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The oven mitt

Bella and edward try to get nessie to eat human food. When Emmett get tied in, you know a bet is involved. I AM IN NEED OF A BANER! if u can think of one, please send it to me !

hope you like it!

3. The Cucumber

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Edward P.O.V.

I am so gonna win!

Sure, I know, I kinda messed up last time. But this time I will prevail! As funny as it would be to watch Bella eating the amount Jacob eats, I should do it carefully. Not just because she's a newborn. Well, let's just say she won't let me into our bedroom for a while. Sigh. Guess I only have on choice left.

Bella POV

Edward's thinking up something. My Bella senses are tingling. Thing Bella, think. Aha! I have a brilliant idea.

"Oh, Nessie." I called her sweetly. "Yes, momma." She called back innocently.

"Are you hungry?" I asked. I picked her up. Her hand touched her chin as she answered. "I'm not sure mommy, depends what I can eat." she said with a smile. Darnn. This is gonna be harder then I thought.

Emmet POV

lollipop, lollipop, oo, lolly lollipop, lollipop.

Edward POV

God, Emmet's stupid.

Alice POV

shopping shopping shopping !!!!

hmm, where's Jasper?

Jasper POV

Must hide. No shopping. No Alice.

crouches into fetal position, sucks thumb.

Rose POV


Esme POV

I like kids, my kids messed up. I like flowers. YAY!

Narrator POV

Carlisle walks in. slowly backtracks .

Nessie POV

I awoke starteled.

I just had a dream that my family went crazy.

Wait, was that a dream? Let's see.

I could hear a conversation from mommy and daddy.

" THAT'S RIGHT EDWARD, WHO RULES?" My mother yelled. "You do love." Daddy said quietly. He sounded scared.

This is not normal.

I crept downstairs, my little designer night gown swaying. Darn you Alice. This thing might look pretty, but it's really uncomfortable. As I peep around the corner, I say daddy on his knees. Is that a potato? No. what is it? Oh. my. God."DADDY!" I yelled "Oops." said mommy. Shock crossed his face. "Baby, its not what it looks like." Daddy apologized. "Your a liar!" I yelled.

I ran upstairs, fury crossed my body. Maybe sleep will help. Nope. Hmm? I know! I picked up my pink phone. Mom protested letting me get one. I mean, I look like a five year old. I dialed my favourite number. "Jakey..."

Edward POV

Crap. Crap. Crap.

I knew I shouldn't have told Nessie. But me and stupid brain had to go ahead and say it.

Three months earlier

"Daddy?" My sweet innocent Nessie asked. "Yes, baby?" I answered her with a smile.

"Why was Jasper begging Alice for a cucumber?" she asked, her face contorting into a confused expression. Oh. Crap. "Um, well, honey, That's something grownups do when they are bored." "Hmm?" Urg. Well, might as well get this over with. "Bella?" I whispered. " A little help?"

She was immediately at my side. I told her what Nessie had asked me. Her jaw dropped.

"Oh." she whispered. "Well, Nessie," Deep breath. Since I could not talk, Bella said it for me.

"Nessie, That's what couples do when they don't have any kids, because they get bored," she explained sweetly. "But," I added."You can get in a lot of trouble for doing it." I said. "You might even go to jail." Bella whispered. Nessie looked horrified."Are you and mommy ever going to do it?" Nessie asked. Maybe. I thought to myself."Of course not" Bella said.

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