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Jazz's Choice

This is a poem about the struggles Jasper has every day as the weakest vegetarian of the Cullen family. It's not exactly cannon but it's an idea I wanted to explore.


1. Chapter 1

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The thirst burned and seared at the back of his throat,
As it did when confronted with forbidden prey.
With his power, he sensed their hormones were churning,
The swim team was synchronized. In. Every. Way.

Forget his power, their scent was so potent!
Didn't the others want to drink the pool water?
They didn't, he realized. He was, once again
The only Cullen with an urge to slaughter.

Across the table, he saw Edward was glaring,
And realized, chagrined, the thoughts he'd been sharing.
But luckily Alice still did not know,
Since he hadn't resolved to go with the flow.

He sat stiffly but his eyes just grew blacker
Facing temptation that he was resisting.
He wanted to behave like all his siblings
But the crimson waves, they kept on persisting.

Two roads diverged in the Forks High School lunchroom
And Jasper could not decide which one to take.
Should he devour the girls who sat so nearby,
Or fight back that urge for his family's sake?

At once, he decided, the thirst was too strong
But Edward warned Emmett who said: "This is wrong!"
And both restrained Jasper before you could blink.
Menses, menses everywhere, but not a drop to drink.