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D a n c i n g

Image and video hosting by TinyPic" a+j fluff<3 Cute little thing i thought of while watching dancing with the stars (lol). a+j forever


1. Chapter 1

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It was a stormy autumn day in October. Bella and Edward were busy in there room. Carlisle, Esme, Rosalie and Emmett were downstairs watching TV. Jasper and Alice were up in Alice’s closet. Bella and Edward’s wedding was a month away, and Alice had so much to do.

For some reason, she couldn’t see into the future today. So, Alice spent the day testing things out, rather than seeing them. In the morning, she wanted to test out where the tables would go outside, but right when she finished putting all the place mats and table clothes, it started to rain.

In the afternoon, she arranged all the flowers all over the house, to see how they would look. But, when the flowers opened up, a horrible stench filled the house. Alice had accidently picked the wrong flowers.

Now, in the evening, Alice picked up the bridesmaid dresses. But, when she looked at the dresses, she found they were the wrong sort of navy color. They looked like a brownish blue. So, she spent the evening with Rosalie to try and fix them. But, after and hour or so, Rosalie stormed out yelling “This is hopeless Alice!”.

So, Jasper, as always, went upstairs and helped Alice fix the dresses. After an hour or so, Alice threw the fabrics in the air.

“Jazzy, I can’t take this anymore! This has been a horrible day! First, for some reason, I can’t see anything! Then, it rained on the table clothes, the flowers made the house smell -”

“Shh” Jasper said lovingly. He got up from sitting on the floor and wrapped his arms around Alice. At first she stood in her grumpy pose, but gave in and hugged Jasper back. A wave of calmness fell over Alice.

“Today’s just been horrible Jazzy” Alice whispered in his ear.

“Do you hear that music?” Jasper whispered back as he slowly leaned Alice back. He kissed her neck for a second or two.

“Jasper, what music?” she asked, curious now.

“Life is like a big party my dear” Jasper said and slowly spinning her around.

“I like parties” Alice whispered, after going around into a full circle. She put her right hand on Jasper’s shoulder, and her left hand in his hand. Jasper put his right hand on her waist, and his other hand in her hand.

“And at parties, they play music” He leaned in and whispered into her ear. They were now gently swaying.

“Like you said before” Alice almost whispered.

“And, sometimes, at parties, they play bad songs” Jasper said, as there gentle sway, became more formal.

“But you know what? While were here, we might as well dance” he said softly, and spun Alice around. She spun back into him, and grinned.

And then they were dancing. They started with a soft waltz, moving around the humongous closet, then dancing out of it into their bedroom. Alice, who was an amazing dancer compared to Jasper, pulled him closer and started to tango. Jasper followed along, with a huge grin on his face.

“Elbows up, Jasper” Alice teased as they stomped around the room. Then, Alice moved on to a super fast footed jitterbug. Well, fast for human pace. As they stomped around the room, Alice questioned some more.

“But why do they play bad music at parties Jasper?” Alice said as their quick jitterbug toned back down to a soft waltz.

“Well, they play good songs, and bad songs. That’s what makes parties so unpredictable. If they only played good songs, it would be boring. If they only played bad songs, well, that wouldn’t be too good either” Jasper whispered in her ear.

“Hmm” Alice sighed. They gently moved around the room.

They were gently swaying when Alice stopped.

“What is it?” Jasper asked.

Alice simply sighed and put her arms around his waist. He did the same.

“Jasper, you know, before I saw you at that diner, I was lost. I completely didn’t know what to do with myself. But then I saw you” Alice grinned. She nuzzled her face into his chest.

“I remember thinking of you as my prince” she chuckled to herself. Jasper kissed her hair.

“And of you as my princess” he murmured. He put his hand back on her waist while the other slid into her other hand. She followed, and they went back to there slow waltz. Jasper could feel a very odd emotion projecting from Alice. Still while dancing, he leaned in and put his mouth to her ear.

“What is wrong, my dear?” he asked. Alice looked up at him with her big topaz eyes.

“I was thinking about before I met you. It was sort of like before a party. I could see it happening, I knew it would happen, but it didn’t happen yet. Gah, those were some of the worst years in my vampire life. Then you came. It was like the start of my party. Of life’s party. Ah, and there was good music” Alice said, slowly going into her own little world. There slow swaying quickened a little.

“And today, oh my, was there some bad music. The rain, the flowers, the dresses ...” she said.

“Alice” Jasper interrupted “Forget the bad music, forget the good music. Only think of the now. The here. The dancing”.

And they sped off again into a quick jitterbug.

“What do you suppose Alice and Jasper are doing up there?” Esme asked Carlisle down in the kitchen. All everyone could here form upstairs were fast, paced, loud steps. Like they were running around in there rooms.

“I think we should leave them alone” Carlisle said with a grin. Esme looked down embarrassed. No, no. That had a completely different sound. But this, this was something else. Running, jumping, dancing ...? It would bug Esme all night.

“I’m going to see” she said while standing up and swiftly walking over to the stair case. She was a mother for goodness sakes. It was her job to worry about whatever her children were doing. She could hear Emmett laughing as she climbed the stairs.

“Remember when she almost walked into Ed’s room while he was with Bella? Ha-ha, priceless” Emmett said. Esme stopped at the second last step from the top. That was not one of her better days. It was a good thing Jasper stopped her in time, telling her that a lot of love and lust was coming from their room. But this was different. She got off the stairs and continued down the hall to Jasper and Alice’s room. She paused at the door, then knocked.

“Yes?” Jasper’s voice called from the room.

“It’s Esme. We’ve been hearing a lot of ... stomping coming from your room. What are you up to?” Esme said slowly. She heard Jaspers low laugh and Alice’s soprano laugh.

“Well?” Esme pressed on.

“Dancing to life’s dreadful music, that’s all” called Alice’s voice. Then the laughter again. The stepping sound continued. A grin appeared on Esme’s face as she walked down the stairs into the kitchen.

“Did they kick you out or what?” Emmett said. Esme looked over at Carlisle. Her beautiful, smart, amazing Carlisle. All hers.

“I think their love is really starting to rub off on me” Esme said as she went over and kissed Carlisle.