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Come What May

Come What May Divorce, it tore my family apart. Which inevetably led to the move to the reservation my mom grew up on. There's alot of wierd things going on here I don't understand... Embry/Imprint.


2. Chapter 2

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Come What May Chapter Two:

“Embry, Quil, what are you two doing outside my room?” I whispered , slowly opening the cellar door.

“We wanted to hang out,” Embry shrugged.

“Yeah, is that too much to ask?” Quil asked dramatically.

“Is this usually what you people do an hour after meeting someone in a Wal-Mart?” I asked folding my arms in front of me as they climbed through the door.

Chilly air was coming in from the outside door and making me shiver. As soon as they got their rears inside I shut the door slowly so it wouldn’t make much noise. It may have been old, but to its credit it didn’t make one creak, which was awesome. Now I would just have to direct them to their hiding spots if someone were to come downstairs and I had to unlock the door quickly before I got busted doing anything. Hopefully Taylor didn’t try to come down tonight.

“No, you’re special.” Embry said winking.

“Well thanks for choosing me,” I said sarcastically.

“I didn’t choose, the universe did.” He said seriously.

“Que the weird background music. You’re a crack head,” I said to Embry, walking over to my door and locking it, “I have a little sister,” I explained.

They were absorbed in the T.V. already. Making themselves at home, Embry sprawled across my bed and Quil laying on my floor with my favorite pillow under his chest. They were arguing on what channels to watch. Quil wanted ESPN, Embry wanted Disney. I was trying not to take the remote and put it on MTV.

They settled on Nickelodeon, watching Spongebob. Not something most teenage boys go over to a girls house and watch, you know? I took it as that was just how they were, perfectly comfortable around others.

I finally took a minute to observe them, very tall, muscular, and gorgeous. I looked away at the T.V. for a minute after taking a seat on the end of my bed. When I glanced back over Embry was staring at me with that same intense look from Wal-Mart. Like he was the one who got knocked over by the brick wall that is Quil. I didn’t know what to think of it, but I knew that I liked it. It was a possessive stare.

I realized that I had only known the guy for an hour and a half.

“I have Pepsi if you guys want one.” I offered.

“YEAH!” Quil said, leaping up smiling.

“In the mini fridge over there,” I said pointing in the direction of the mini fridge.

I saw Embry’s eyelashes shoot upwards and look around the room. He probably thought I was a spoiled rich brat. I couldn’t blame him on that. Even I could see that I was spoiled. But rich was something my family never had been until the divorce and my mom got a lot of money out of my dad for that. And I defiantly wasn’t a brat.

“Damn Jack, you’ve got some nice things,” Quil said what Embry was obviously thinking.

“Yeah, mom and dad are fighting over my affections. Mom gave me this room, dad gave me the T.V. and the fridge, and the computer, mom gave me the desk, and dad gave me the bed. Everything else I’ve paid for over the years. I’m even paying for my cable and electricity usages here. It’s still better than living in NYC, my dad made me pay rent,” I said laughing to break the tension.

Their facial expressions showed me that they were thrown off guard. They probably thought I shouldn’t be bitching about my life. I knew I shouldn’t be. There were more people that were a lot less fortunate then I was. I really had no right to be complaining about mine.

“He made you pay rent?” Embry asked bewildered.

“Yeah, but anyways. It’s going on midnight, so how long are you two planning on being here?”

They looked at each other for a couple of seconds, and then Quil smiled.

“Actually I better be getting home, but I’m sure Embry can stay and chill for a while,” Quil said, making his way towards the cellar door.

I watched as he left and was vaguely aware of Embry telling me he could stay for a little while if it was fine with me. Quil left us together for a reason. Now, if I was back home in NYC I wouldn’t have let any of this happen. But for some reason I had a feeling that these guys were different from the ones I fraternized with back home. They gave off a sense of compassion that wasn’t around other guys. Like, they really weren’t like other guys at all.

“Okay, so, I need to unpack some more of my boxes, you can watch T.V. and we can talk or whatever.”

As soon as I started unpacking my movies and CD’s Embry shut the T.V. off to come join me in shelving them next to my desk.

“You have a lot of music and movies,” Embry commented.

“What, you don’t like music or movies? I’m appalled!” I said in mock horror.

He laughed and shook his head at me.

“I love music and movies. But yours are just weird… The Rocky Horror Picture Show, Greese and Greese II? Musicals. Then you have a ton of horror movies, and some American Pies, its like your into every genre. Can’t just stick with one can you?” He asked, amusement rang in is tone and was a vision in his eyes.

