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2: Marie Masen

This is the sequel to "Jacob and Renesmee"! A new character is introduced along with an urgent message for the Cullens! Second story of the "Their Futures" series!!! Chapter 4 has been validated!!!! The first two chapters of my series finale are also validated in 3: Happily Ever After!!!!

Rated Adult just in case!

1. Warning

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Marie’s POV

The ancients were supposed to be wise, but they were nothing but power hungry fools. I wouldn’t help them kill the Cullens; so I set off to find them. I had to warn them of the threat that was coming. But would they believe me to be a friend, or see me as a distraction sent to befriend and then betray them?

Edward’s POV

“There is an unknown person approaching.” My tone was only slightly alarmed, but the smile left Bella’s face immediately.

Jacob walked up to us. “What’s wrong?” His expression went from absolute happiness to alarm. I turned to him and tried to brighten the look on my face.

Who’s coming? There are too many vampires around for me to smell it! I’ve got to get Nessie out of here!

“Chill out, Jake; we just have an unexpected and, so far unidentified, visitor. I need to talk to Alice.” I found Alice frowning at the flowers in the house. She started talking before I even asked what was going on. “I can’t see properly so I’m not sure, but all I can tell is that our visitor is a woman. I’m sorry, Edward, but I have other things to do today.” I could tell that her mind was halfway in the future so I let it pass, and went outside to wait for our new guest.

Marie’s POV

I hoped that the psychic would be able to see me coming. Hurting one of them just to get the chance to speak might not be the best method of gaining trust. When I got a mile away, I called out, “I mean you no harm. I come with a message for the Cullens, and wish to deliver it peacefully.” I waited to see if someone would respond before proceeding. I heard an authoritative voice answer, “So long as you are peaceable, you are also welcome.” Breathing a sigh of relief, I continued forward. I entered the clearing and was shocked to see the surroundings.

“I apologize for interrupting. Congratulations to the happy couple. Which one of you is Carlisle Cullen?” I didn’t want to seem rude, but time was of the essence. The authoritative voice that had answered me before answered again.

“I am he. What message do you have for my family and me?”

“My name is Marie Masen. I have just come from Italy. I barely escaped, but Chelsea wasn’t able to bind my loyalty for some reason. In short, I was created by monsters that don’t deserve the reverence they are given. But my message to you is that the Volturi are going to attack, and I am here to aid you in any way I’m able.”

“If you were created by the Volturi, then why do you want to help us?” I recognized the person speaking to me now as the reason I came. A smile spread across my face.

“Call it family debt, great-great-uncle. You are Edward, right?” shock spread across his face, but the woman holding his hand gasped.

“How is that possible?” she exclaimed. I reached into my pocket, removed the pictures, and handed them to her. “The first one is my great-grandpa, Jonathon, and his twin brother, Edward. Next, is a picture of great-great-grandma Elizabeth holding both of the twins. The last one is Jonathon when he was 17. I’m not surprised that you didn’t know about Jon. Your parents had to give one of you up so they kept the oldest. Jon was adopted and never seen again by his biological family. Don’t feel bad about it though. He lived a long and full life. As a matter of fact, he died on his 105th birthday. I’m sorry if I sound cold, but I’m trying not to break. He was my best friend. When my parents disappeared, he took me in despite his age and declining health. I loved living in Volterra. It was beautiful, but Italy still gave me chills. My parents disappeared while on a second honeymoon in Florence. I found out a few days ago what really happened to them. They were rounded up by Heidi, and taken to the Volturi.” I broke off there. I just couldn’t continue. All of the sudden, calm was flooding around me. A blond man spoke, “I hope you don’t mind my help, Marie. I can manipulate people’s emotions. We’ve also been rude. I’m Jasper.” he continued to point out and name everyone at the gathering, which was quite a crowd. I never knew that vampire weddings had such a turn out.

“Hello, all of you. I’m terribly sorry for intruding on what must be a very happy day for your family and friends.” I looked around at all of them. “That depends on who you ask,” Edward said with a tone that I couldn’t guess the meaning of. “I thought we were past all of the resentment. As I told you seven years ago, imprinting isn’t something that the packs and I can control.” I looked back in my memory- Aro and Caius had educated me well on the subject of the Cullens- to try and understand, then I remembered.

“Ah, yes; I see whose wedding I’ve interrupted. Sorry about that, by the way. I want you to trust me so I’ll be completely honest. I can sense when people are using their talents and what that talent is.” At that point, I noticed something in the air, besides Jasper’s calming influence, that I hadn’t noticed before. Then I noticed there was a look of protectiveness on Bella’s face.

