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Come What May

Come What May Divorce, it tore my family apart. Which inevetably led to the move to the reservation my mom grew up on. There's alot of wierd things going on here I don't understand... Embry/Imprint.


4. Chapter 4

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Chapter Four:

Embry came over everyday and stayed over almost every night without my mom’s consent or knowledge. Embry had to work on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday nights though, so those were the only nights I didn’t get to see him. But on every night he did stay he would leave at ten sharp, and go through the cellar door into my room at exactly ten thirty. During that half hour I would get ready for bed to appease my mother, and Embry would go home and eat something to appease his mother. I knew that if mom knew that he was over during the night past ten on weekdays, twelve on weekends, I would be dead. Literally, she would shoot me with her rifle. One shot to the head and I would be gone.

Embry and I were growing surprisingly close. I had never been really close to anyone outside of my family before, so this situation was all new to me. He told me just about everything about his life, leaving out the details about him being a werewolf, still not knowledgeable in the fact that I knew. I, without hesitation, shared with him the details of my life. Soon, I would tell him my secret, and hope that he will tell his in return.

I thought, already, of Embry as my best friend, and I knew he felt the same way. Instead of calling one of is guy friends when his co-worker and friend Paul pissed him off, he called me. He wanted me to calm him down; he said he didn’t want to fight. Then he talked to me until his boss, Sam Uley, pulled the phone away wanting to speak with me. He wanted me to come around for dinner sometime and meet his wife.

So far, everyone had been fascinating around LaPush. Hopefully today wouldn’t swerve that fascination, because today I start school.

My super best-friend Embry decided he was driving me to school on the first day. Although I insisted on driving, since I was older then him by three months, stating that the oldest gets to drive. He wouldn’t budge and even offered to take Taylor with us. I almost chided in telling him how much of a nuisance she was being, especially since she began looking at him in a way I didn’t appreciate. I didn’t tell him though. He never looked at her.

Though I wasn’t about to have a sibling rivalry over a guy. So I was going to nip it in the bud as soon as possible. Before I had to give a beating to my little sister that I never really got a long with. Mom, fortunately, took Taylor to school, so I could have time with my friends without my little sister running about.

Embry and I were jamming in his truck on the way to school. I was so nervous before he came to pick me up that I hadn’t eaten anything for fear of barfing. With Embry, he made the nauseous nervous felling go away, replaced by sheer happiness. Considering I had only known him for a week, I really felt a lot for the guy. He was perfect.

As soon as we parked Jake and Quil were on either side of the Truck, yanking us out. Quil had me and Jake had Embry. When Embry saw Quil touching me he let out a snarl and Quil quickly backed up. I read into things like these that happen, usually with my knowledge of the animal kingdoms. Wolves are territorial. So Embry was making me his territory. Maybe just by liking me that automatically means everyone else better back off. These were the types of questions I needed to ask whenever Embry told me he was a werewolf.

“We’ve got some kids for you to meet Jack, they are Sophomores, so treat them like you would any younger sibling,” Jake said, leading us to a group of three boys, just about as tall as Embry, Jake, and Quil, and almost as muscled.

“Hey! The infamous Jack Mason! Nice to finally meet you!” The tallest one of the younger boys said smiling brightly, “I’m Seth, this is Collin, and that’s Brady.”

“Ah. The infamous ‘dork wad’ Seth Clearwater. Leah tells me much about you,” I said smiling, “nice to meet you all.”

“That’s right; you work with Seth’s sister!” Brady exclaimed laughing, making everyone else laugh to.

“You do, oh god. Take some pills and I promise you that the headache will go away!”

We all talked for a while. My mom had set me up last week so that I could start today. I had my class list and everything else I needed, so I wasn’t worried about going to the office. I could go straight to class. It was nice, having people to talk to before school. In NYC I spent my mornings at Starbucks, then to class with two minutes before bell. So I never really socialized. I was going to love going to school. And I wasn’t going to want to have to graduate.

When the bell rang I went with Seth and Collin to Art class. I had always loved art class. Not that I was good. I was exceptional. But the class was always fun. The teacher looked up at me from her desk when I came in the room jabbering like a maniac to Seth about music. Collin stood by shaking his head saying wow.

“Jacqueline, welcome! I’m Ms. Atterbury, your mom showed me your portfolio, and you do wonderful work. We’ve actually just finished a project and I like to give the kids a couple of days off before assigning another one if they work hard enough. So you can just go sit wherever you’d like.”

Ms. Atterbury was about twenty-three, she looked like the type of teacher who was a lot like her students. I ended up smiling and thanking her.

Seth and I walked to the back where Seth obviously sat alone, because Collin walked off to go sit someplace else with other people. People that gave Seth and I a rude look as we walked past them.

“Seth, what’s their problem?” I asked.