“Well, duh, sticking with one is very boring. It makes life dull. Open your mind to the possibilities!” I said, seizing his head and giving it a quick squeeze.

He looked me in the eyes and laughed. I smiled. I was turning into quite the comedian tonight, with one fan I guess. Embry seemed to like the things I said. This was different. My friends back in NYC didn’t particularly care for my sense of humor. Perverted sometimes and other times just plain weird. I usually had to keep my mouth shut or earn quite a few stares from my so called friends. I knew they weren’t true friends though, which was another reason why I was so interested in moving here.

“I do have an open mind thank you,” he said, still laughing.

“Yeah okay, so have you lived in LaPush your whole life?” I asked.

“Yeah, I like it here, I don’t think I would ever leave unless I had to, do you like it here so far?” he asked.

“You forget I’ve only been here for a few hours. But what I have seen of it I do like. The people are more than welcoming,”

He put his head down a little, facing the floor. “It must be weird, having Quil and I bust into your basement late at night after we just met you hardly an hour before.”

“A little, but I get the feeling that you guys aren’t bad or anything. I didn’t think I was going to die or anything. If I did I would have called to police. So I guess that’s a good thing right?”

“It was Quil’s idea to come over. He lives across the street from you actually, and I was over there, and he said we should come over here and hang out and get to know each other so we could all be friends when you start school. Of course, I wanted to come so it wasn’t really a big deal, but I wouldn’t have had the guts to show up here by myself if it wasn’t for Quil.”

“Well, in any case I am glad for you and Quil having come over, and making yourselves at home like you did,” I laughed.

“Its what we do best, just don’t invite us for dinner, we eat a bunch.” He said smiling.

The conversation bantered back and forth like that until four in the morning. With Embry’s help, I had finished unpacking my entire room, gone through 12 cans of Pepsi, and ate most of my ice cream. I had quite a lot of fun hanging out with Embry in my room. Unfortunately, I knew that it couldn’t last. He had to go home eventually.

Embry stretched back and yawned. His yawn caused me to yawn. I hated the chain reaction of yawns. Whenever one person yawns, you know you’re about to yawn, and you look over and see other people yawning to. It was like the domino effect.

“I’m guessing you should be heading home around now to sleep. Lord help you if you don’t get your beauty sleep!” I said dramatically. I felt totally at ease with him after the first hour of nothing but talking to him.

“I know, I would be a mess all day today if I didn’t get my twelve hours!” He rolled his eyes.

“No I’m serious though, we need sleep.”

“I know, but I don’t want to leave.” He pouted.

“To bad, I bid thee a due!” I said, walking him to the door.

“Awww, come on! No hug?” He complained.

“You’re just full of complaints aren’t ya?”

“I’ve been up all night!”

I held my arms open, there was no way that I was walking into his arms, not this early, he could walk towards me, and he did. He actually picked me up and spun me around. It felt so natural, even though he was burning hot. He put me down after a few seconds, but I defiantly could have stayed in his arms for quite a while.

“Goodnight Jack,” his whispered in my ear.

“’night Embry,” I replied.

He shut the cellar door behind him as he left, and I heard him tell me he would text me later on in the day when he woke up. He didn’t know that I slept like a rock when I finally got to sleep and that he would probably be waking up way before me.

So with all that being done I slid in between my sheets, and cuddled up to my pillow, and fell asleep thinking about Embry Call.

I woke the next morning to my sister banging on my locked door.


I groaned and rolled over, my clock read Noon. I didn’t want to get up.


I jumped out of bed and ran a brush through my hair. Slowly I un locked my door and ascended the stairs to the main floor. Standing in my kitchen was none other than Embry Call, Jake, some very beautiful girl obviously with Jake, and Quil. They all smiled at me when I came up the stares after my mumbling sister about how dumb I was for not getting dressed to come upstairs.

“What it is yo!” I greeted, looking in the fridge, “anyone want anything?”

“Trust me you don’t want to offer them any food, they will eat your entire kitchen,” the girl said, “I’m Renesme Cullen, call me Nessie.”

“Hey Nessie, I’m Jacqueline Mason, call me Jack.” I smiled at her. She was very friendly, “and I’ll take your word for it and not offer any food.”

“Oh that’s just cruel!” Jake said fake sobbing.

Nessie rolled her eyes, “He’ll get over it.”

