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Bella finally goes through her transformation, but it leads to problems amongst the Cullen family. Bella decides to leave. Fifty years later, she runs into THEM again. What will happen between our favorite couple?

OK, so this is my first time writing in this style. So be kind. I normally write with more emotion, getting more into the character, but I wanted to try writing this way. I hope it turned out OK...

1. Chapter One

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Pain everywhere. Burning through me, coursing through every molecule of my being. A fire, burning me relentlessly from the inside out. A thousand times worse than before, with James. A million times worse. Nothing should hurt this much. I was a fool to think I could take it so easily. As the pain clouds my vision,

I scream.


Ever burning, never letting up, spreading through me at an unbearable rate. Vision was lost long ago to the pain. I feel my bones breaking and healing, again and again, reforming my body. It hurts like nothing before. I feel nothing, nothing. Except the pain. The pain is ever-flowing. I scream Edward’s name. At least I think I do. I can’t hear anything I am saying. Something cold touches my face for a brief moment. Edward. My smile lasts less than a second before my continuously breaking and reforming bones send out a fresh wave of pain.

I scream.


It would have been welcome. Oh how I wished to sleep. But, with my never relenting pain, it was not a possibility in the slightest degree. I waited.




The sleep never came. Only the pain.

I scream.


Second stretch into minutes and minutes stretch into hours. Hours stretch into endless days. Time has no meaning. Only the pain. Burning. The venom spreading though my body. This is what I wanted. I should be happy. But, as the venom crept painfully through my body, happiness was the farthest thing from my mind. I wanted it to end. That was it. I heard Edward’s voice whispering, “Two days left.” So, a day had passed. Only one day! I wasn’t sure I could take the two others. The pain engulfed my entire body by now.

I scream.


The only thing that I could think of when I tried to distract myself from the pain. My angel. His bronze hair, the most human part of him. Perfect in every way, his touch, even in the most casual way, embarrassing me by misbehaving. He has saved my life many times. I have even saved his life once. Without him, I am an empty shell, lifeless, uncaring. He is my life. I love him. Even through my happiness at the thought of my vampire love, nothing could distract me from the pain. I call out Edward’s name.

I scream.


Graduation was amazing. Unfortunately, the weather was perfect. That meant the Cullens didn’t show up. They didn’t seem bothered at all by it. ‘What was one graduation out of many?’ they asked. Though it didn’t bother them, it did bother me. I kept wishing they would find some way they would find to show up. But they didn’t. Nor did Charlie. H still wasn’t speaking to me. That was fine. Edward would have been proud of me. I didn’t fall over my dress until after graduation was over. After graduation, I went straight to Edward’s house. He did promise. Even if he wouldn’t do it, though I dearly wished that he would, Carlisle would. I was determined. It was foolish. As the memories flashed past me, even one as happy as graduation, the pain burned through my entire being.

I scream.


After Edward asked me to marry him after we got back from Italy, he hadn’t asked about it for a while. So I figured he had forgotten it. Good. I wasn’t ready yet. Until that day…


It was a week before graduation. Edward and I were in the meadow, because it was sunny outside. We had been there for a few hours, none of us speaking, only lying there together, before it started to feel awkward. I sat up.

“OK, what?” He looked up at me slowly, as if I was pulling him from a train of thought.

“Hm?” He said it drawn out, distractedly.

“Did I do something wrong?”

“What?” He said, surprised. He sat up quickly, so that his face was a mere foot away from me. His sweet, wonderful scent stunned me, and it took me a minute to remember how to form a coherent question.

“What did I do? You were just sitting there, not saying anything…” I broke off, not sure how to put my thoughts into words.

“No, no.” he said quickly. I had to concentrate to catch it all. “You didn’t do anything.” I opened my mouth to speak but he held a finger to my lips, silencing me. I glowered at him. “You will have to excuse me. I was thinking about something…” His face had the most bizarre expression on his face, like he was contemplating whether or not to continue.

“What were you thinking about?” I was curious now. What was he thinking about so hard? I wanted to know the reason he was so distracted, the reason behind that bizarre expression. But I also wanted to hear his voice. Hs soft, melodic voice with his perfect articulation that could only be picked up in an earlier century.

“I was thinking…” his voice was careful, uncertain. His eyes were wary as they looked into mine. But they changed, surprising me. His eyes were suddenly tired, and full of ancient grief. He sighed.

“I want to marry you, Bella.” His tone was resigned.

I stared at him. He took me completely off guard.

“I told you,” I stated. “I-”

He groaned. I glared at him.

