeping environment.

We drove listening to the radio for another two hours before we pulled up to a large house. I looked it over, this was our new house. It was Victorian. I liked it.

We already had our bedrooms picked out. I choose the refurbished basement bedroom as my own. I wanted the giant space to myself, so mom had carpet put down for me, and she had everything fixed so I wouldn't get to chilly there. Taylor wanted to share the upstairs with mom, that put the whole ground floor in between us and I was good with that. Taylor and mom got along much better than me and mom or me and Taylor.

So I grabbed my three bags of essentials and made my way to my room, the basement, I loved it on first sight. I was a large, wide open space. My things were already set up. Mom had the movers bring all the stuff a week ago before she came after us. My bed, my beautiful television, stereo, desk, computer, and clothes. Everything was how I wanted it. Thank god for mom. She organized the mess the movers probably made.

I grabbed the things I brought with me and started to unpack them. All the clothes and my writings tumbled out onto my bed. Surprisingly only one bag held clothes, the other two were make-up and accessories that were expensive, and things that I had written. As in poetry, short-stories, and things that were important to me, diaries from previous years, and things of that nature. I kept a new diary each year.

Suddenly there was a knock on the door covering the stairs.

"Jack, come look at the rest of the- Oh my lord I love your room, I wish I had called dibs on this one!" Taylor swept in, looking through the doors.

"Dude, you get your own bathroom! I have to share with mom! And a huge walk in closet, you lucky m-effer! I call this room when you move out! Dude, did mom even see that there is a giant door in your room that opens to the outside. This must have been a cellar-basement. I can't believe she trusts you with this. Lucky. I so wish I could have this room. You know how much you could get away with doing down here?"

"Loads, but I wouldn't. I'm not you." I shrugged. Organizing piles for laundry.

"Whatever, come check out the rest of the house."

On my way out of my room I looked at my door handle and saw there was a lock on my door, which made me happy. I could keep Taylor out.

The rest of the house was beautiful to. I was happy we moved here, the house was amazing. I was just hoping that school would be good to. Otherwise I wouldn't like it here and want to move back with dad, even though I would get more freedom here.

"Hey Jacqueline, I know your dad promised you a car this year, but then you moved here with me, and I felt bad, so... go out to the garage," mom said, tossing some keys to me.

I looked at her in shock for about three seconds before I ran out into the garage. I had wondered why mom hadn't pulled the car into the garage, I guess this was why. Inside I flipped the switch and saw black Pontiac Grand Am GT. I screamed out of joy. This was the car I had been asking for since I got my license. I had even saved up five thousand so far for one. This led me to the thought that I now had $5,000 to my name for insurance and anything else I wanted.

I opened the car with the unlock button and pressed the garage door opener that was already attached to the car and backed out. It ran so well. I was happy. I jumped out of my car and walked inside, and jumped on my mom.

"Thank you, thank you, thank you! Can I go get some groceries or something for you?" I was happy to have a car, I would drive down the street turn around and come back if I had to, it was a car, my car!

"Yeah, go ahead; if you get lost call me!" She said.

I was almost in my car when Taylor ruined my mood.

"I WANT TO GO TOO!" she shouted running to my passenger seat. I was livid.

"NO! I'm doing this by myself!" I said, practically shouted.

"Taylor, stay home with me and help me unpack," Mom said, actually bailing me out.

I smiled at her as I got in my car and left. For some reason mom actually let me do something alone. For once. And she was trusting me with the basement for a bedroom, after what happened back in NYC with me and partying. I was surprised. Maybe she was trying to get closer to me.

It dawned on me when I reached Forks that I had no idea where the grocery store was. So I just drove, knowing that I would eventually find it. I saw a bunch of teens hanging around outside of a diner acting like normal retarded teens. Then I saw a sports shop. After that I came across a Wal-Mart. I almost slammed on my breaks in shock.

