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Bella finally goes through her transformation, but it leads to problems amongst the Cullen family. Bella decides to leave. Fifty years later, she runs into THEM again. What will happen between our favorite couple?

OK, so this is my first time writing in this style. So be kind. I normally write with more emotion, getting more into the character, but I wanted to try writing this way. I hope it turned out OK...

10. Chapter 10

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'And then he kissed me.'

His cool, marble lips crushed against mine with an almost desperate edge as
he wrapped his arms around me. I was still for a moment, too shocked to move,
before I found myself kissing him back, my arms trailing up his chest to lock
around his neck. His arms tightened around my waist, pulling me closer, so
that there was no space between us. Eventually I unlocked my arms from around
his neck, moving them to his face, committing every inch of it to memory.

When he pulled away, we were both gasping unnecessarily for breath, my head
against his stone chest, his arms still wrapped around me.

“Never leave again,” he whispered softly. “You have no idea how much it
hurt when you were gone.”

“Never again,” I echoed, relief pulsing through me. Edward didn’t hate
me. I didn’t think it was possible to be this relieved. I laughed shakily.

“What?” he asked me.

“I’m just so relieved,” I answered honestly. “I was sure that you
hated me because of what I had done.”

He was shaking his head before I was even finished. “Bella, you don’t
seem to understand that I couldn’t ever hate you. It’s far too impossible
when I care for you this much.”

“Now who’s talking nonsense,” I mumbled. But my dead heart inflated in
my chest at his words, hoping so desperately to believe them.

“Bella.” He turned my head so that I was looking at him. “I love you
more than you can ever know. Never doubt that.”

His eyes were burning with the sincerity of his words, and I knew he could
see how my eyes thrilled to his words.

I then heard a buzzing sound, one that didn’t fit in with our surroundings.
Edward’s pocket was vibrating, I realized. He reached down and pulled out
his small, silver cell phone, glancing at the caller ID, before opening it.

“Hello, Esme,” he said pleasantly. I could feel myself smiling. Esme. I
had missed her so much in the long, fifty years it had been since I had seen
her last.

“Yes, it’s true,” Edward said, glancing down at me. “She’s here
with me.” There was another pause. “Alright, we’ll head back now
then.” He closed the phone, then, and answered my unasked question.

“Esme wants us to come back so she can see you,” he told me, smiling. I
nodded, and he took my hand firmly in his, before heading back towards his

When we got back to the house, I barely had a chance to breathe before Esme
was hugging me, her arms tight around me. Edward released my hand, stepping

“Oh, Bella, dear, it’s so good to see you again!” she gushed.

“It’s very nice to see you again, Esme; I’ve missed you all a lot.”

“Welcome back, Bella,” Carlisle said, with a smile.

“Thank you, Carlisle.”

Esme released me, and before anybody could say anything more, Alice was in
front of me.

“Bella. Room. Now,” she said, grinning like a Cheshire Cat. She grabbed
my hand and yanked me up the stairs to her room. I glanced back behind me as
she dragged me. Carlisle and Esme seemed amused, while Edward was upset.

“Why am I being kidnapped?” I asked her once we were both sitting on her
bed. She was still grinning at me, bouncing up and down on the bed. I used my
gift to close the door to her room, so that no one would come bursting in.

"You kissed Edward," she mouthed, still smiling enthusiastically.

At first I was confused as to why she wasn’t speaking; Edward would hear
anyways, because of her thoughts. Then I realized that Alice was probably
blocking him.

I nodded, biting my lip.

Alice squealed happily, clapping her hands together.

"Technically, he kissed me first," I mouthed back.

"But you guys made up?" she clarified.

I nodded, and she squealed again.

We both laughed, until we were interrupted by a knock on the door.

“What?” Alice asked, neither of us bothering to open the door.

“You’re holding my sister hostage,” Emmett accused her, trying to open
the door. I used my gift to hold it closed. Alice laughed again.

“No I’m not,” she objected. “Sisters can spend time together too, you

“I’m not a toy, you know,” I protested.

“Yes you are, and right now it’s my turn to play with you,” Alice
informed me with another of her tinkling giggles.

“Open the door,” Emmett complained.

“No!” Alice and I exclaimed at the same time, before both bursting out
laughing. They had never felt more like family to me than they did now; I felt
as if I truly belonged, and the thought made me giddy with elation.

