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Come What May

Come What May Divorce, it tore my family apart. Which inevetably led to the move to the reservation my mom grew up on. There's alot of wierd things going on here I don't understand... Embry/Imprint.


3. Chapter 3

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Come What MayChapter Three:

After being forced into the freezing cold water by Embry fricken Call I emerged with a giggling Nessie an hour later planning on warming up on the beach. Embry and Jake were calling after us trying to get us to come back to the water; we just laughed and kept walking. Of course, Quil was making sand castles with Claire closer to Jake and Embry so he decided to have a conversation with them to keep them from trying to get us in the water any more. We silently thanked him for that as we walked by.

Together we laid on our beach towels, soaking up the sun. Though, Nessie was very pale, so I thought she should be wearing spf gazillion to keep from getting burnt. When I mentioned this to her, though, she laughed it off and said the sun did nothing to her. Neither burnt nor tanned her skin, she would always be pale. However, she wanted to be warm, so she was going to remain in the sun no matter how much I complained.

That shut me up.

It was about ten minutes of silence before we felt it. I knew what it was, but she didn’t. She sat straight up and shivered. The warm day just turned deathly cold. Though I knew it was only around us it did so. Quil and Claire wouldn’t be able to feel it. Nessie wouldn’t be able to see it. I kept my eyes straight ahead, hoping it didn’t know.

“Jack do you feel that?”

“How cold it just got? Yeah, but that happens sometimes you know,” I said, trying to throw her off as I sat up.

“Its getting colder though,”

It was getting colder because the entity was getting closer. It knew I knew. Considering the fact that I was on Native American grounds, it could be a spirit that spoke Quileute, and I wouldn’t know the language to help it out. Hopefully it new some English. Pray to god that it spoke English and wasn’t vengeful.

I felt a stirring right next to me and an energy so intense it made my insides curl. Since I was a little girl I could feel and see these things happening, and not even my mother knew about that. I never told anyone. I’ve never had a bad experience with an entity, or anything traumatic with an entity. I never felt obligated to tell anyone and make them worry over me. So throughout the years I had been dealing with multiple dead spirits that needed my help.

Thankfully this ones energy seemed kind, and delicate, I wasn’t receiving a name though. I was concentrating hard, trying to hear a whisper or something, while still reassuring Nessie it was nothing. A form appeared in front of me at that moment, and I pretended not to see it. But it knew I could see it.

‘Help,’ it rang out, like a whisper reaching to my ears, ‘help them.’

I felt bad that I was with people. I couldn’t talk to the entity, obviously male, with Nessie right here and everyone else in the distance. I thought of only one thing to do.

“Hey Nessie, I need to go to the restroom,”

“There’s a port-a-potty a quarter mile that way,” she said pointing to the right, “need me to come with you?”

“Thanks, I think I can get there on my own,” I said smiling.

I started walking and felt the entity follow me. He was breathing down my neck.

‘They need you,’ he whispered.

“Who needs me?” I questioned.



I knew there was such a thing as Werewolves, Vampires, Shifters, Witches, Pixies, etc. But I had never personally come across one that wasn’t an entity. They hide their secrets well. So it wasn’t ever so shocking that this entity was telling me some Werewolves needed me.

Slowly I remembered the stories my mom used to tell me, of how the Quileute’s derived from wolves. I couldn’t help but think of the legends. The cold ones, which were vampires. How the wolves and the cold ones were described in the stories. I started noticing similarities between Embry, Quil, Jake, Sam, and the wolves’ description from the stories. And Nessie’s skin was pale white, ice cold, and her eyes were golden.

I made the connection.

‘Demon coming,’ the entity said, right in my ear.

I froze mid stride, I was out of eye shot of everyone, and I was scared. I had never dealt with demons before. I hear they are very dangerous. Of course, now I had to help these werewolves with this demon. I was a median after all. But honestly, I wouldn’t know how to confront them. ‘Hey Embry, Quil, Jake, I know what you guys are, and I’m a median, and this entity told me a demon is coming I have to help you guys face,’ very unlikely. I would have to give myself away.

“Are you here only to warn me?”


“I consider myself warned,”

The entity lingered for only a moment, and then slowly vanished. As if its duty was done. It probably was done. He was probably told to warn me, and then he could move on.

I trekked back to where Nessie had been laying; she was gone, playing with Quil and Claire. Embry and Jake were no longer in the water, so I decided to start walking towards Nessie, Quil, and Claire. I didn’t care about what they were, they seemed like they were controlled enough. They didn’t seem like the types of wolves to hurt me. And Nessie would have already if she was going to. So I wasn’t afraid of them.

