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Cadyna is an outcast, seperated from her friends and family by the hand of an evil vampire. Alone, Cadyna is determined for revenge. The third story in the cross-breed series


7. Chapter 7

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I came out from behind my tree. I was surprised that Bella hadn’t smelt me but oh well.

“I’ve only got a minute. What is it Cadyna?” he said impatiently.

“You know that I didn’t kill a human,” I stated.

“Didn’t you? Your eyes…”

“My eyes go red when I’m angry! And I was very angry at that point! That b*****d tried to rape and eat me!” I yelled. He looked startled.

“You’re saying that you didn’t attack anyone? That you were attacked?”

“Yes. John drugged me. Then he tried to rape and kill me. He’s an incubus!” Edward swore under his breath.

“Why didn’t you tell us?”

“Jasper was looking for an excuse to throw me out, and even if I had told you…everyone would still believe that I’m a killer. And…and…maybe I am” a tear dripped down my cheek. Edward put his hand on my shoulder.

“No you’re not. We’ve all killed at some point, it’s how we survive and we fight it to be better people. That’s life. But you’re not a killer” I smiled at him.

“Anyway, that’s not why I came here! We have a problem! A big one! Caius, Heidi and Demetri are planning on killing you”

“Aro is Carlisle’s friend, why would he try and kill us?”

“Not Aro. Not the Volturi. Caius, Heidi and Demetri, they’re planning on killing you and then taking over the Volturi. Killing Aro and Marcus, anyone who stands in their way” Edward was frozen.

“Felix knows. He’s keeping an eye on things. But I’m worried they’ll kill him…he’s part of my family” I began to cry again as it really dawned on me the danger he was in.

“Okay, Cadyna. Come with me. Bella and I will look after you tonight. I’ll talk to the others tomorrow” he led me to his cottage.

“Edward! Finally! I’m in the spare room!” Bella called.

“Um…Bella? Can you come out here for a second? Please?” Bella came in, a smile on her face. Whatever she was expecting, I wasn’t it. Her liquid gold eyes froze.

“Cadyna…what happened?” Edward explained the situation to her. She rushed over and hugged me. “I’m so sorry we threw you out! We should have known! And this business with the Volturi! If any of them find out that you’re warning us, they could kill you!” I was really tired, suddenly. The world shimmered and I collapsed.

“Edward!” I heard Bella squeak “is she okay?”

“Yes. She’s just tired. Let her sleep for now. We’ll talk to her tomorrow” it wasn’t just sleep that was coming. A vision. I hadn’t had one in a while.

I was on a beach, the sea lapping my toes. The sun was setting and the sky was stained with its crimson rays, like blood spilt on a carpet. I had a sense of dread and I turned. There were bodies strewn over the sand. Blood everywhere. Humans, vampires, werewolves. Jacob, Nessie, Edward, Bella, Alice, Esme, Carlisle, Emmett, jasper, Rosalie. Sam, Jared, Paul, Seth, Leah, Collin, Brady, Quil, Embry. Others whose names and faces I didn’t recognize. I looked down. Felix’s glassy eyes stared back. Alec next to him, one hand outreached to me. Everyone I knew and loved. Dead.