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The oven mitt

Bella and edward try to get nessie to eat human food. When Emmett get tied in, you know a bet is involved. I AM IN NEED OF A BANER! if u can think of one, please send it to me !

hope you like it!

4. Cheater Cheater Pumpkin Eater !

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Bella POV

This is the day. The day I win this bet.
Hmm, I wonder, what should I make. As I stared absentmindedly at Nessie's sippy cup, a light bulb lit up in my head. Ha ha ha. I will prevail!

Edward POV

I love Bella, don't get that wrong. I'd just think it would be funny, watching her kill Jacob after he swallows a cow whole.
Ha ha. Hmm, what human food would suit her....?
oh, well.
Jeez, Jake never cleans up after himself.
Look, Nessie's sippy cup is even lying on the floor.
Wait. And then it clicked.
Ha ha ha. I am so gonna win.

Nessie POV

I'm hungry...or thirsty, whatever I was, I needed to eat something.
"Oh, daddy dear." I called out. Daddy is always there when I need something.
"Yes, nudger dear."He called back. That was his nickname for me, cause my mom always calls me that.
" I am hungry." I said matter-of-factly.
"Well, lets take care of that." said with a smile, as he picked me up.
He lead us into the kitchen of our little cottage.
I was put into the uncomfortable baby chair.
Jeez, I could crush this chair if I wanted to, why the hell would I need to sit in it. But, daddy doesn't need to know about it. I sat there quietly while daddy started pulling out kitchen utensils.
"That won't be necessary, Edward." My mother said.
She was leaning against the door way. That is always a popular pose.
My dad just stared at her with a weird look on his face.
Great. I guess I'll have to sleep at the family house tonight.
My mother waved a hand in front of her, probably trying to get his attention. As if it was anywhere else. Mommy this, Bella that, gosh. I am the hybrid. Anyway.
"Edward, if you want to do this fairly, then we should cook at the same time." Mom told him.
"Who said I wanted to do this fairly?" Daddy said with a smirk. Oh. Bad move. I might be a child, but I hang around Emmett a lot. Emmett told me that when a husband says something a wife doesn't like, he isn't allowed in their bedroom for a while.
I am completely against violence, but it was pretty funny watching Mommy kick the hell out of Daddy.

Bella POV

Ha. Take that, stupid, handsome, sexy, dreamy,romantic....


"Okay, you get to cook first, when you're done, I'll cook." I told him with a smile.

I went over to my little nudger and held her in my arms.
"You wanna go see Jake?"I asked her. She didn't even need to answer.

"Yo, Jako!"I called. Before I could look at Nessie, she was gone from my arms. Oh well.

After about half an hour, I went to go check on Edward.
Since I was bored, I decided to use my awesome mommy vamp powers.

Na na na na na na na na Bat mom, Bat mom.
Sometimes I wish the newborn in my head would shut up.

I peeked around the corner. There, I saw my sexy husband.
He pulled something out of the oven. It was burned. Ha. He seemed to notice that too. Edward seemed to go into a fit of rage. He shred up the oven mitt he was wearing. Ha. Seeing the white cotton fluff, it reminded me of Isle Esme. Damn. I'm horny again.

My husband did the only thing he could, he stared making a salad.

I just walked away.

Edward POV


I'm done.

Let's go see what Emmett's doing.

Nessie POV

Dinner time.

It only took mommy 15 minutes.

Grandpa picked me up and brought me to the kitchen.

On the counter were two silver plates with round silver tops.
"Okay, Ness, here's Daddy's dish." Grandpa said.
He lifted the top of the plate. There, was a salad.
Okay. I took a piece of lettuce into my mouth.
It tastes funny. Hmm.

Next I tasted Mommy's dish. A sandwich. I took a bite. Hmm, definitley not right.

Then it clicked

Carlisle POV

Nessie exploded.

"Cheater, cheater, pumpkin-eater!" She yelled out. Ness was pointing at Bella and Edward.

I sniffed the food. Oh.

Bella POV


Edward POV



The whole family was summoned to the family house.
"Now, children. It seems as we have found out the result of the bet." Carlisle said. "Bella, Edward, since you have cheated, both of you shall have to go through the punishment"
He clarified.

The sad couple bowed their head in shame.

Jacob was the one who had enjoyed this the most.

"I'm feeling a little hungry." Jacob said.

Bella and Edward growled

"You just ate an entire pizza!" Bella cried out.

"Hey. I'm not the one who cheated by putting human blood in Nessie's food." Jacob said

With one more stare and a long growl, Bella lunged at Jake.

And yes, he did survive. You seriously think Bella would kill him?