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Cadyna is an outcast, seperated from her friends and family by the hand of an evil vampire. Alone, Cadyna is determined for revenge. The third story in the cross-breed series


2. Simple? i think not!

Rating 5/5   Word Count 642   Review this Chapter

How does one get to Italy without money, contacts or a jet? Simple. You masquerade as a giant dog and get shipped over. Well, not that simple. First, I found a library and checked out flights to Italy. Then I hacked into the flight computers (something Edward had taught me, even though Esme and Bella didn’t approve) and printed off a label for a dog carrier. I walked to the airport and sat outside. Someone left a dog carrier outside the building. Now the tricky bit. I had to attach the label, strip (to keep my clothes intact), phase, get in the carrier and lock it from the inside. I had the label on in seconds and walked over to the crowded loading section. I waited until I was sure no one was looking before crawling into the (large) container and stripping. I quickly phased, all except for my arm, which I used to lock myself in. then I waited for somebody to see. Eventually the found me and stuck me on a flight. I lay quietly in the baggage hold. There was another dog in there. I was quite thirsty but I would have to bear it. I unlocked my cage and crawled out. I shifted and pulled out the bag of food in the back of my cage. I ate a little bit. It didn’t remove my thirst but it cut the hard edge off it. I had a few hours to kill.

I woke up. An attendant was standing above me. His look of concern became anger.

“What are you doing in her?” it was no use. A human, a confined space and burning thirst are never a good mix. I attacked. It was halfway through that I realized something. I was becoming exactly what Jasper had said. So I stopped.

“I was never here,” I said. Then I removed his ability to remember. He left. I could feel the plane angling down towards the earth. I darted back into the cage. I was wondering how long it would take to walk to Volterra. An hour probably. I sighed, as much as a wolf can sigh, and twisted my tail. The plane had stopped and I could hear people rooting through the baggage hold. I hoped they would be quick to get to me. It was boring. Any normal human would have thought it was to cold, but not me.

“Two dogs! They’ll be taken to quarantine for six months” no way was I sitting around as a dog for six months. I would have to wait until night and then sneak out. They heaved my case out of the hold.

“Hell, this one is heavy!” I growled. Dog or not, I wasn’t going to stand for that.

“Sorry dog” I sniffed. They placed the case in a small room. It was still light outside but I could sense the desire to be out of the room. The people wanted to leave. I figured that the shift would end about six, seven at the latest. I had to do more waiting! Typical!

“Feed the dogs, then you can leave” said the man in charge. The helper sighed and quickly stuck some food in each cage. My cage was last and I was hoping he would be in such a hurry that he wouldn’t lock it properly. Nuts! He locked it securely.

“Okay, done!” the two men left. I phased my hand and stuck it through the wires. I unlocked the door and got up. I phased back fully and dressed. Then I snuck out. I headed to the airport car park. I didn’t approve of stealing a car but I wanted to get out of there soon as possible. Oh, I was going to have to walk. There were no cars. I walked off, in the direction (I hoped) of Volterra. It was a very long walk.