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Jasper struggles to resist giving in when he encounters a girl on her period.


1. Chapter 1

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Striding past me was a fragile girl, with flowing hair,
To take her place in these wooden chairs.
When at once the room was filled with the scent of menstruation,
The monster in me rose up without hesitation.

The scent of the cycle from which life may spring
pierced my lungs with a fiery sting.
From my throat a pain did burst
Searing my throat with a burning thirst.

The devil laid before me this sweet bait,
Tempting me to give in to a bitter fate.
And in her smell I became immersed;
I swore that I was truly cursed.

The demon inside me, to my chagrin,
Imagined indulging in this wretched sin.
I would lay her down upon the floor,
From between her thighs the blood would pour.

To my craving would come sweet relief,
But of her life I would become a thief -
Stealing away her final breath,
I would be the monster to deliver death.

My mind cried out that I must resist!
As I struggled to envision the one I kissed.
To my love I’d vowed my dedication;
The thought of her sweet face was my salvation.