I pulled into a parking spot close to the front and locked my car. This Wal-Mart wasn't as big as the ones back home, but it was very packed. I got a cart and walked around looking for good food that we could all agree on eating. Like I said, I had $5,000. Right now I wasn't on much of a budget. I could buy whatever, and I planned on it. Especially because I had my own mini fridge and freezer combo in my room, so Ben n' Jerry's it was!

I was about done with picking out food when three boys came racing down the isle I was down. They defiantly didn't pay attention to where they were going because one hit me and sent me straight to the floor. He knocked the wind out of me. It was like getting hit by a brick wall. I gasped for air, and only after a couple of seconds I got some.

I became aware of what was going on the second I got some air. Two of the guys were apologizing profusely, and one was standing there, with a weird expression on his face, like he had been the one who just got hit, and like he was about to kill his friend that enthralled me. I repeatedly told them it was okay, and that I was fine. But I had a splitting headache.

"Are you sure you're okay? We're not exactly soft plushy bears here, getting hit by one of us would hurt," the one who hit me was saying.

"Yeah, fine, no broken bones, no fowl," I assured.

"Well, we're really sorry, I'm Quil, this is Jake and the one that needs to wipe the drool off his face is Embry, do you go to Forks?"

"Well hello, and no, actually I'm 42% Quileute and I'm going to start going to school on the reservation next week," I said. They were defiantly Quileute, so I felt good in knowing a couple people before I got to school.

"No shit! Really? You must be Ms. Mason's daughter, the one who's in our grade, Jacqueline right?" Embry made a connection.

"Call me Jack." I said simply.

"Dude, she hasn't stopped talking about you since the year started last month!" Jake said.

"Sorry. She gets excited about things," I laughed.

"So how long have you been in town?" Embry asked, still with the face he had earlier.

"About three hours," I answered.

"Wow, not long at all, I take it you're not starting school this week?" Quil asked, exchanging looks with Embry. Something was up.

"Maybe Wednesday, depends on how annoying my sister gets. I get to choose Wednesday or next Monday."

They were silent for a minute, Embry looking at me. Quil and Jake looking between Embry and me. I silently wondered what could be going on in their heads.

"Well, listen, I've got to check out and go home before my mom gets worried," I said.

"Yeah, here, you have a phone?" Embry asked.

"Yeah," I opened it as he gave me his number and stored it. Same with Quil, but Jake didn't have a phone. They got my number to.

"Alright, we'll text you later!" Quil said practically dragging Embry as they took off down the isle again.

"Don't knock anyone else over, I'll feel less privileged!" I called after them earning a laugh from each of them.

I moved to check out and got all my bags into my trunk within the next ten minutes. I found my way back to my house easily while jamming to some Linkin Park. I was having fun, and I had already made some new friends in LaPush before I even got to the school.

My mind kept going back to Embry and his weird facial expression. It made me smile.

"Took you long enough!" Taylor said coming out of the house to help with groceries.

"I got caught up," I said helping bring them in, and taking one bag to my room and stocking my room with a 24 pack of Pepsi and put the ice cream in my freezer and a couple Pepsi's in my fridge.

As soon as I got done with that my phone buzzed. It was a text from Embry.

Hey what's up?

I sighed. I was probably going to end up liking him, even though there was probably no chance. He was gorgeous, and I was plain.

Nothing much, getting cable set up to my T.V. you?

I wished I had some way of being able to tell what he was doing or thinking for real. Texting can be seriously deceiving. I looked down at the cords and started putting them where they belonged, and turned on my T.V. to check if I did it right. I did. Just as I was about to change the channel my phone went off again.

Taking a walk. It's a nice night, don't want to waste it. :]

I looked at the clock; it was 11:00 p.m. he was on crack.

You're on crack! It's 11 you're going to get shot!

I sighed, this wasn't NYC, he probably wasn't going to get shot, and tomorrow was Sunday so it wasn't like he had to get up and go to school. Which was a good thing if you were Embry and like taking walks at 11.

This is LaPush, our crime is non-existent. You live at 2734 West Boulevard right?

Why did he know that?

Yeah, why?

I sat on my bed and started flipping through channels, within a minute something was tapping on a window next to the cellar door.

...To be continued ...