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2: Marie Masen

This is the sequel to "Jacob and Renesmee"! A new character is introduced along with an urgent message for the Cullens! Second story of the "Their Futures" series!!! Chapter 4 has been validated!!!! The first two chapters of my series finale are also validated in 3: Happily Ever After!!!!

Rated Adult just in case!

4. The Battle Rages

Rating 5/5   Word Count 2013   Review this Chapter

The Battle Rages

Edward’s POV

They came just as they had almost seven years ago, with a few exceptions. Caius was in the very middle of the line with Jane on one side, and Demetri on the other. Only one of the wives followed. Athenodora had killed Sulpicia herself. She felt extraordinarily guilty, but Caius’s life was more important. Marcus’s wife Didyme was already gone so he left this world alone. I was immediately infuriated. A red haze clouded my vision and a growl built up in my chest. Bella squeezed my hand. I looked at her and the red disappeared.

“We can do this,” she comforted. “I am all over this situation and with all of the amazing gifts we have here they’ll be sure to lose. We have twenty-six vampires and sixteen wolves.”

I sighed as the thoughts of the wolves filled my mind.

“We have fifteen wolves,” I said quietly. Confusion flitted across her features. “Nessie is definitely her mother’s daughter.”

“What does that mean?” she asked sharply.

“Jake is in La Push with Renesmee. She guilted him into staying with her because she’s pessimistic about the outcome of the fight, she’s pregnant, and she couldn’t stand it if something happened to him. She also said, it was either that or she was joining the fight,” I said, watching her expressions change.

“Let me guess! She gave him the options she could live with and chose the one he could live with, right?” she said, laughing slightly. “I guess I should have known better than to tell her that story last week!”

I was about to reply to her comment when a thought came shooting at me.

You don’t really think you can win, do you? You’re all too weak to see what really matters in the world. This might be as fun as seeing the look on Aro’s face right before I tore his head off!

I growled so loudly that Carlisle jumped. Caius’s fingers twitched, and the guard leapt forward. Jane grinned as her eyes closed in on her twin, but Bella’s smug smile assured me that her shield was doing it’s job. A few of the less prominent guard members were the first to go. Jasper made short work of Chelsea, and Zafrina blinded all of the enemy. There were shouts, growls, and hisses of shock at the scene before them. Aro, Marcus, and Sulpicia seemed to be standing before them with sorrowful expressions.

“If you wish to leave this fight, now would be the time to tell us so,” Carlisle began. His time made it perfectly clear that he wanted them to do just that. “I know that some of you may have been under a strong influence to be loyal to Caius even after what he did to Aro and Marcus. Not all of you may have wanted that. Those of you who do not wish to stand with the Volturi any longer may join us or leave in peace.”

“How are we supposed to leave if we can’t see what’s really in front of us?” asked Renata, the shield.

“Do you wish to leave, Renata?” Carlisle asked.

“Yes, I do, but I mean only this side of the fight!” she exclaimed. “Aro was one of the kindest people I knew. His wife and I mourned together before Athenodora stole away Sulpicia’s life as well!”

“She’s telling the truth. Let her go Zafrina,” Maggie said cheerfully. Renata blinked a few times and ran to join us. Carlisle directed her toward me.

“Guard her as you guarded Aro, please,” Edward begged. “Bella’s shield is powerful enough to protect us all from Jane and the others who can mess with our heads. It is vital that no one gets to her.”

Renata nodded and stood in front of me in a slight crouch. A few members of the guard left, but the majority remained.

“Why don’t you just kill us while we’re blinded, Carlisle?” Caius yelled. “It would be so much easier to pick us off now, or have Alec take away our senses altogether and then destroy us.”

Alec answered before Carlisle could think of a reply.

“Because he isn’t a power-hungry coward. He and his friends are willing to give a mostly fair fight, but you disabled your victims without giving them a chance to defend themselves. You had Jane torture Aro while you slowly ripped him to pieces and burnt them one by one,” he accused. “My one regret about the side I’m on is that my sister is not at my standing by me. She has been poisoned by you, and I was too until I found someone that cured me of this sickness that grips you all.”

“You’re a traitor, brother. That is all you are,” Jane shouted. “You and your little harlot.”

Marie hissed fiercely. I growled, too. She was my kin, my great-great niece. Alec was too angry for word or sound. I could see the red haze through his mind. Sister, or not, Jane had crossed one line too many.

“Do any of the rest of you wish to join us or leave?” Carlisle asked formally.

“No!” they said in unison.

“Very well,” he replied. “Let them go, please, Zafrina.”
They’re sight returned, and Caius grinned maliciously.

“ATTACK,” he yelled imperiously. The battle raged again. Felix ran at me, but Emmett tackled him from the side. Demetri was my opponent. He feinted to the right but made a mistake. I saw his intention in his mind and tore his left arm off. I threw it onto a pile of brush. We were both analyzing each other’s movements, trying to find a weak point. He was an exceptionally good fighter, and I saw his every move in his thoughts before he could turn them into actions. It vaguely reminded me of the mock fights between me and Jasper when we were preparing for Victoria’s newborn army.

