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2: Marie Masen

This is the sequel to "Jacob and Renesmee"! A new character is introduced along with an urgent message for the Cullens! Second story of the "Their Futures" series!!! Chapter 4 has been validated!!!! The first two chapters of my series finale are also validated in 3: Happily Ever After!!!!

Rated Adult just in case!

2. Planning

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Marie’s POV

The reception was shortened when the humans started getting edgy about all of the vampires present. Eventually, everyone except for Jacob, Sam, Renesmee, and every vampire present had left.

“I think you should know that there’s more to my gift than what I explained earlier. I was in a hurry, but I can also tell whether a human would possess an added gift if they were to become a vampire and if so what it would be. For instance, Bella, your father wouldn’t have a gift, but his wife would have telekinesis. It’s interesting, but my talents are nothing compared to those of my twin brother. He disappeared a few weeks after my parents, and Chelsea has him totally brainwashed. He can see the future-like Alice- but it’s much more powerful. He can see everyone; even half-vampires and wolf shape shifters. The Volturi are coming because they know about Jacob and Renesmee’s baby.”

I noticed Jacob’s arms tighten around his bride, slightly. They were going to hate me for my next confession.

“Aro told me everything he knew about your family; which was basically everything he’s ever pulled out of Edward’s mind. So I know about what happened eleven months before Edward and Bella got married, and I beg that you don’t judge me because I don’t control my own heart. During my short time with the guard I fell in love with one of it’s members. In coming here to warn all of you, I’ve left him to be manipulated and controlled. You never would’ve trusted me if I had brought him, but I ask that you spare Alec’s life. He’s already at Jane’s mercy. She tortured us both until Aro found out what she was doing and forced her to stop. She hates me because she knows that I’m related to you,” I directed the last line at Edward. Everyone was extremely taken aback. Once again, Maggie came to my aid.

“She’s still telling the truth. She does love Alec. I’m sorry for suggesting this, Marie, and if I’m wrong I will take it back with a full apology, but we don’t know for sure whether he really loves you. He could’ve been ordered to pretend. You never know. So I suggest a compromise. We’ll keep him alive, and I’ll ask him whether or not he really loves you. If he’s lying, we will kill him. If not, he can live. I have a part of my gift that I’ve never revealed before, but, if I want to invoke it, when I ask someone a direct question it’s impossible for them to lie. Unlike the mental aspect of being a walking lie-detector test, it’s totally, physically impossible,” she said. Some of the others looked disbelieving. She noticed their skepticism. “Bella, do you mind if I demonstrate on you?” she asked.

“Go ahead! I’d like to see this,” Bella said excitedly.

“I’m going to ask you what you what you’re maiden name is, and I want you to try as hard as you can to lie, okay?” Maggie smiled as Bella nodded. Her forehead creased in concentration.

“Bella, what is your maiden name?” she asked deliberately. Bella looked as if she were struggling with something before blurting out.

“Swan. Wow! I was trying to say my mother’s maiden name, but it wouldn’t come out,” she said, surprised.

“Thank you for telling us, Maggie. You’re gift is about to become very handy. Alec is two miles away and coming in fast,” Edward said simply. My mind raced. Why had Alec followed me? I’d asked him to stay because I didn’t want him hurt. “I can’t get a good read on his thoughts. Bella, block us.”

“The shield is already up,” she said. Alec burst into the field and pulled me into his arms.

“Demetri told me where I could find you. I came as fast as I could and barely escaped at that. Aro is dead. He was having second thoughts about this war because he saw Carlisle as a brother and desperately wanted Edward, Bella, Alice, and Renesmee to join the guard. Caius killed Aro himself. He said that he couldn’t trust any of us to do it properly. Marcus tried to help Aro, but there was nothing he could do except die alongside his comrade. Caius is the only ancient left. He’s mad with power. My love, this is the first time since my transformation that I’ve actually been frightened,” he said, burying his face in my hair. I tightened my hold on him forgetting that there were people behind us until Emmett spoke.

“Okay, so Aro and Marcus are dead, Caius has full control of the Volturi, Edward’s great-great niece is in love with a former bad guy, and we’re all likely to die within the next couple of months. Maggie, I’m begging you to tell me that he’s lying through his teeth.”

“I’m sorry, Emmett, but he’s not lying,” Maggie said quietly. “We need to gather everyone. This thing is going to end once and for all. This time he went way too far.” determination set in her eyes and spread to the others. I took Alec’s hand and we started organizing the worst fight in vampire history.

“Okay, I’ve got to call dibs on someone! Who all is still alive? We should make a list,” Jacob said, completely excited about the idea of a fight. I shook my head as Alec answered his question.

“Aro and Marcus are the only ones who died, but Chelsea has everyone else’s allegiance bound tight. Sadly, Jane decided to side with Caius of her own free will. If anyone takes her out, it will be me. She’s my twin, and, though I can do it myself, I couldn’t forgive another for taking her life. Marie, darling, I know you won’t listen, but I don’t want you anywhere near this fight,” he said. I sighed.

“You’re right, I won’t listen. I’ll take Heidi. I never liked her. She just seems like too much of a slut,”I said. This would teach her to flirt with my man! Everyone started calling dibs on people to kill.

“I’m fighting Felix,” Emmett declared loudly.
“Renata is a shield, so am I. I’ll get her out of the way,” Bella said. Edward nodded with defeat.

“I’ll take care of Chelsea. We should try to get her out of the way first because some of the guard is probably there against their will,” Jasper offered.

“That would help, but, just in case, I call Demetri,” Edward said, deep in thought. “Who’s going to take care of Caius, though?” He looked around, and shock crossed his face as one voice claimed the task.

“I will fight Caius,” Carlisle said solemnly. Almost everyone looked at him with absolute shock on their faces.

“Are you sure, Carlisle? Honey, you hate fighting,” Esme said, lovingly.

“I will do what I must,” he replied. “Despite some of the things Aro did, he was still my friend. I don’t believe in vengeance, but what Caius did was wrong, and he must be made to see the error of his ways. There are things in this world that are more important than power.”

We all nodded in agreement, and continued figuring out what to do about the upcoming threat.