“Isabella,” he said my name slowly. It sounded wonderful when he said my name, like a song. I wanted him to say it again and again. “Bella.” He smiled. “If you aren’t willing to marry me, to agree to such a minor thing as marriage, how can I expect you to be able to handle becoming a vampire?” I was surprised at his casual use of the word, but kept my expression controlled.

“Edward,” I thrilled at his name, my heart soaring. The reaction, which we both noticed, made me smile. “You know I love you. I don’t need to marry you,” I wrinkled my nose at the word. He noticed, raising one perfect, arched brow. “to prove that.” I smiled again, and leaned forward to lay my cheek against his perfect, icy chest. He pressed his face into my hair, placing one hand on my back.

“I know what you love me. Just as you know that I love you. And always will,” he murmured, “but I want to be able to call you mine, to be able to hold you in my arms and know that you are mine forever… officially.” I looked up at him, and his golden eyes were very soft. He smiled my crooked smile, and it melted my heart. He was so perfect, an angel. I smiled, and then blushed.

“What?” I caught him off guard with my blushing. He looked at me, astonished. That made me blush deeper. He bit his lip to fight back a smile.

I shook my head quickly back and forth. “It’s too embarrassing.”

He rolled his eyes. “Everything embarrasses you.”

I still shook my head. He sighed impatiently. He then looked at me, his golden eyes mesmerizing. “Won’t you tell me?” His voice, the voice of an archangel, so impossible to resist. I looked down at our entwined hands, knowing all too well the power of his eyes, still shaking my head. All the while, I was turning redder and redder. I probably would have turned purple if I had gotten any redder. Finally giving up on trying to persuasively get it out of me, he tried demanding.

“Tell me,” he finally commanded.

I sighed, looking into his eyes, golden, soft, perfect, and took in his image. His sparkling magnificence, his bronze hair, the purple circles under is eyes, his sparkling teeth as he beamed at me. He was so beautiful.

“You…” I began, but embarrassment cut me off.

“Yes?” Again, that dazzling smile.

“I love you. Especially your smile.” How on Earth does he keep getting me to tell him these things?

A triumphant smile slowly lit his face. “Really?”

“Would you like a round of applause?” Sarcastic.

He kissed my forehead then. All thought was lost, and we both listened to my heart misbehave. I blushed again.

“Bella,” Edward’s voice was quiet and soft. I looked into his eyes then. They were cautious, as though he were very thoroughly thinking through what he was saying. His white, glimmering hand flashed into his pocket, reappearing, only to be hidden behind his back. It all happened so fast that, if I had not been near eye level with his chest, I would not have noticed it. Oh my god.

“You…” my voice broke. “You’re proposing.” I accused him.

“Yes I am.” His melodic voice was very soft. I barely heard it. My heart sped up exponentially. His hand reappeared, only to expose a small, velvet black box. Oh my god. Oh my god. Oh my god. He was proposing to me. And I was going to say yes!

I knew before he asked the question what my answer would be. He was Edward. Renee or no Renee, Charlie or no Charlie. Nothing could keep me away from him. I was forever his. I felt hot tears starting to bubble up to the surface. He smiled slightly, his gold eyes almost liquid, they were so soft.

“Bella,” he repeated. “You are everything in the world to me. No, you are my world. You are my life. For as long as I can remember since meeting you, we have had a bond. It started when I saved your life. From then on we connected, slowly growing closer, our bond growing stronger. And then I brought you here, to the meadow. It was then I knew it. I loved you. There was no denying it. I cannot stay away from you without living in absolute misery. Isabella Marie Swan, I love you. Will you marry me?” He opened the small, velvet box to expose a princess cut topaz stone, resting beautiful gold band made of thin, entwining metal. I stared at it. It was beautiful. All I could do was stare at it. Seconds passed. Minutes. I still hadn’t found my voice. Edward looked up at me, a nervous expression on his face.

“Bella?” His voice was cautious. I looked unwillingly from the beautiful ring resting in the black velvet box, to his sparkling face, which was suddenly unsure. “Please say ‘yes?’” It sounded like a question. His voice was quiet and pleading. The tears I was trying so hard to keep from falling spilled over my cheeks, falling silently down my face. I smiled at him, before throwing myself at him, falling into his arms. He fell back, caught completely caught off guard. I kissed him, putting all my emotion into it. He kissed me back, putting more emotion into it than ever before. I pulled away slowly, when I got really dizzy, only to lay my head against his glimmering, icy, perfect chest. “Yes,” I whispered, gasping silently for breath.

He wrapped his arms around me, grabbing my left hand for a brief second, before letting go of it. I looked down, and saw the ring, glittering in the sunlight. It was beautiful, a symbol of our everlasting love. We were forever. I kissed his chest, before whispering almost inaudibly into his stone chest, “I love you.”


