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2: Marie Masen

This is the sequel to "Jacob and Renesmee"! A new character is introduced along with an urgent message for the Cullens! Second story of the "Their Futures" series!!! Chapter 4 has been validated!!!! The first two chapters of my series finale are also validated in 3: Happily Ever After!!!!

Rated Adult just in case!

3. Preparing for Battle, Speculating Problems, and Lightening the Tension

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Preparing for Battle, Speculating Problems, and Lightening the Tension

Edward’s POV

They were fighting again. Only two days as a married couple and they’d already spent most of it at each other’s throats. Sad to say, I was on Jacob’s side.

“I’m in this whether you like it or not, so teach me to fight or I’ll ask someone who will,” Renesmee yelled. Jake just shook his head.

“You are going to be no where near this fight; therefore I don’t need to teach you! Also, no one will teach you because for any wolf that tries there will be Hell to pay, and, ally or not, I will tear the arms off of any vampire who tries,” he yelled back. “Even your parents!” he added to finalize his argument. I decided to intervene.

“Think of the baby, Renesmee. We don’t know how this whole pregnancy thing will go. After all, vampires and werewolves are very different, and my grandchild is part both. I don’t want to lose either of you, and neither does your mother,” at that moment Bella came to my aide.

“Sweetie, we just want you to be safe. I know that you’re strong, but your father and I, not to mention Jake, will have enough to worry about without you trying to fight in your condition! It took a lot to get you here, and none of us could stand to lose you. Just imagine how your husband would feel if he lost you and the baby all at once, and then he would be making Leah, Seth, Quil, and Embry miserable, too! You can go to the reservation. Emily, Kim, and Claire will be there waiting for Sam, Jared, and Quil to return. The Volturi are bringing as much force as they can, and I want my grandchild and her mother out of their reach.”

I listened to the thoughts running through Renesmee’s mind. She was angry with me and Bella for siding with Jake.

Oh, fine, I’ll go to the reservation. You and Mom are such traitors.

I smiled and said, “Thank you for finally listening to reason. You’re just as stubborn as your mother; maybe, even worse.”

“Sometimes, that’s a bad thing. Don’t feel too bad, sweetie. If it weren’t for my shield, your dad would lock me in something not even a vampire could break out of,” Bella said. She started to continue, but I cut her off.

“I still haven’t ruled it out, but we barely stand a chance as it is so I’d be the one locked up for trying to stop you. I don’t want you in this fight any more than I want Nessie in it. If I hadn’t been so damn stupid, this wouldn’t be happening in the first place-“ it was Bella’s turn to cut me off.

“Edward Cullen, don’t you dare even start that or I swear, I will go shopping with Alice tonight! She’s been begging me for the last two days!” She threatened. I narrowed my eyes.
“You wouldn’t,” I said, calling what I hoped was her bluff. It was bad enough that my only guaranteed time with her was already limited, but to threaten to take some of it away was just husband abuse.

“I might, if you don’t stop blaming yourself. I love you, Edward, and things may not always have been perfect, but I wouldn’t have it any other way. The Volturi won’t be able to tuck tail and run this time. Be optimistic!” she replied. I turned to Jasper.

“Are you doing that?” I asked.

“Kind of; she was worrying so much that it was affecting my outlook so I decided to help out! Her threat was of her making, though. I’m pretty sure she meant it,” he said apologetically. I rolled my eyes and he withdrew his influence. Alice came running into the house closely followed by Seth.

“The Volturi will be here in exactly a week. They aren’t bringing any witnesses, but they’ve expanded the guard,” Alice trilled at top speed.

“Jake! Three more guys on the rez have gone wolf!” Seth said anxiously. Jake instantly went into Alpha mode. He and Seth went to the woods to phase. I turned back to Alice.

“Can we be ready in a week?” I asked anxiously. She shrugged, but her eyes were concerned.