I laughed and sat down at the bar with everyone else, having gotten a cup of coffee. I unknowingly placed myself between Nessie and Embry.

“So what’s everyone doing her?” I asked.

“We’re planning on going to the beach since it’s a nice day, and we wondered if you wanted to come. No is not an answer, its yes or yes.” Embry said trying to be cheeky.

“Well I guess that only leaves me with one option, no,” I paused for dramatic effect, Nessie seemed to be the only one to get it was a joke, “Kidding, sure I’ll go.”

My mom choose that moment to come in the kitchen.

“Ms. Mason! How are you?” Quil asked.

My mom, bless her heart, took one look at everyone and jumped. She didn’t know they were there. I laughed while she re-gained her normal breathing.

“It’s not funny Jacqueline,” she scolded, drinking half of my coffee, regardless of my complaint, “When did you all meet?”

“We met her last night but this is Nessie’s first time meeting her,” Jake informed.

Mom looked at Nessie and smiled brightly. She must have been fond of Nessie as a student because typically mom never smiled at her students, even outside of school. Mom can be a hard-ass teacher sometimes, but when you get to her sensitive side, she’s a really awesome person. As long as you’re doing well in school. She actually cares about what the kids make in all of their classes and offers to tutor them in any subject after school hours from 3:30 until 5:30 on Tuesdays, and Thursdays.

“I graded your papers last night,” she said, digging into the fridge.

Nessie jumped on that.

“Really? What did I get!”

“Can’t tell you until tomorrow. I can, however, tell you that you all got satisfactory grades on them.” She smiled and nodded.

That seemed to make Nessie happy because she smiled widely and hugged Jake. Quil and Embry exchanged high fives and smiled. I sat quietly. I always got satisfactory grades on all my papers, because my mom was very good at helping me out when I needed it. So even if I were to have been one of them, in a teacher’s house getting told that I had done well on a paper for her class, I wouldn’t have reacted like that. I would have smiled. It wasn’t that big of a deal.

They continued to banter about whose paper was better. My mom wasn’t about to tell them whose she thought was a better paper, she didn’t chose between students, ever. Even if the student was her own daughter, she stayed away from favoritism. It always ends badly when a teacher chooses favorites, she learned that from experience. Back in NYC in her first year of actual teaching she chooses one student over the other and got her car keyed. Of course the student who did it confessed and got in some major trouble, but they weren’t at all remorseful.

“So what were the papers supposed to be about?” I asked, looking at my mother.

“Opinions on what they would go back in history, an attempt to get to know the class a little better. There were some well thought out papers, but there were also some that were not thought out at all, like, how that not happening would affect the world, you know? One kid said they wished Columbus had never found America, he clearly didn’t think that one out,” mom sighed.

I chuckled. People amused me sometimes, especially when they were trying to be smart. Its either you are smart, or you aren’t smart, don’t try to be smart if your not. It makes you sound even more stupid.

“People,” I said shaking my head.

“You said it.”

The room was loud with everyone talking to each other. Suddenly Nessie spoke to me.

“Okay, so lets go get you ready to go,” Nessie said, walking towards the stairs I came up from, the guys didn’t know if they should follow or not, “stay here and talk to Ms. Mason guys,” Nessie ordered.

We walked into my room and Nessie smiled.

“Love your room!”

She found the closet quickly, smiling at its size, and looking for my swimwear. I wasn’t going to bother showering, I was just going to shave real fast, I as going to the beach. Meaning I would be getting wet. Then I had a thought. Its almost winter.

“Hey Nessie, shouldn’t the water be very cold? Its almost winter.” I asked.

“Yeah, but the boys run a high temperature, so as long as you stick around them you’ll be warm in the water. And the weather today is actually warm too, so you and I can lay out on the beach if we want to and be warm,” she said, appearing with my lime green two piece, “where did you get this, its amazingly cute!”

“Back home, I don’t remember the store name, but I know where it is, so if you’re ever in NYC give me a call and I’ll direct you to it,” I said laughing.

“Then you’ll be getting a call over winter break, my aunt Alice and I have plans to go to NYC for a Broadway play over the break,” she smiled.

“Ah Broadway, how I adore thee!” I sighed dramatically.

I loved Nessie. She was beautiful. She looked foreign to the United States, like she was descended from Transylvania or something. Such beauty I was taken aback. Almost not human.

“So, what do you think of LaPush so far?” Nessie asked.