Out of no where Embry came up behind me and slung me over his shoulder, and started running. It took me a second to realized that we were headed straight for the water. I knew it was Embry the second he touched me. I fought just before I hit the water. I knew it was freezing, and I didn’t want back in. But Embry obviously had other plans, again.

When we hit the water I knew I would have froze if it wasn’t for Embry’s super high temperature.

“Embry, you devious…” he caught me off.

“I know, I’ve got skills!” He exclaimed triumphantly.

“Yeah, at forcing someone to do something,” I said in a huff.

“Well…. So?”

I started laughing and splashed him in the face. He splashed me back and it was war. After a couple minutes of this I got tired and jumped on him, because he wouldn’t stop. He smiled at me as I collided with him and he didn’t fall. I kept forgetting what he was until he did something that was in human.

“You were supposed to fall over,” I whispered, hinting that he should fall over.

“Sorry,” he said, smiling and falling backward, being a smart ass.

As I emerged from the water, I heard Jake calling from the beach.

“We need to go, Bella called, it’s urgent, she needs us!”

Embry immediately stiffened, and then covered it up by smiling. He made it look like they just needed to go help a friend out. I could sense there was so much more to it then that.

The car ride was silent as we made our way to my house. I was going to be left at home with my mom and sister. I couldn’t go with them. Not that I minded that much. I did have lots of research to do on the demon I had been told about. I also had to do some research on Quileute legends, considering my mother had a copy of every book ever mentioning them in the least.

They dropped me off at my house, smiling and saying goodbye. I got a hug from Embry and Quil. Nessie looked like she wanted to hug me, but something held her back. I didn’t dwell on it. She probably didn’t want to get to close to me. I am human.

I unlocked the door to my house, smiling at its emptiness. On the kitchen counter was a note that read:


Taylor and I went to Port Angeles for the day. We will pick you up some things while we’re there. I put twenty dollars in the glove department of your car for you if you want to go someplace in town. We should be back by 8 o’clock.

Love you,


That was beautiful. I was alone, fun, it was just what I needed.

I walked down the stairs into my room and quickly took my cloathes off and ran into my bathroom. There were towels in the drawers, thanks to my midnight unpacking. I showered and dressed in twenty minutes.

I walked over to my computer and turned it on. While I was waiting for it to go to the main screen I went to my fridge and opened a can of Pepsi. When I returned my computer was up and running. I quickly clicked the internet button. Thanks to mom’s money, we could afford good internet connection. Taylor complained the most about getting it because she ‘needed to keep in contact with her friends.’

I set my Pepsi down and looked at Google. I started typing in phrases, each time coming up with some page that told stories with no proof whatsoever. Then I came across one that gave references to the demon in old religious scripts, such as the Bible.

The demon I would be dealing with was most defiantly a monster. My heart ached as I read all of what the text was saying. I couldn’t believe it, nor deal with it. Why would they need me to help them? What was I supposed to do? Pray to St. Michael? Get a Priest to bless some water? Throw it on the demon? What did the apparition seriously expect me to do?

I sighed, I knew nothing of what was intended of me. Flipping the lid of my laptop down to lock the screen I got up and grabbed my keys. It was three in the afternoon. I was hungry. I decided I would go into town and go to the diner, bringing along some of my money, because I was going to use mom’s twenty for emergency purposes, instead of for dinner.

As I drove I sang to Moulin Rouge – Come What May. Honestly, Moulin Rouge and Phantom of the Opera were my favorite musicals. I loved them to death. The greatest things that could ever have happened to me.

I pulled into the diner parking lot and got out of my car. The diner was a sit where you want and sit yourself there deal so I just sat at the bar. It took a minute and a waitress around my age or older came up to me, she was Native, very tall, and very pretty.

“Hey, you don’t look like you’ve been here before,” she said handing me a menu, “name’s Leah, what do you want to drink,” I smiled, she was the best kind of waitress, got right to the point.

“I’m new, and I’ll take a Pepsi,” I said smiling at her.

She nodded and went to go get it while I still sat and looked at the menu. I didn’t exactly know whether or not to get a steak, or a onion burger. I was still deciding when she came back.

“So what will it be?” she asked.

“What do you recommend steak or an onion burger?” I asked.

“Onion burger, the steak here is really hard to chew,” she said making a face.

“Onion burger it is, medium, with ranch on the side, lots of it, and Swiss cheese.”

She smiled,

“That’s how I take it,”

She went and put the order in and then came back. It wasn’t busy at all in this diner. People didn’t usually eat at three in the afternoon I guessed.