We twisted around the others, neither losing nor gaining any edge. He tried to dive straight at me and lost the other arm. At that point it became a little easier. He tried to tackle me and that’s when I had him. I quickly tore his head off with my teeth and threw the rest of him on different brush piles. They were already burning from Chelsea’s death. I looked around. Renata was very busy trying to keep people away from Bella who was deep in concentration. I rushed to help her.

“Have we lost anyone?” I asked. Bella shook her head.

“The fight between Emmett and Felix got so close that Rosalie went to help him. He’s moping a little but glad to be alive. Marie took care of Heidi with an almost vindictive joy. Benjamin stole some flames from a brush pile and burnt three guard members alive. The wolves seem to be enjoying themselves, too,” she explained, her voice thick with the concentration in her expression.

I was amazed that we were still all right while their numbers dwindled. I searched for Carlisle. He and Esme were being guarded by Seth. I searched through the fight again and found Caius. He was heading straight for Carlisle while his wife, Athenodora made her way toward me, Bella, and Renata.

“Go ahead, Renata. I’ll take care of Bella,” I said. She grinned at me before running right at Athenodora. They fought hard. I turned my attention back to Caius and Carlisle.

“I told you that your compassion would get you into trouble,” Caius sneered.

“The only trouble I have comes from those who abuse their position,” Carlisle replied, stepping around Seth. “You look at my family and see power. I look at them and see kindness, love, compassion, and courage.”

“Let us end this,” Caius suggested.

“Yes, let’s,” Carlisle agreed.

Their fight began. Carlisle and Caius were moving in semi-circles. Carlisle wasn’t letting him near Esme, and Caius wasn’t getting any closer to the wolf. They ended up in the center of the clearing. The few mini-battles that were still in progress stopped in awe of the scene before them. A circle formed around them. Wolves were standing right next to the few Volturi guards left and did nothing. The two sprang and ducked, coiling around each other, one just barely missing the other. Caius went for a left arm and lost his right hand in the process. His scream echoed loudly off the trees. Jane leaped over the ring of observers to help her master, but Alec was right behind her. Their fight resumed.

I watched incredulously as more fights erupted in the center of the audience. We definitely had the upper hand. Caius lost the rest of his right arm. Jane finally lost her fight. Alec carried her pieces mournfully. Marie joined him as he spread them out between fires and proceeded to comfort him as much as possible. The tension was strung high.

A howl of pain cut through the air as one of the wolves began to limp. Another joined that battle. I refocused on Carlisle and Caius. Their fight was getting really intense, and suddenly, after one false move, it was over. Carlisle’s teeth clamped to the side of Caius’s neck while his arms tore at the rest of his foe. The three remaining guards gasped with shock as Carlisle dropped three matches onto Caius’s body and stepped back, watching it burn. Benjamin made the flames bigger, and the whole circle widened out. Zafrina blinded the remaining Volturi members.

“Now, would you like to leave,” she asked with a slight air of amusement.

“Yes,” they exclaimed.

“They aren’t lying,” Maggie declared with a laugh.

Zafrina gave them their sight and they ran backward for a mile before turning around. A second of silence passed, and then cheers erupted from the group. The wolves howled excitedly. And I turned to Bella. We didn’t say anything, just looked into each other’s eyes. A smile spread across her face, and it was the most beautiful smile I’d ever seen. I kissed her passionately for what seemed like eternity.

“Let’s go to La Push,” she said as soon as we broke apart. I nodded, and we ran for the house. We took Bella’s Ferrari, and made it there within an hour and a half. Renesmee was overwhelmed by the sight of us. She ran to me and Bella, throwing her arms around us.

“Are they really gone?” she asked, disbelief in her voice.

“They’re really gone, and we didn’t lose anyone,” Bella said. Jake joined the group hug.

I see why you stayed out of the fight with the newborns. Did I miss out on a really good fight, though?

I laughed.

“Not really,” I said. “Carlisle took Caius out all by himself.”

“You call that not missing a good fight,” Jake exclaimed. “If you weren’t my father-in-law...”

He trailed off, rolling his eyes. Renesmee slapped him lightly on the shoulder.

“Behave,” she scolded. “They’ve had a hard day. So, mom, thanks for the idea. It felt kind of nice to listen to him pout. Don’t take this the wrong way, but I can see why Caius was so fixated on power.”

Jake narrowed his eyes at her.

“Just don’t get sadistic about it, please,” he said. “You wouldn’t want to be guilty of spouse abuse. You just might get arrested by your own grandfather for that!”

“I’d just tell Grandpa Charlie that you started it,” she retorted. “Who’s he gonna believe? You, or his beloved granddaughter?”

She batted her eyelashes. Bella laughed.

“Be nice to the poor boy, Nessie,” she said. “He already had to miss all the fun.”

Everyone laughed at that. We talked until all the wolves came home. Leah had a broken arm, but it was close to healing. She thanked Jake for letting her be in charge, and then we left, dropping Jacob and Renesmee off at their house before going home. They were exhausted. I held Bella close to me, thankful that every one of our allies had survived. Today had gone much better than I had expected. I quickly sent Carlisle one simple text message: ThankSiobhan!

“I’m so glad this is all over,” Bella murmured. I nodded.

“Me too,” I replied fervently. She pressed her lips to my neck.

“I love you,” she whispered.

“I love you, too,” I sighed before kissing her. The threat of the Volturi was gone, and now we could live peacefully again.