“Its nice, the people are very friendly,” I smiled.

“Yeah, I heard about the midnight raid last night, they aren’t really shy,” she laughed.

“I noticed,” I said smiling.

“They don’t mean any harm though, they may be strong and intimidating looking, but they are seriously big saps, really. Are you done shaving?” she asked.

“Yeah, I can put this on now.” I said.

She left the bathroom and closed the door behind her. I quickly changed into my suit. I loved this suit. I gathered up my dirty clothes and dumped them in the basket next to my closet. Nessie was already up and in my closet again looking for clothes for me to wear over the suit. She was moving through my closet at an amazing rate for something to wear. I was smiling at her and shaking my head.

“Sorry, I get my fashion sense from my Aunt Alice,” Nessie said handing me some jeans, “you can pick a shirt, because I don’t know what to make you wear.”

I grabbed a simple black T-shirt and smiled.

“That works,” Nessie said as I slipped the cloathes over my suit.

Nessie grabbed some flip flops from my pile of shoes and tossed them at me.

“Just get a towel and I’m set. You need anything?” I asked putting a hat on and some sunglasses in my bag with a towel.

“Nope I’m set.”

It took only about ten minutes to get to the beach from my house. We were listening to the radio and rocking out in the car. Nessie, Quil, and I were being wild in Quil’s car, while Jake and Embry just laughed at us. Between me and Nessie we got Embry and Jake to join as we pulled into the beach parking lot.

We piled out of the car laughing at Jake’s method of dancing. Which consisted of moving his hands around. Nessie was laughing the hardest, she fell out of the back seat, still laughing while she ways saying ouch and rubbing her butt. Jake stopped laughing when she hurt be bum and helped her up even though she didn’t really care about it. I silently wished someone would care about me as much as Jake obviously cared about Nessie.


Everyone turned to see a little girl around four running towards Quil with open arms, and a man and woman following behind her. I could see the woman’s face the best, and there was a scar covering half of it. But scars had never bothered me, my father had a giant one covering his entire left ear and half of his cheek. He got caught in a fire just after I was born.

So as the lady walked up smiling I saw just how beautiful she was, and smiled right at her. The man next to her was looking me over, then was smiling at the rest of the group. I saw Quil and the little girl embrace and she was already telling Quil all about her day so far and being over exaggerative about it. Saying she saw a whale in the water.

The woman came up to me while I was listening to the little girl tell Quil about the wale in the water.

“Hi, you must be Jacqueline, I’m Emily Uley,” she was pregnant, I could see it.

“Nice to meet you Emily, please, call me Jack,” I said, taking her extended hand.

“Claire’s full of stories for the day, very interesting how she found a whale in the Pacific ocean in the middle of September, isn’t it?” Emily asked laughing.

I started laughing, “Yeah I was trying to figure that one out myself.”

The man that was with Emily came up next to her and looked at me, putting his arm around Emily’s waist.

“Jack, this is my husband Sam, Sam, this is Jacqueline ‘Jack’ Mason,” Emily introduced. Sam extended his hand. It was burning hot like Embry, Quil, and Jake.

“Nice to meet you, you’re one of Dawn Mason’s daughters I assume.”

“Yeah, I am.”

“Its good to have her teaching, the elders couldn’t believe we got a College professor to come teach her on the reservation.”

“Well, this is where she grew up, she is Quileute. She wanted to come back. It was here or Alabama. We chose where we had history,” I said, smiling.

Sam smiled and nodded, turning to Quil.

“We need to get going, are you going to watch Claire?” Sam asked.

“Of course, I’ll see you guys later!” He called to them already heading down to the beach.

Sam and Emily smiled as they left, I walked down to where Nessie had set up her stuff and got my stuff set up a foot away from hers.


I screamed and fell over onto my towel.

“I’m sorry, didn’t mean for you to fall over, jeez,” Nessie said coming out of the forest with Jake.

“And you guys are coming out of the forest why?” I asked, laughing as their faces contorted, trying to think of an excuse.


They just slowly moved to the side and then ran all the way to the water. Busted. I laughed at their reaction. They were defiantly dorks. I just chilled for a couple minutes. I saw Embry on his way out of the water to come get me. I imminently started to take off my cloathes to make it look like I was on my way out to the water.

“Come on, water time!” Embry said when he reached me, already soaking wet.

“Just give me a minute,” I said.

Embry had other plans. He picked me up off the ground and threw me over his shoulder.