“So what brings you to Forks?” Leah asked.

“My mom. My family is Quileute on my mom’s side, she grew up here and they offered her a job on the reservation as a History teacher and she took it,” I stated, taking a sip of my Pepsi.

“You’re Jacqueline Mason,” she stated.

“Christ, everyone knows this!” I exclaimed.

“Not everyone, just a lot of people. I’m not in school any more, so I hadn’t heard of you until early this morning when Embry and Quil came by to hang out with my little brother Seth and were talking about you,” she shrugged.

“Oh, yeah Quil kind of ran into me, it was quite comical really. Well, aside from the headache. Then he and Embry raided my house an hour later. I barely know them and they took me to the beach today. The people are very friendly around here,” I said smiling.

“Screw Forks people, just the LaPush ones are friendly.” Leah said with a wink, grabbing my plate from the cook and handing it to me, “so how old are you?”

“Seventeen, and yourself?” I said, taking a part of my burger and dumping it in ranch.

“I’m twenty, are you looking for work yet?”

“Actually yes,” I said looking at her.

“We’re hiring. Waitresses,” she said, smiling.

“Can I have an app?” I asked, perking up.

“Nope, HEY BILL!” Leah called behind her to the chef.



Suddenly the kitchen door burst open to reveal a man in his early thirties. He was obviously Bill, the cook that Leah was shouting at, and the manager, and possibly owner of the diner.

“How can I help you there, love?” he asked, smiling at Leah, she blushed.

“Jacqueline Mason is looking for work, and I like her. I want her to work here, what do you think?”

Bill took a second to look at me. Then smiled.

“Of course Leah, if you like her then she’s in,” he said to Leah, then turned to me, “when can you start?”

“Anytime, and please, both of you, call me Jack,”

I worked out my schedule with Leah while I ate my food and found out that her and Bill were together, and had been for about two months. They were obviously serious, unlike most relationships at their age and I secretly wished them the best of luck. They were both good people and I liked them. I didn’t know what it was with this place, but I really loved all the people, they were so kind and generous to me. It made me feel like I should have been there my whole life, instead of wasting it in New York.

I departed feeling happy. They wanted me to start on Tuesday after at four thirty until nine. Not to many hours, but it would be good since I had to get accustomed to a new school with their homework and teaching styles. Who knew, I could have tons of homework and I could have hardly any homework. It just depended on the teaching styles of the teachers.

When I got home it was four thirty and there was a truck parked in my driveway. A truck that I had never seen before. Someone got out of it as I parked my car in the driveway. I looked and recognized the person instantly. Embry.

“Hey, what’s up?” I asked as he met me half way and followed me towards my front door.

“Nothing, bored, what have you been doing?” he asked smiling.

“I went to the diner down the road, ate, and got a job,” I said, laughing a little, “and I made two new friends, Leah and her boyfriend Bill.

Embry smiled, “Leah is a good friend of everyone’s.”

“I can tell, she’s the one who hooked me up with the job. All she did was tell Bill that she wanted me to work there and it as done,” I said.

“Leah holds power over him, its true,” Embry smiled.

“So did you guys get that situation with Bella fixed?” I asked.

“No, we don’t understand it,” he said laughing, but I knew that it was no laughing matter.

“That sucks, hopefully you guys get it soon,” I said.

“Yeah, so when are you starting school again?”

“Probably next Monday, or maybe Wednesday, it depends on my mood,” I said.

“Well start eventually,” he said, rolling his eyes.

“Can’t make any promises.”

We sat around watching T.V. for a while talking like that about random things. What made him come back I didn’t know. I thought he was going to be gone for a while earlier. I guess there was going to be no escaping that boy. He was always going to be around. I felt it.

He was growing on me. No matter how much I tried not to think about him he was growing on me. Soon he would be someone that I considered to be a great friend, possibly even a best friend. I just wanted him to tell me straight up himself what he was, or tell him I knew so that there would be no secrets between us. Secrets always make for bad friendships… or relationships in general.

I couldn’t think of him as more then a friend, I refused to. I couldn’t have a relationship. If there were demons around, I couldn’t put anyone else in danger. I wouldn’t risk another persons life then my own. I couldn’t get too close to anyone, or they might get killed. That is the risk in being a median. Bad things happen when you must mess around strong, negative entities.

I decided that I would have to start reading the bible a bit more. I knew that after Embry left I was going to look up every possible way to keep demons away. Because for once in my life I actually liked someone that probably like me back, and had just about as dangerous a lifestyle as I.