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Cadyna is an outcast, seperated from her friends and family by the hand of an evil vampire. Alone, Cadyna is determined for revenge. The third story in the cross-breed series


8. sarcastic wolf

Rating 5/5   Word Count 495   Review this Chapter

I woke with a start. I was in the spare room, staring at the wooden beams. I was gasping. I hoped Edward hadn’t seen that. It was horrible. Everyone dead? That couldn’t happen! I knew that if the Cullen’s were in danger, Nessie would want to help her family. That meant Jacob and his pack. And Sam’s pack too. So much death, but why? Why was Caius doing this? I wished I had the answers.

“Cadyna!” called Bella “are you awake?”

“Yes!” I called back. Like she didn’t know. She came in.

“Are you hungry?”

“Not really but I need to hunt soon. Otherwise I’ll gain an extra year” she nodded.

“You go hunting while we go and prepare the others,” said Edward coming in. I nodded and left.

“Do you think she’s telling the truth?” I heard Edward whisper.

“You’re the mind reader not me” she replied.

“But what does your gut tell you?”

“I think it was wrong to throw her out the house. All of you have slipped up at some point. Yet, we threw her out the moment we considered she had. That’s hardly fair! I think we should believe her this time. If she’s right, we‘ll owe her our lives. The lives of every vampire!” I stripped, phased and ran off in search of prey. I drained two deer in less than five minutes and headed over to the big house.

“Guys, it’s come to my knowledge that we may have falsely accused Cadyna. I mean, did any of us see her kill a human?”

“No, but her eyes were bright red” said Jasper.

“Jasper, all of us have slipped up at some point. Did the rest of us throw them out? No. so why her?” I was surprised to hear Rosalie’s voice.

“Well, what are we going to do? It’s not like we know where she is!” I heard another two people come into the room.

“Hey guys!” it was Jacob and I assumed Nessie was with him.

“Do you realize that you seem to have acquired a new pet? There’s a big black dog out there” oh, he saw me.

“How big?” asked Jasper. I was satisfied to hear his voice crack slightly like he was afraid.

“About this big” I assumed Jacob was gesturing.

“Black you say?”

“Yes. Really dark black. Sam black. And it looked pretty fierce. It also looked wild. If you don’t want it, I’ll have it. I’d love a pet!”

“You are not having a dog. There’s enough around” I heard Nessie say.

“So, what did this dog look like?”

“Enough about the stupid dog! Jasper, who cares?” said Rosalie. Obviously, she hadn’t guessed. I decided it was my cue to enter. I padded in. if it was possible for a wolf to look like it had an attitude, I managed it. I paused, raised an eyebrow at Jasper, and walked past.

“Why do we have a dog in here?” Rosalie asked. I changed my vocal cords quickly.

“Honestly Rosalie! And I actually thought you’d missed me!” the look on her face made me laugh out loud.