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Edward's Lament

A Shakespearean-inspired poem about Edward's tedious wait for his wedding night. PG-13 for innuendos.


1. Edward's Lament

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Edward's Lament

The wind carries her scent of strawberries.
Her voice is melodic, like canaries.
Oh, I have never harbored many wants,
But several dreams her ambrosia haunts.
Her hair doth shine like diamonds in the sun,
If I inhale my wits become undone.
The sweet smell of her blood is much too strong
And I know taking her would be so wrong.

My dear sweet girl, she does not want to wait
Many times I know she attempts to bait.
As a groom, I know my formal duty.
Still I view her virtue as pure beauty.
But my mother reared to always respect,
Even when my flag is flying erect.
During my watch, for her I fondly care,
But I think my long wait very unfair.

Her fresh pink rose is mine to deflower,
Which I so dearly desire to devour.
She is fragile like an ancient crystal
And would break when I go off like a pistol.
As a lion I must protect my lamb,
Nay, fighting the strong temptation to ram.
Alas! I wait, mostly to my chagrin.
My prize will be her grin when I am in.