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Jane's story. My addition to the One-shot challenge =]

Jane's reasons for being so loyal to the Volturi. When you make a mistake that could endanger us all as a total species, consequences where mandatory. It was Volturi law. ---Jane, Missunderstood

1. Chapter 1

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They didn't understand. They didn't get the need to obey and serve the Volturi. They just knew to fear and remain loyal to us. They didn't understand the extreme royalty the Volturi truly had.

But if only they knew the truth about them. If only they knew about how the Volturi took me in when I had absolutely nowhere else to turn. If only they knew how I had killed the only person I truly loved, and the Volturi were able to forgive me.

The Volturi didn't just give me a position on they're guard. They gave me honor loyalty, and the most important, they gave me a family. Not only a new family, but they reunited me with my twin brother Alec.

I may seem to be a sadistic person when out in the field, because all I do is punish. I punishment is owed when it is deserved. When you make a mistake that could endanger us all as a total species, consequences where mandatory. It was Volturi law.

Their efforts save the whole species of vampires from one vampire or one coven’s carelessness. They had been doing it for centuries. Not to mention the fact that the only time I can rid myself of the cold, dark memories of my past and transformation is when I’m serving the Volturi. Which I will do for my whole existence even if I were to parish in the process.

But no matter what happened, no matter how deep in thought I was about anything, the memories would come back to me.

I was young, I was stupid, and I was naive. I left last night, she told me it was too late she said it was too dangerous, but I left. I just had to find Alec, he was my other half.

It all happened to fast. I didn’t see him coming. He was so fast, he was a blur. I tried to fight him off, but his hands where to strong for me to loosen his grips. He wasted to time. He knocked me over and his ice cold teeth pierced my skin.

I thought I was going to die, I wished I could, because soon after I was in a world a pain, a world I had never visited and would never visit again. I screamed and cried, but it was worthless.

I was being burned alive, from the inside out. And my throat, it burned so harshly like I had just swallowed a large cup of acid.

Why hadn’t he killed me? Why did he drag me out to this cave where I had to suffer? Why wasn’t anyone around to kill me and rid me of this pain?

I decided it wasn't enough for him to just kill. He must torture me first. He wanted to know I was in pain, and once I realized this I had decided that no matter how long it took I would find him, and burn him just like he burned me.

I couldn’t tell how long I spent dying away in the cave. Years, days, months? It didn’t matter. I would die eventually. I just wanted to know how my mom was doing. I wished I would have listened to her and stayed home that night.

Would I ever get to see her again? Would I ever get to apologize? Would I ever get to look into her conflicted grey eyes? Had he gotten to her too? Was she going through the same pain I was going through? Or had she been lucky enough to die? Did Alec suffer just as I did?

I was driving myself crazy with all these questions. But just as I thought I couldn't last through this a second longer the burning feeling started to fade away from parts of my body. Had someone finally found me? Where they finally putting out the fire that surrounded my charred body? Then as the fire started fading up my abdomen and reached my heart it started to beat incredibly fast. I knew it was putting up its last effort to keep me alive. But I wasn’t going to let it save me. And in one single hard throb my heart stopped. It was finally over. Then something happened, something cruel, unfair and unexpected.

I took a breath.

I opened my eyes. I was still in this damned cave. My senses where sharper, I could see things, smell things, hear thing differently than I could before. He had to be here. He had to be close. How else would he be able to watch me suffer? A red tint covered my eyes. I realized the burning in my throat had never truly subsided. But there was something else I had to handle before I went after that sadistic man. I must go make sure my mother was okay.

It was easy to find her, even though I had never been in these forests before, I knew which way to go. When I got to the outskirts of our town I was over taken by an array of scents, better than anything I had ever smelt but I had to get to her. Even if that was the last thing I ever did. When I reached the outside of her door I held my breath, I was so nervous that I might be too late. When I opened the door and stepped in I saw her small figure sitting in her chair. She looked the same and all my worries seemed t o melt away.

"Huh!" she exclaimed frightened. I must look horrible, after being in that cage burning for however long I was gone.

"Mom don't be scared. Please, it's just me. Jane." I pleaded to her.

Her eyes looked me up and down, then widened. Tears pricked her eyes. "Jane. Is that really you?" she asked letting out a huff of air. The scent was too much. The air caressed my face, venom filled my mouth. I couldn't help myself. Before I even knew what I was doing my body had tensed and I had attacked. I had ended her life, and she was all I had.

I tensed away from the memory. It was always so hard for me to remember her. The worst part is the face she wore as I attacked her was constantly haunting me. If the Volturi hadn't found me and made me one of them I would be dead somewhere. They where my life know and I had a job to do. And until I had the satisfaction of burning the insides of the bastard that had done this to me I would burn anyone who broke Volturi law.

The angry red tint returned to my eyes, how I despised that man. However, there would be an eternity to hunt him down, and now it was time to go and see the Cullen’s. For they have broken Volturi law, and I was praying we wouldn't let them go so easily again.