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Cadyna is an outcast, seperated from her friends and family by the hand of an evil vampire. Alone, Cadyna is determined for revenge. The third story in the cross-breed series


4. Destroying the Demon

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It hadn’t taken long to relocate John. His family had moved on, which suited me. I didn’t want to see them.

“So. What’s our next move?” Jane asked.

“We can attack him when he’s hunting,” I suggested.

“Or we could just break in now and kill him” she said. I sighed and nodded. We headed towards the building.

“He’s in. So is one of his brothers. The other brother and the two girls aren’t in” I said, inhaling. I had better hearing then any vampire. Better, sense of smell too.

“His room’s at the left side of the house. I go in first. You go behind him. We both take him down” she nodded, eyes narrowed. She had been waiting for this for years. I ran round to the left side of the house. I scaled the wall and into his room. He wasn’t in so I sat on his bed. I heard him coming up the stairs and stood by the window. He flicked the light on and saw me. He froze. Then he blinked. I moved to his bed. He spun around, looking for me.

“Hello John” I said from behind him.

“Err. Hi Cadyna” Jane sprang through the window to stand behind him.

“Hello John” he spun around again, his eyes wide.

“Are all my ex-girlfriends going to turn up?”

“No. considering you killed most of them. It’s a shame. If you hadn’t messed with me, you would probably have lived longer. But it was only a matter of time” I said. He turned back to me. Jane and I started circling him. He couldn’t keep an eye on both of us, we moved so that one of us was always behind him. Occasionally we would throw a punch, hitting him anywhere we could. Then Jane struck properly. She ripped off a piece of him. She went again but he blocked her, leaving me a space to attack. We carried on with our game of cat and mouse. Then we both leapt at the same time. Jane and I ripped of his head.

“Do you want to take him somewhere and beat him up a bit more?” I asked.

“Hmm…let him suffer like we did. Maybe we should locate all his ex-girlfriends and get them to kill him”

“To much hassle” I said. We put all the pieces into a sack.

“Where are we taking it and what are we doing to it?”

“I think we should reassemble him and then burn him,” Jane said. I leapt out the window with the sack and Jane followed. We reassembled him outside the door. He immediately tried to run but I blocked him and growled. Jane tied him up. I pulled the lighter we had bought out of my pocket. He started thrashing wildly against the restraints. I placed the flame by his skin, letting him feel the heat but not actually burning him. Then I set fire to the tip of his hair. The flame spread down his hair and onto his head. Then Jane put it out. The top of his head was burnt badly, nearly turning into ash. I placed the lighter against the thumb on his left hand. We scorched the length of his arm before putting it out and repeating it on the other arm. Then we did both legs.

“Think that’s enough pain?” I asked Jane. She smiled at him and he writhed in agony.

“Now, that’s enough pain” she said. I smiled and lit his fingers on both hands. Then both legs and his hair. We stood and watched him burn. The demon was dead.