“I wouldn’t dream of hurting any of you, though I don’t blame you for using your shield. I heard all about its formidability from Aro. They still feel a little bitter about having to run away like whipped dogs. No offense intended to the wolf shape shifters.” I heard five laughs assuring me that none was taken. “I promise you that I’m the only one hear that wasn’t already in the clearing. No one is waiting in the woods, either.”

Edward’s POV

All of this was a lot to take at one moment. I’d had a twin brother and never knew it. Now my great- great niece was a vampire. I tried to listen to her thoughts, to make sure that she wasn’t lying, but I realized that I couldn’t hear them. “Bella, love, who do you have inside the borders of your shield?” She looked at me with confusion. “I’m shielding everyone except for Marie. Why do you ask?” I took a deep breath. I was about to say something when Maggie spoke. “She’s not lying. She wants to help us. She hates them. Who- that isn’t insane or being manipulated by Chelsea- wouldn’t hate those sadistic creeps?” I smiled slightly.

“This is getting very annoying! Thank you, Maggie. I can’t hear her thoughts. Her mind is just as silent to me as yours is when you wish to hide it.” I sighed in exasperation. “This has got to be the second most frustrating thing that’s happened to me today!” My daughter rolled her eyes at me. “You love Jake like a brother/ son, and you know it so stop being difficult. All he did was let the one thing I asked him not to think about until after the wedding when we could talk to you and mom privately about it enter his mind. Then we were going to talk to Grandpa Carlisle, but no, you two had to ruin part of my day by getting into an argument with each other in the middle of the aisle with me standing right there telling you, and the video camera recording the ceremony, to shut up and save it for later. So I say thank you, my oh-so-wonderful father, and thank you, my loving husband, for making this the best wedding day that a girl could imagine.” Her voice was thick with sarcasm. Jacob was about to start apologizing when I cut him off.

“I wouldn’t advise that, Jake. Do you remember what happened when she found out about my greatest moment in stupidity? Exactly, she almost killed us both there, and, figuratively, I’m too young to die!” Nessie’s eyes flashed and I immediately regretted my words. Emmett laughed. “Don’t worry, Ness. You’ll smile about it in the years to come. Edward and Carlisle tried to burn the video of the first time me and Rose got married. The reasons were different, but the principle still applies. You’ll look back on it and laugh, even if it does take a decade for forgiveness to come.”

Marie started laughing hysterically. “You all are nothing like I expected. Of course, it’s understandable that the Volturi would edit out the good points.” Her tone became serious. “I’d say that you have maybe a month to prepare for their arrival. The entire guard is coming. The wives will join them for the expedition. One of them even plans on fighting. I stayed there for a week to learn everything I could. They aren’t even giving a reason for attacking. They’ve told the guard that those who defy the Volturi should be punished, and that the Cullen coven has evaded punishment long enough. Nothing will deter the inevitable fight this time, friends. I’m here to join you. will you accept me?” I looked directly at each Cullen.

“Welcome to the family, Marie,” Carlisle said in a semi-formal voice. Emmett smiled wickedly. Edward grinned at him. “I wouldn’t advise that Emmett. Let her get used to you before you torment her. Or did you forget about you and Bella’s arm wrestling matches. She’s only a week old.” He turned to me and continued. “Emmett was planning his usual annoying antics. You’ll get used to him in about twenty or thirty years. Jasper is helpful when you’re in a bad mood, but stay away from him in the morning because you’ll regret it if you don’t trust me. I lived with Alice and Jasper for almost fifty years before I met Bella. Esme will treat you like her own child. Carlisle is there when you need advice or just someone who will listen.” Bella cut in on Edward’s speech. “Never let Alice treat you like a Dress-up Barbie. She’ll just want to do it again. I learned that the hard way while I was human. Even Edward couldn’t save me from her.” I laughed. I could tell that Bella and I were going to get along just fine. Edward continued.

“My daughter, Renesmee, is a little angel, but she’s more stubborn than me and Bella put together. It’s difficult to reason with her, but as long as you don’t hurt or shun Jake she’ll be nice. She wasn’t too happy when I purposely broke his arm last month, but I enjoyed myself so it was worth it. Jake is annoying, but usually it’s only his thoughts that cause a problem. Since you can’t hear them you should be fine, but count yourself lucky because they’re disturbing and infuriating. Well, maybe that’s just me, but still. The rest of the pack are great. Leah gets a little moody, but she’s a great artist. I suppose all artists are a bit moody come to think of it. There are a few humans here, but they’re mostly form Jake’s side. Needless to say, they’re off limits. I’ve asked that everyone here who hunts humans does their best to control themselves or hold their breath if they think they can’t resist. We tried to sit them with the wolves to mask the scent.” Alice started tapping her foot impatiently.

“Can we talk about this after the reception?”

Edward rolled his eyes at her, and the reception was underway.