At remembrance of this memory, I rubbed my pinky along the sides of the ring. In a flash, an icy hand, Edward’s, was over mine. I smiled, before a fresh wave of pain, but somehow not as painful, shot through my body.

I scream.


His face, expression, when I told him about my engagement, made leaving him a little easier. He would think I just ran off with Edward because he didn’t accept us. I wanted to cry out to him, in apology, for how badly I would soon hurt him. Worse than a year ago, when James was hunting me. I felt tears flowing down my face as I remembered the conversation.


“Dad!” I called out nervously to Charlie, having just opened the door. Edward was beside me, holding my hand. His hand covered the ring. For now. I gulped as I heard him walking down the stairs.

“Are you sure I have to tell him?” I whispered quickly.

He laughed quietly before nodding.

“Damn.” I whispered back.

Charlie came down the stairs then, a surprised look on his face.

“Hello, Bella.” His voice was warm. “Edward.” Icy, dismissive. He still disliked him. He always disliked him, ever since the incident with James. I held Edward’s hand tighter. Charlie noticed, his expression tightening slightly. I noticed that as well. I tried to ignore it, putting as much excitement into my voice as I could manage without making it sound fake.

“Dad, Edward and I, we have an announcement.” He raised his eyebrows slowly, looking to Edward. Edward smiled slightly. Charlie’s face remained icy and unwelcome. Edward’s smile faded. I gulped. This would definitely be colorful.

“Um…Dad, Edward and I…are getting married.” I watched as Charlie’s face slowly drained of color. I felt Edward tense next to me, probably reacting to his thoughts. Then, slowly, slowly, slowly, Charlie’s face began to fill up with a slightly purple color. Uh-oh.

“What?” His voice was restrained. He was trying very hard not to yell.

“Edward…he proposed,” Charlie’s face grew slowly more purple as he turned to stare at Edward, who actually flinched. “and I said yes… so … now we’re engaged.” If I thought Charlie’s face couldn’t get more purple, I was wrong. I flinched as his head looked at the two of us, a disbelieving look on his face. When his eyes stopped our hands, his over mine, Edward removed his hand, to expose my beautiful ring. He gaped at it for a minute before blinking quickly. We entwined our hands, and both of us looked to Charlie. He didn’t speak.

“Dad?” My voice was unsure. His face started paling again. Edward grew slowly stiffer at my side. What on Earth was he thinking about that made Edward so uncomfortable? “Say something?” It was a question.

I wish I hadn’t asked for him to say something.

“No.” His teeth were ground together behind his carefully composed face. “No.”

“Er, what?” No? Did he think he could…what, forbid me from marrying Edward? Not a chance. But I didn’t want to set off an eruption, so I didn’t snap.

“No.” He shook his head, now speaking so quietly that I had to read his lips. “Bella.” He turned to me now, his expression having a slightly hopeful edge to it. “Can I speak to you for a minute?” I moved forward, Edward moving with me. Charlie glared at him. “Alone?” He said through his teeth. I looked up at Edward’s face. He was looking down to me, too.

His eyes were full of warning.

Edward backed up, slowly releasing my hand, only to sit, waiting, on the couch by the door. Charlie beckoned for me to follow him.

He brought me into my room. He sat on the bed, and I sat in Renee’s rocking chair. I glared at him.

“Bells.” He spoke hopefully. Why would that be? “Bella, I don’t think you should marry him. He’s not right for you, Bella.” His voice was strict now.

Suddenly, Edward’s expression made sense. Charlie was trying to make me change my mind. Well, good luck with that. Nothing could tear me apart from him. I only continued to glare at him.

“Edward is completely and one hundred percent right for me.” I said it slowly, so the words would soak in, and, hopefully, convince him.

Charlie shook his head.

“If he is so right for you, why did he leave? Without any contact for six months?! Bella, how can you be so stubborn?” His voice was hard, like a stone.

“He left because Carlisle got a job offer in L.A.” I spoke, matching his icy tone.

“Bella. I do not approve of you marrying him. I will not have him in this house.”

That hurt. I was hoping to get his acceptance, for him to at least …like Edward. Apparently, no such luck was possible.

“Well, that’s fine. As I said before, I will move out. I’ll move in with Edward.” I spoke confidently. “I am of the legal age of adulthood, and, whether you like it or not, Charlie,” I deliberately said his name, so he would know I was one hundred percent serious, “I am marrying Edward. I love him.” I smiled, looking down at my beautiful ring.

“Out.” Charlie’s voice was sharp.

“What?” Was he actually kicking me out?! My voice suddenly had a hint of anger in it.