“Them? Oh, they used to be my friends, then I started hanging out with Jake, Embry, and Quil, not to mention a couple of others that they don’t approve of and now that hate me,” Seth shrugged.

“That’s dumb, they don’t have the right to dictate who you hang out with,” I stated.

“Just make sure you’re not swayed by them. They will talk lots of shit about the guys if they ever get a chance to talk to you. All of what they say is un true. They say we’re a gang. Collin still hangs out with them. He doesn’t like us that much. He does like Brady, and sometimes me, but usually he doesn’t want to be around us.”

“I’ll keep that in mind. I don’t believe you guys are a gang. A gang in LaPush, puh, I’d like to see how they would react if they visited my street back home in NYC.”

The rest of our conversation was filled with us talking about Silent Hill: Homecoming. We both went through numerous shudders and weird faces. I covered my ears up while Seth talked about something a couple times. That game scared me so much.

“That game freaks me out, man,” Seth said, leaning back in his chair.

“But you’ve gotta love it!” I said smiling.

“No doubts about that,” Seth grinned.

Seth was like a cross between Jake and Embry. Outgoing, but in a sense reserved. He also had some boyish charm that made me smile whenever he spoke. This kid was amazing. I could see where he and Leah resembled, and I could pick out the differences as well. They looked alike, that was no doubt. Siblings. Love Em.

Everyone I had met so far in LaPush was amazing. I was just hoping they weren’t all faking. I doubted it, but I had seen it happen to new people before, girls especially. The difference was that these guys I’d been meeting were all werewolves, so they probably didn’t just let people into their circle of friendship. Actually, it was probably just the opposite. So, what was the catch with me? Certainly they had no idea of my… talents. So why would they welcome me so easily?

Did it have to do with Embry’s fascination with me? Our friendship? I had no clue. I could feel it in my inner core that there was something I was missing.

My mind wandered back to my vampire/werewolf romance novels. There was always one thing, imprinting. In all of them. Finding your life mate, your soul mate, your best friend, all in one person. I had read so many of those to not believe it to be true. All books describe something strange, like a feeling burst deep within the person who ‘imprints’ and all else is lost without that person they imprinted.

I could imagine the look on someone’s face when they imprinted.

I had seen it.

On Embry.

“Jack, that’s the bell!” Seth exclaimed as a buzzer went off. I had never heard a bell like that before.

My next class was, dun dun dun, European history, my mom’s class. I walked in, and seeing Jake and Quil sat next to them, smiling. They ambushed me with questions about how I like it so far and how my first class went and if Seth behaved himself. I jut laughed in answer to every question because they looked like little kids when they were asking them.

The bell rang; my mom was late in teaching her class. I never knew my mother to do such a thing before. Mom walked in the door three minutes late, that would defiantly be a tardy for any student who walked in that late. She forgot I was in the class because she quickly started babbling on about Holy Roman Emperors. She was going to hand out an assignment.

It was absolutely no shock to me when she gave us individual papers and told us to work on them. We had another thirty minutes left in the class, and I was done with in the first ten. I knew I should have paced myself, I was bored.

Suddenly I felt another chill run down my spine. I almost visibly stiffened. There was only a wall behind me. I looked behind me, acting as though I was only cracking my back. It was another ghost, different from before. A female, she crawled up to be able to speak in my ear as I turned around in my seat.

‘He’s almost surfaced, you must tell them soon,’

I wrote on paper.

‘How long do I have?’

‘Full moon,’

With that she was gone. They were warning me. They wanted to help me. I had to tell the guys, and fast. They wouldn’t appreciate it if I didn’t tell them until the day, or the day before. I had to tell them tomorrow, I would tell Embry tonight, but everyone else got to know the next day. I wouldn’t have Embry telling them. I wanted to.

The bell rang, my thoughts were to jumbled to know what Quil and Jake were talking about as they dropped me off at my Algebra II class that I would have with Embry. We both flunked it out Junior years so we were stuck with a class full of Juniors and dump Seniors like ourselves.

The teacher didn’t do much, just told me to relax for the day and he would get me started tomorrow. So I did. Embry came in and smiled when he saw me and sat next to me. The bell rang just as he was about to start a conversation and Mr. Reed, the teacher, started talking. So a piece of paper soon landed on my desk.

What’s wrong? He asked.

Nothing, why? It seems like there is something wrong. There is no smile in your eyes as there usually is.

I scoffed. If I really did smile with my eyes I never knew it. Furthermore that Embry noticed it, and noticed when it was gone was astounding.

Sorry. I’ll talk to you about it later on tonight, there’s something I have to tell you.

I watched his face when he read that. He looked afraid for a moment, and then tried to compose himself.

Is it something bad? Depends on how you look at it.