I heard Emmett stomping away, frustrated, and that set us off again. As soon
as we couldn’t hear his footsteps anymore, Alice turned back to me.

“How did the kiss come up?” she demanded, mouthing again.

I raised my eyebrows, remembering my human days, where I would have blushed
if she had asked me such a question.

“Well?” She prodded.

“He just… kissed me,” I mouthed back. “We were talking, and

She frowned at me. “That’s not very romantic,” she criticized.

I laughed. “Take it up with Edward.”

Alice opened her mouth to protest, presumably, when yet another loud knock on
the door broke into our conversation.

“Go away, Emmett,” we said in unison. I covered my mouth to hold back the

A groan from behind the door told me we were right in our guess as to who was
behind the door. But, a few seconds later, more voices gathered around.

“Emmett,” I heard Jasper complaining. “What is so important that you
had to drag me in from the yard?”

Alice and I burst out laughing again, picturing the scene.

“They won’t open the door,” Emmett complained petulantly.


“So make them open it.” Emmett said as if his answer was unbelievably obvious.


“Why?” Jasper asked, still not seeing what was so important
about opening the offending object.

Emmett said something that I didn’t catch, and apparently Alice didn’t
either, because we both frowned.

“Fine, then,” Jasper agreed. “I’ll try. How should I open it?”

“Help me break the door.”

“Emmett, don’t you dare!” Alice screeched indignantly.

‘Don’t worry,’ I mouthed at her, winking. I looked over to the door,
focusing on it.

“One… two… three!” Emmett yelled. There was the sound of running, and
then two very loud smacking sounds. Followed by two softer sounds as they fell
to the floor.

Alice smiled widely at me. “Thank you!” she mouthed enthusiastically,
clapping her hands in excitement.

“Why didn’t it work?” Emmett wondered aloud.

“Is Bella in there?” Jasper asked.


“Then she won’t let you in. You have to get her to open it of her own will. She’ll be holding it closed with her gift.”

“Your husband is smarter than I give him credit for,” I laughed. Alice
joined in, nodding her head, and a playful growl could be heard outside the
door, presumably originating from Jasper.

“You’re asking for it, Bella,” Jasper warned me. I could feel a very
strong emotion washing over me, and I knew immediately that it was Jasper's
doing. The emotion, you ask?


“Jasper, that’s not fair,” I complained as my lids slowly drooped. “I
haven’t slept in fifty years, and now you are teasing me with what should be
the result of it?”

My lids closed the rest of the way, and I could feel my concentration

“One… two…” Emmett was counting again.

“Bella!” Alice yelled, right in my ear. Ouch. I jolted upwards, realizing
that they were about to get in, and reinforced the door again. The thuds were
louder this time, and Emmett swore as he hit the ground.

“Dammit, Alice!” Emmett yelled. “Just let me in!”

Alice stuck out her tongue at the door, causing yet another bout of

"Want to have some more fun?" I mouthed at her. She nodded, giggling.

Jasper sensed our sudden flare of excitement.

“Emmett,” Jasper said slowly. “I’m not sure you want to keep doing
this. This doesn’t really bode well for us…”

I grinned, and creaked open the door, just a little bit.

“It’s open!” Emmett exclaimed and lunged at the door. Slam! He swore

“Language Emmett,” Esme called out sweetly from downstairs.

“Told you,” Jasper muttered.

“Again!” Alice demanded.

“Will it work again?” I wondered.

She closed her eyes for a moment, and then she nodded.

“Emmett…” Jasper sensed our excitement again and there was more warning
in his voice this time. “I wouldn’t.”

“It’s open!” Emmett lunged forwards. Thud! This time, I could hear
Edward laughing, a floor below.

“Do it again, Bella, I dare you,” he challenged.

“How stupid do you think I am?” Emmett asked, annoyed. Nobody replied to
that, Alice shaking with silent laughter beside me.

All of a sudden I heard footsteps, and Rosalie was behind me. I yelped.

“Bella?” Edward asked, concerned.

“I’m fine,” I assured him. Then I turned to Rosalie. “How on Earth
did you get in here?”

She jerked her thumb towards the closet next to us. “Other door.”

Okay… maybe not a closet then…

The howling laughter picked up again from downstairs.

“I think your question was just answered, Emmett,” Edward yelled.