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Bella finally goes through her transformation, but it leads to problems amongst the Cullen family. Bella decides to leave. Fifty years later, she runs into THEM again. What will happen between our favorite couple?

OK, so this is my first time writing in this style. So be kind. I normally write with more emotion, getting more into the character, but I wanted to try writing this way. I hope it turned out OK...

5. Chapter 5

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50 Years Later

I sat in the tall grass, staring blankly at the waterfall before me. The memory of that day still filled with anguish. Every day since then, I was tempted to run back to Edward, to beg him to forgive me, but I resisted. Just as he had said before, it was better if we were apart, even if it tore us apart each and every day. If I stayed away, the Cullens would be fine…

I lived with a coven for about twenty years, but I was the only one who didn’t have a mate, and it kept reminding me of why I didn’t have one. I couldn’t take it anymore. I left to travel alone, and I have been alone ever since, feeding off of the animals in this Alaskan forest.

I jumped into the icy water to clear my head. I relished in the momentary shock of the temperature before swimming down to the bottom of the lake. My chocolate brown hair swirled around me in the clear water.

I saw movement at the water’s surface, too quick to be human. Curious, I slowly swam towards the movement. When I broke the surface of the water, I saw a familiar figure, facing away from me. Alice.

I immediately began arguing with myself. One part of me wanted to run up to her, and another part wanted to run away. The two parts battled in my mind, but when a familiar bronze-haired vampire emerged from the trees after her, the decision was made.

I ran.

Well, I didn’t really run, so much as swim as fast as I could towards the lake bottom. I couldn’t see him. Not now. These past fifty years have been agonizing without him, and who was to say that he hadn’t moved on? I wasn’t going to torture myself with hope, only to have it smashed down again. I could just wait until they had passed and then run to find a new home, far away from the Cullens.

I watched the Cullens carefully from the lake bottom. Emmett, Rosalie, and Jasper came forth from the trees next, laughing. I waited for Carlisle and Esme to follow after them, but they never did.

Alice stepped gingerly out of her dress, exposing a black one-piece bathing suit. She jumped in the water, followed by the other Cullens. Well, everyone except Edward. He simply sat at the water’s edge, looking without seeing at the waterfall that, only moments before, I was staring at.

The fact that the Cullens remained at the water’s surface made it much easier to avoid being seen. I cursed myself for not running when I had the chance.

I watched Edward more than I watched the others. Just because I couldn’t talk to him didn’t mean that I couldn’t admire him while I had the chance…

Though vampires are physically forced to remain the same for all eternity, he looked different. He seemed older, and the purple bruises under his eyes seemed much darker than what I remembered. At first I assumed he must need to hunt, but his golden eyes said otherwise. He didn’t smile, didn’t laugh with the others.

I say the other beckoning to him, for him to join them in the water. He shook his head, saying something I couldn’t understand. I blinked, and Emmett was gone, only to reappear behind Edward. I understood his plan an instant before he shoved Edward into the icy lake. The others laughed, and Edward smiled, though it didn’t seem genuine. I wondered what was bothering him, and yearned to comfort him in whatever it was. It took great strength to remain in place.

I panicked when the others began swimming in deeper and deeper water. Edward swam, too, but downwards, rather than remaining at the surface with the others. Oh God. He saw me.