“Out. I will not have him in this house anymore, and if that means that you will have to move out too, so be it.” I could see that he did not really mean that, that he really wanted me to stay. It was an attempt, a pointless attempt, but all the same, an attempt, to break me up with Edward. Well, we’ll see what happens when I call his bluff.

“Fine.” I grabbed my suitcase, picking up my things. It didn’t take more than a few minutes to gather all of my things together. Charlie was still gaping at me in shock. “Good bye, Charlie.” I picked up my one suitcase, and brought it down the stairs with me. An unsurprised Edward took my bag from me. He walked me slowly out the door. I didn’t look back until we were out the door.

Charlie’s face was surprised. “How did you get here?” I suddenly remembered that we, well…to be honest, Edward, ran here.

“We walked,” said Edward simply, speaking for the first time. We both looked to him, surprised.

Charlie just shook his head, a furious expression on his face as he stared at Edward, before turning into the house. Edward pulled me up on his back when Charlie had gone into the house, and started running, towards his house. I cried into his back, knowing how much I had hurt him, and that soon, I would hurt him more.


As I remembered such harsh memories, I cried. Though this pain was very different from the one I was experiencing now, it still tore into me. I noticed that the pain was beginning to lessen. It still ripped painful waves through my body, though. So, as the pain rippled through my body and tears streamed down my face,

I scream.


It’s slowly returning. I see Edward, his expression anguished, beside me. I want to reach out to him, to comfort him but the pain still binds me from major movement like that. I smiled, his face, though so worried, was still more beautiful than any human face. As mine would soon be, I realized with a thrill. Edward’s icy hand was suddenly on mine again, and I smiled. He noticed. He smiled slightly, and whispered very softly; I’m surprised I was able to hear it at all; “One day left.” So, another day had past. A wave of relief spread over me as I realized that it would soon be over. But then, the pain came back, and it took over everything else.

I scream.


With everything else put aside, I had no choice but to think about what I would do about Jacob. Would he hate me? Would he stay away from me with a degree of permanence now? The thought made me immensely sad. I wanted to keep him my friend, my best friend. But he kept insisting it was impossible. I still remembered his face, crumpled in pain, when I saw him last. He wouldn’t answer my calls again, and that made me both angry and upset. I thought our underlining friendship couldn’t be damaged. Apparently not. The pain of losing his friendship accompanied the slowly dimming pain then.

I scream.

Third Day.

I think this day was the longest. It felt like it. The pain, though still excruciating, was lessening. That kept me in the current mind state of repeating, “It’s almost over. It’s the last day.” Of course, that made the day stretch out endlessly. I cried out to Edward, who held my hand, naturally, refusing to let go. Not that I wanted him to. I fingered my ring again, and smiled. For the first time in three painful, long days,

I didn’t scream.


Finally, finally, the pain stopped. For a while, I just lie there, unmoving, waiting for the pain to come back. When it didn’t, I sat up. Edward looked at me, curious. He jumped up, rising to his feet quickly. I saw it, though. I saw every movement. I knew, though, that it was faster than a human movement. I suddenly realized that I was wearing something different; it felt different. I looked down, but my clothes were the same.

I suddenly realized how sensitive I was. I swore I could feel every thread in my shirt, every piece of my jeans rubbing against me.

When I saw Edward, looking at me curiously, I beamed. I heard his muted intake of breath, and, looked away, embarrassed. I didn’t feel the heat on my face, though. It was then that it hit me.

I was a vampire. I was actually a vampire.

It was over.

I smiled at Edward, who brought me into his arms. I lay my head on his chest, smiling. Edward then pulled back, only to lean in to press his lips to mine. He no longer held back. He could now kiss with all his emotion. I kissed him back, putting all of my emotion into it as well. I was glad I was a vampire. Nothing would have excused missing this. My hands moved greedily to his face, just as his moved to mine. We both memorized each other’s faces. It lasted a lot longer than they usually did, too, because neither of us needed to worry about my running out of breath. After a few minutes of passionate kissing, I slowly pulled away, having heard voices.

“I don’t hear her screaming anymore. Does that mean it’s over?” Jasper’s whispering voice came from up above us. I looked curiously upward, listening with my sensitive ears.

“I think so.” Alice’s soft, tinkling voice was soon followed by footsteps, two pairs, walking to the stairway.

Almost immediately after, Alice and Jasper were at eth bottom of the stairs. Alice gasped and ran, at full speed, to me. The sound of her impact sounded like thunder crashing.

“Oh my god, Bella! You’re gorgeous!” She embraced me in a tight hug, and I hugged her back.

I then heard Rosalie coming down the stairs, and her face




her face was furious



This does not bode well...