“I don’t know. We can train day and night. Jasper is getting more involved with the teaching, and Carlisle has rounded up everyone that was willing to fight with us last time. Sam has promised all but two of his wolves, and you know that Jake will have everyone he can fighting for us. We’re his family, too, and with Nessie and the baby in danger he’ll kill every Volturi member in his path or die trying. We have so many amazing talents, and Kate managed to project,” she said. My eyes widened a little at this last revelation.

“She’s been working at it for centuries with no success. How did she manage it?” I asked intently.

“Garrett got in the middle of Alec and one of the Romanians. Kate saw that he was in trouble, and next thing we knew Alec and Vladimir were on the ground. Marie and Stefan weren’t happy, but it did help. She’s working with it now. Not many people are willing to be shocked, though. Alec found a way to push her to it, though. He said that it reminded him of Jane’s gift,” Alice explained.

“Well, that was brilliant. I assume Garrett is the guinea pig?” I mused.

“He wishes. Tanya volunteered because Garrett is her influence. This was Eleazar’s idea. He remembered how we got Bella to project her shield and figured it was worth a shot,” Alice trilled. Marie walked up to us.

“I’m worried about something, Edward. Is Leah planning to stop phasing permanently anytime soon?” she asked. I shook my head. “I wondered because I can’t get a read on any of the wolves about what vampire gift they’d have-if any- and I’ve got one on her. I can feel when a human wouldn’t have one, and the wolves don’t feel like that, but I can feel hers, faintly. It’s some sort of shield.”

“Interesting, where is she?” I asked.

“She was pacing by the stream,” Marie replied. I nodded, quickly locating the gray wolf through some trees. I walked over to her.

“Is everything okay, Leah?” I asked.

I don’t know. I keep feeling weird, and it’s getting harder to phase. Ugh, what is wrong with me?!

“I’m not sure how to help. Maybe your time as a werewolf is almost up. You might just be calming down enough to quit phasing. Are you trying to?” I asked.

No! We’ve got a war on it’s way, and I’m hoping to take some of those sadistic bloodsuckers out of this world. I’m not willingly quitting my wolf until the Volturi is gone for good!

I nodded. “I just wondered. You’ve seemed a little out of character since the wedding. As a matter of fact, you and Seth have been acting odd lately.” I thought about their behavior and I had no idea what could be behind it.

I can only speak for myself, but Seth seems to be fine. He’s not having problems as far as I know. It’s just me. Maybe, women aren’t meant to last as wolves. Maybe, I’m dying. Could be worse, I suppose.

She shrugged, and I sighed. “If you’re worried about the possibility, you should talk to Carlisle. I don’t know what to tell you, but he might. I hope you get to feeling better, Leah.”


Another voice chimed in.

Hey, Edward, thought Jake, is Nessie with Bella.

I let Leah see me nod. “They’re in mine and Bella’s room talking about pregnancy and married life. I think I heard some complaining about the latter, but it wasn’t too serious... I hope!” I said.

Thank you so much for putting that fear in my head, Edward. I really appreciate the idea.

I laughed. “Let’s go get onto them for talking about us behind our backs,” I suggested. A clear affirmative rang through his thoughts. He phased back to human and clapped me on the shoulder.

“Race you,” he said right before taking off. I grinned at the challenge. His legs were longer, but I was faster. In the end, it was barely a tie. I scooped Bella into my arms and listened to her beautiful laugh.

“Did you miss me?” I asked. She nodded as I took her seat and positioned her on my lap. Nessie shuddered.

“Ugh, parents,” she murmured.

“Hey, soon enough you’ll be one too, and when your almost seven year old daughter is already married and pregnant she can tell you, ‘Ugh, parents,’ and then you’ll know how little that affects our likelihood to stopping acting like a couple of teenagers,” Bella said, sounding sarcastically offended. “I don’t care if we have great grandchildren on the way, we’re still going to make out on the porch swing at twilight. It’s not my fault I’ll only die via dismemberment and cremation’ might as well enjoy it, though.”

“If I promise to quit complaining, will you promise never to say that again?” Nessie asked.

“I second that,” Jake added, shaking his head. “Ever heard of something called TMI, Bells?”

She rolled her eyes at both of them, but they knew she was right. They’d be just as bad as us, and they knew it!