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Cadyna is an outcast, seperated from her friends and family by the hand of an evil vampire. Alone, Cadyna is determined for revenge. The third story in the cross-breed series


9. Stuff happened, Jasper got yelled at.

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I had shifted back and got dressed. I rejoined the other room and I noticed that Jasper looked nervous and Rosalie looked slightly shifty.

“So anyway, I understand that you don’t want me here, blah blah blah, yeah I get it. But anyway, you’re in danger. Caius is planning on killing you and overthrowing the Volturi. I thought it was better if you knew. But if you don’t want to believe me, I understand. I’ll leave and I’m sure everyone will be much happier” I glanced at Jasper.

“Well it’s very nice of you to come and tell us. Especially after…” Carlisle’s voice trailed off.

“But. You don’t think that the Volturi would do that?” I finished. Carlisle looked uncomfortable.

“Why should we believe you? For all we know you could be holding a grudge at us for kicking you out when you cheated” Jasper said. I glared at him, and thought of all the swear words I knew.

“Jasper. I didn’t cheat. Just because you don’t like me doesn’t mean that you can shout at me and I’ll just take it. You are a totally prejudiced hypocritical bloodsucker who can’t take it that your wife had a kid before they met you or even knew you existed. And do you know what? I didn’t have to come here and warn you. I could have let you all die but no matter what you guys did, Alice is my family. So, just shut the hell up, get over yourself and do something useful for once in your miserable life!” I said it angrily but quietly, making sure each word was driven into his thick skull. Edward was reading the much ruder version that I was thinking I was sure. Jasper was staring at me. Then Jacob clapped.

“It’s about time someone told him the truth!” he laughed. Everyone else just looked at him, except for Jasper and I who were still staring at each other.

“Now, if you lot don’t mind you need to sort out what you’re going to do. I’ve got places to go!”

“So what did happen then?” Jasper challenged, “If you didn’t cheat, why your eyes were red? Why did you run? Come on then. What really happened?” clearly, he hadn’t got my message.

“I WAS RAPED! OKAY?! ARE YOU HAPPY NOW? MY EYES GO RED WHEN I’M MAD AND YOU WOULD BE MAD TOO IF THAT HAPPENED!” I shouted at him. I was shaking, as I did when I was angry. I focused and calmed down. Then Rosalie got up and walked slowly to my side.

“I believe her,” she said. Everyone was dumbfounded. Jacob came to my side.

“We’ll fight for you,” he said, using the pack plural. Bella walked over and so did Edward.

“And us” Esme and Carlisle joined us.

“Hell yeah!” said Emmett “I missed my niece!” he joined me. Alice looked at her husband.

“Jasper. I love you, but Cadyna is part of my family. I believe her and you can join us or you can choose to leave. But I won’t let you rip my family apart any longer” then she joined us. We looked at Jasper. He sighed.

“Okay, I’ll fight” Alice smiled. My phone rang.

“Cadyna! You have to get out of there! Caius, he’s started his plan! You have to get out of there” Then the room exploded.