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Cadyna is an outcast, seperated from her friends and family by the hand of an evil vampire. Alone, Cadyna is determined for revenge. The third story in the cross-breed series


6. Finding the Cullen's

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I went straight back to Aro. If I told him, he wouldn’t believe me, especially if Caius was there.

“Um…Aro, I was wondering. Can I possibly take a bit of time off? I want to do some traveling”

“Okay. All members are volunteers, so feel free to come and go as you please, you don’t have to ask my permission,” he told me. I smiled and left.

“Hey, Cady!” called Felix.

“Oh, hey Felix”

“Where are you off to young lady?”

“I’m going traveling for a bit”

“There’s something you’re not telling me,” He said.

“I can’t tell you here. Come with me” we went to my room.

“I overhead Caius, Demetri and Heidi talking. About killing the Cullen’s and Aro and Marcus”

“Why didn’t you tell Aro?”

“Because he’d think I was crazy or stirring. I need help, proof. I’m going to warn the Cullen’s”

“Okay, I’ll stay here and keep an eye on them for you. But I don’t think you should go alone”

“Felix, I’ll be fine. If I need help I’ll ring” he looked doubtful still.

“Felix, please relax,” I said.

“Fine, but make sure you ring if you need help” I nodded and hugged him. He left and I packed my rucksack. I had money this time so I wouldn’t be riding in the baggage hold as a dog this time. I also had a car so the trip to the airport took ten minutes instead of two hours. I boarded the flight to England and sat tensely for the two hours and forty-five minutes of flight. Then I practically ran from the airplane. I didn’t have any baggage except for my rucksack, which I had carried on. I was lucky this time and there was a car waiting for me, just crying out for me to steal it. So I drove back to Basingstoke. The Cullen’s house was empty. I rang Jo.

“Jo? It’s Cadyna”

“Cadyna! What! You vanished! Where did you go?”

“Jo, calm down. Where did the rest of the Cullen’s go?”

“Umm…you weren’t with them? I would have thought…”

“No, I went to visit some family in Italy. They were going to pick me up but I needed to come home early. So, where have they moved to?”

“I heard they went back to America. Back to where they last lived”

“Right, thank you” I said before hanging up. I booked the first flight to Forks and drove back to the airport. Déjà vu.


I had a problem. If I went back to the house, I would end up either dead or thrown into a lake. I decided only to talk to one of them and see if they believed me. Not Jasper or Rosalie, maybe Carlisle or Esme. They were both understanding. Alice might understand to. Edward. He would find out anyway and he would know that I was telling the truth. I watched the house from a distance for a while. Edward and Bella lived in their own house so I waited until they came home.

Edward! I thought. I saw him pause for a second.

I need to talk to you! Urgently!

“Bella, I’ll be in in a second. I forgot something”

“Do you want me to come with you?”

“No, it’s fine. I’ll be back in a sec. I promise,” he told her. She ran on. He looked around.

“Okay, Cadyna. What do you want?”