I knew I was worrying him about out relationship. I was no fool. I felt really bad for it, of course, but I couldn’t exactly elaborate. Not on paper. I wouldn’t dare put what I had to say on paper. Nor would I say it over the phone. I had to do it face to face. Even if it meant I might loose a friend. Though, I doubted that Embry would walk away. After all, what’s being a median compared to being a werewolf, right?

After that class we went to another class together called VIDEO PRODUCTION! My other favorite class. I loved Video back home. The teacher was kind, smiling all the time and not controlling the kids. He refused to tell them what to say. The class was totally out of control. I loved it. Embry and I just talked all hour, no one got anything done. I took it that they weren’t supposed to be doing anything anyways, or else they would be at least thinking about doing it for Mr. Rike’s sake.

After Video was lunch, the guys ate like wolves. I had never actually seen them eat, and now I see why. Each of them had three trays, and were still eying my tray like they wanted to devour even the plastic.

I was escorted to Anatomy by Embry, though I did not have the class with him. My first class where I didn’t know anyone. I was entirely shocked. It went by very slowly, that was for sure. The teacher gave me a paper to do while everyone else was discussing something I didn’t pay any attention to. I finished my paper quickly, and the teacher checked it over quickly, finding no mistakes. He scoffed at me. I guess he didn’t like perfectionists.

Which was exactly what I was when it came to school work, other than Algebra II of course. I had always gotten good grades. I couldn’t live with failing until I actually did it last year. I didn’t like the feeling either, so this year I wasn’t going to let myself fail Algebra II. There was no way in hell.

At last fifth hour was over and I raced out the door, making my way towards where I said I would meet Embry for sixth, and last, hour of the day. We had English IV together. One of the classes that had always come easy to me was English. I just had a good understanding of the literary arts and grammar, and things of that nature.

Jake was in that class with us, I swear to god I will kill that kid one day.

The teacher assigned a group worksheet for the class and Jake decided to socialize.

“So, got any boyfriends back home Jack?” he asked casually, while copying one of my well thought out answers.

“No, Jake. I don’t,” I said, annoyed.

He wouldn’t leave me alone. He wanted to know about my previous relationships. He prodded at me for answers. I knew Embry was the reasoning, even if he didn’t know it. He had a guilty look on his face the whole time.

In truth, I had only had two boyfriends before. They didn’t work out.

So I really didn’t want to go into the past and talk ex’s. Especially with Jake. The past needed to be left in the past. I told Jake this, and he left well enough alone. I was glad he did.

After school Embry and I took off quickly, Embry clearly didn’t want to be at school anymore, he was much happier now that he was outside and free. When we got to my house we went straight to my room and started to play X-BOX 360. I loved my 360. Especially my Silent Hill game that I wouldn’t play unless Embry was staying over. It scared me that much. I didn’t want Embry to leave if I had been playing the game. I wouldn’t let him.

“So what was it you wanted to tell me?” He asked after a while. My mom was taking Taylor to Seattle today after school so we were going to be alone until about ten anyways. I sighed, very uncomfortable, and paused the game, right before one of those disgusting dogs jumped at me and shut off my T.V.

There was a silence in which I was trying to figure out what to say.

“It’s going to sound unbelievable, but you’ve got to trust me,” I said, pleading with my eyes. He nodded, moving a little closer, concern filling his eyes, “have you ever seen those shows on T.V. shows about Medians who can see apparitions?”

He nodded and I continued, “Well, they are real, and I am one of them.”

I waited for him to start laughing, or to leave and never come back. Somewhere inside, I knew he wasn’t going to, I knew he was going to stand by me no matter what.

“Medians are real?” He asked.


“And you’re one?”


“Well shit, that’s sweet,” he said excitingly.

“That’s not all,” he watched me closely after I said that, “I’ve been warned by two spirits on Quileute lands that a demon is coming, and will be here in a five days. I wouldn’t just tell anyone this though, understand? The only reason I’m telling you is because the first apparition told me what you all were,” I could hear Embry suck in a breath.

“How long have you known?” He asked quietly.

“I’ve known about you guys and the demon since last Sunday at the beach,” I said, “today in History I was visited and told the demon would be here in five days and I had to out myself to you guys soon. I decided to tell you first, then everyone else together.”

“I have to go talk to Sam, I will come back for you soon, leave your phone on, okay?” He said getting up.

“Okay,” his facial expression was hard to read I didn’t understand it.

I stood with him. Quickly he embraced me, then without thinking he looked me in the eyes. His eyes were such a beautiful brown I lost myself in them. He swooped down and quickly placed a kiss on my lips and left. I stood shocked; Embry kissed me just as he was walking out. Embry kissed me and I had only known him for a week. Embry kissed me. All I knew was that I had better be right about the whole imprint thing.