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The oven mitt

Bella and edward try to get nessie to eat human food. When Emmett get tied in, you know a bet is involved. I AM IN NEED OF A BANER! if u can think of one, please send it to me !

hope you like it!

2. girl power !

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"Mother!" Nessie shrieked. "I'm hung-." She was cut off mid word. "Nessie?" I asked, slightly worried. As I rounded the corner of our little cottage, I saw the most hilarious scene.

Nessie, my little nudger was awkwardly stuck into a baby chair, my dreamy, sexy, handsome husband, was staring at a recipe. His expression was a mix of determination and confusion. His apron....there are no words for that apron. Note to self: Thank Alice for outrageous apron. She might be hyper, but she's my favourite.

Walking across the kitchen proved to be a not-so-easy task.

And I thought Edward could do anything, guess I'm wrong.

The kitchen was filled with ingredients that shouldn't be available in this country. Nessie was screaming at the top of her lungs. Edward was still entranced in his book, and to top it all off, everything was coated with a thin layer of flour. Great. Just great.

I was not in the mood to deal with this.

"Whatever your doing, just...clean up." I muttered. Walking away.

Time for me to win this bet

7:OO. Show time.

"Mother," Nessie spoke loudly. Her voice so innocent. I know what she was trying to do. "May we go hunting today?" She asked so sweetly. My mind already losing focus. Darnn. She could be too much like her father sometimes. Always dazzling. Jeez.

"Um...no...what...ya..no.." I mumbled

Focus Bella.

Do you want to eat human food? Yuck. I still remember the first time I had human food. When I was immortal of coarse.

"Oh, mommy." Jacob called, trying to be funny. Not gonna work. Wack! " Not funny, Jake." I said. Man, I might love him but seriously, he can be so annoying. If it weren't for Nessie he wouldn't have survived this long. "Dang, Bells. That hurt." he said while rubbing the back of his head."that's what you get for messing with the strongest vampire in the house." I told his smugly."- and the sexiest." Said my favourite voice. Oh. God. When my body decided to respond, I saw it. Edward, my Edward, was looking like the sexiest man in the world. He was leaning against the door way. Lust was the only expression in his eyes. Not the time. Stop Bella, don't let yourself lose control. You are mad at Jacob. I told myself. At that moment, I did the unthinkable; I turned around. I can't believe it. Just as I turned, Jake was right behind me. " Act fast!" He said. And thus, my face was covered with cake. My reaction to Edward earlier, meant my mouth was still open. Yuck.

Edward was right, But then again he always is, it really did taste like dirt. Does Jacob really have to live? I asked myself.

I mean, sure Nessie wont like it.... I trailed off in my head.

STOP! This is not you Bella, this is the newborn speaking.

Then realization struck me. That traitor.

"Edward." I said blankly.

"What, love?" He said happily.

"...."My silence seamed to worried him.

"love?" He asked. He was instantaneously at my side.

If this worked last time, then it will work time. I said to myself.

I leaned in to him, lust took over my eyes. He gasped.

Now is my chance.

As his mouth fell open I shoved the same piece of cake that was on my face, into his mouth.

It was really funny, the way he coughed, and spit.

"That's what you get for messing with the strongest, and sexiest, vampire in the house." I told him smugly.

I simply walked away, making my hips sway from side to side.

Whoo! GIRL POWER! I heard the newborn in my head speak.

And frankly, I agreed.