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Bella finally goes through her transformation, but it leads to problems amongst the Cullen family. Bella decides to leave. Fifty years later, she runs into THEM again. What will happen between our favorite couple?

OK, so this is my first time writing in this style. So be kind. I normally write with more emotion, getting more into the character, but I wanted to try writing this way. I hope it turned out OK...

7. Chapter 7

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Catching Up

“We’re here,” Alice announced. She stood in front of a house similar to the one in Forks, except looking much newer, probably built within the last five years. I wondered why I hadn’t noticed this house before, and just assumed that when I was hunting here, I never really paid attention to the scenery.

The inside of the house was beautiful, definitely designed by Esme. I noticed an elegant black piano in the far corner, with a single piece of music propped up on it. I couldn’t see what the song was, though. I followed Alice up the stairs and into what I assumed was her room. (I call it only hers because, by the looks of things, Alice designed everything, and Jasper just used the room…) She sat on one end of her bed, and I sat on the other. I heard the others dispersing to other parts of the house. Nervous, I twirled two balls in the air using my telekinesis. They spun faster and faster as I became more nervous, and eventually, Alice shot out her hand and grabbed the balls out of the air.

“Sorry,” I mumbled. She smiled softly.

“It was just getting on my nerves,” she explained.

“So…” I wasn’t really sure what to say.

“Where have you been these last fifty years?” she asked.

“Well, I lived with a coven for about twenty years or so, but that… didn’t work out… so, since then, I’ve just hunted here in these forests.” There wasn’t really much to tell; it had been a very boring fifty years.

“Why didn’t you stay with that other coven?” she asked. I looked down at her covers as I spoke.

“It just didn’t work out,” I said, even quieter.

“Why?” she insisted.

I sighed. “I just… the other four … they were together, and I…” I trailed off, embarrassed because I knew that Edward could hear what we were saying.

“He hasn’t been the same, you know,” Alice whispered, so quietly that, even though I was right next to her, I had to strain to hear. “He’s always so sad, just staring blankly off into space. He even threw out all of his CDs.”

I chanced a glance at her expression, and her eyes were sad, reliving some memory. I looked back down at her bed, ashamed that I had made him so sad.

“But, if he gave up music…” There was still a piano downstairs.

“He won’t play it, but he refuses to get rid of it,” Alice said, glancing at a spot that, a floor down, Edward’s piano lie.

I didn’t say anything. I felt immensely guilty for causing him all this pain, and for leaving in the first place. I remembered something, then.

“What happened when the Volturi came?” I asked her. She smiled, more genuinely.

“That … was very interesting. They wanted physical proof that you were turned, and yet, since you had left, we didn’t have any.”

“What happened?” I asked, curious.

“You remember Dimitri?” she asked me.

“The one who could find people?” I checked. She nodded.

“Well, his gift didn’t work on you, as Edward suspected, so they were blind. They searched for you for about ten years, and, after that, they had more important things to take care of. Remember, the human mind is like a sieve; they probably were counting on your forgetting the entire vampire world.”

“They presume me human,” I said. It wasn’t a question.

“Yes. But now that you’re back, we can visit them, and sort everything out. They would consider it suspicious if we kept your immortality from them. It would seem like we have something to hide.”

‘Now that you’re back to stay,’ her words echoed in my head. Was I back to stay? I didn’t know…

I was so much happier than I had been in years, here, among my family, but wasn’t the entire point of my leaving to leave their existences entirely? And yet here I was, sitting with Alice, fifty years later…

“You are back, aren’t you, Bella?” Alice asked. She must have seen my indecision.

“I… ,” I don’t know, I wanted to say, but… Could it really hurt to stay with a coven, to give being in a ‘family’ another try? It would only help things that I was familiar with them, already virtually a family member. I only had one person to worry about, and I was certain that I could avoid him, at least for a while…

“Yes,” I finally said. “I’m back.”

A knock on the door interrupted Alice musical laughter. Alice’s expression was unreadable. I opened the door without looking, using my telekinesis. I turned to greet my new visitor, when it was Edward who greeted me.

So much for avoiding him…

But… chicken through and through, I used my gift to close the door again, locking it, just so there was no confusion.

I wasn’t quite ready for that yet…

Alice sighed, her voice lowering so that I had to struggle to hear again, even with my unnaturally honed hearing.

“Don’t be too harsh,” she whispered. “He’s in so much pain right now… It’s killing him that you’re avoiding him.”

This hurt, more than I was sure she could comprehend. I had returned, and yet I was still hurting him.

Was it really right for me to stay here? Should I leave now, while I still can?

“No!” Alice insisted, her voice much louder now. “Oh, Bella, please don’t leave. I thought you were going to stay!”

“You’re leaving, Bella?” Emmett asked, opening the door with ease, not realizing that it was locked.

“Emmett!” Alice shrieked. “You broke my door!”

Emmett looked down, realizing that he had torn the lock from the door. He kicked the small metal piece away from him, as if it were a disease, before looking back up at Alice with a sheepish expression.


“ ‘Oops?’ ” Alice quoted sourly. “ ‘Oops?’ You break my door, barge in uninvited, and all you have to say is ‘Oops?’ ”

“Sorry?” Emmett offered, uncomfortable.

“Alice sighed. “You’re buying me a new door.”

“Okay, fine, good, great!” Emmett said in a rush, eager to seize Alice’s anger.

Alice pouted, but turned to me.

“Are you really going to leave already, Bella?” Alice asked sadly, her voice disappointed, like a child who was just told they wouldn’t get their ice cream after all.

I hesitated. “I’m not sure if staying would be a good idea…” I said slowly, my gaze flickering towards where Edward had stood only a minute before.

Alice caught on.

“Both of you are at least seventy years old,” she said, exasperated. “Can’t you two have a civil conversation with each other? Talk, work things out? I don’t want such an unnecessary uncomfortable-ness to cause you to leave. You just got here,” she whined.

“Well. . . I’m not sure we will have time to do that,” I said, grasping at straws. I really didn’t want to talk to him yet. “I mean, school will be starting soon, and-”

“Why doesn’t now work?” Emmett interrupted me. I glowered at him. Why was everybody turning on me? Surely somebody understands…

Yes, I realized. Once person does understand. The one person I don’t want to talk to right now. Edward.